The Last Embrace

Chapter 130


The next day.

Captain Mercado was donning his military uniform and combing his hair in front of the mirror in the couples’ bedroom.

He was still bothered by the conversation he had with Major Miller last night, he thought that he hadn’t done much convincing on his part on behalf of the 5k human workers, he needs to convince Major Miller to think twice before executing his plan in using warplanes and dropping bombs into the vampire’s hideout. After reporting today, he will ask Major Miller to forego the plan and they will just have to find other alternatives on how to annihilate the vampires without putting the 5k human workers in absolute harm.

That’s the first thing he will do today when he arrives at the camp.

He exited the bedroom and went to look for her wife, he found her watching a piece of breaking news on TV…

“Major Miller was announced dead last night at 6:00 in the evening, he was found lying on the bed unconscious by his wife in their bedroom, he was brought to the hospital immediately but was already dead on arrival, the cause of death as reported by his physician is cardiac arrest. We will have a follow-up report later. Stay tuned for more details regarding Major Miller’s untimely death. This is Samantha Jones reporting,” the news anchor said.

Captain Mercado’s face was drained of blood.


Did they just have a conversation yesterday afternoon in his study room?

He was frowning hard.

Major Miller was looking healthy yesterday when they saw each other.

How can he die so unexpectedly?

Captain Mercado’s jumbled emotion was transparent on his face and was witnessed by his wife.

“Are you okay, hon?” she asked.

Captain Mercado nodded his head. “I’m just shocked! I just talk to Major Miller yesterday and now he was gone. I had a hard time believing it,” he said.

His wife Miranda rubbed his back and sighed.

“Life on earth is unpredictable, hon. We might be here today but gone tomorrow, nobody can say when we are going to die it’s just a law of nature. That is why every day we should live our life to the fullest because we don’t know that today might be our last,” Miranda said.

Captain Mercado was listening silently to her wife’s words of wisdom. But why he has this feeling that there’s something wrong about Major Miller’s death? Is cardiac arrest the real reason of his death or something else?

But if the autopsy will say so, then, there’s nothing to doubt anymore. He will visit his wake later, for now, he will just report to the military camp.

He kissed his wife’s cheek and went to the garage area to get his car.



Jessy was lying in the bed in the clinic while the blood transfusion was going on. She was drumming her fingers above her stomach. She just had her first kill last night, she killed an old military man and subjected him to a painless death by blocking the air from entering his nostrils and mouth.

She felt sad, horribly sad and guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, a tear fell from her eyes, she quickly wiped it away using the back of her hand. She was no longer an innocent woman, she was now a cold-blooded murderer. To protect her loved ones and the surviving vampires she had to kill the person that will bring catastrophic destruction not only to the vampires but to the human workers that work in the outer dome.

She was presented with only two options last night.

The lives of the 10k vampires and human workers or the life of one single human being?

It’s easy to decide last night because she was only protecting the lives of 10k beings. After doing the cruel deed, she was wracked with guilt and remorse, she finally realized the magnitude of her action.

Now she knows how it feels after you end someone’s life.

She’s feeling horrible and utterly wretched inside.

Jessy tried to console herself by convincing her consciousness that what she did last night was the right thing to do, given that she has no other option on how to protect the vampires from the impending doom in the hands of Major Miller.

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