The Last Embrace

Chapter 129


The following day.

After finishing her lunch in the canteen, Jessy teleported herself into Captain Mercado’s house in her invisible form. She was worried at first that she might now be able to catch the Captain when he will go out of the house to meet Major Miller.

Thank God, she comes in a time when he was about to get inside his car in the garage area of his house. He was in full military uniform.

Jessy floated in the air in her invisible form trailing Captain Mercado’s car speeding into the street.

The travel lasted for almost one hour.

The vehicle entered a tall gate with a gorgeous lawn leading to a grand looking house with a sleek modern design.

The Captain gets out of the car and entered the entrance of the house, he was greeted by a housemaid and guided into the study room of Major Miller. The Major was currently in three days’ leave because he was suffering severe flu, he was a decorated 65 years old military man.

Captain Mercado entered the study room and performed hand salute in front of Major Miller. “Captain Mercado reporting for duty Sir!”

“Drop the formalities, Captain Mercado, we are inside my study room, have a seat,” the old man said pointing at the chair.

Captain Mercado sat down on the chair facing Major Miller while Jessy was watching and eavesdropping on the two military personnel while they were talking.

“What happened to the operation, Captain?” Major Miller asked.

Captain Mercado coughed. “The Crossbreed stole the bomb launchers and all our weapons and hides it somewhere far away, Sir!”

Major Miller’s brows furrowed. “Really? How powerful is this crossbreed? Is this the same crossbreed that teleported the 90 soldiers into the park a few months ago?”

Captain Mercado nodded his head. “Yes, Sir!”

Major Miller rose to his feet…he was looking outside the window of his study room. “What else can this crossbreed do?”

“She can do so many extraordinary things, Sir,” replied the Captain.

“….such as?”

“She can levitate in the air, go invisible mode, teleport herself and other people or object to other places, and starts a fire… that’s just some of her extraordinary power that I have witnessed so far, Sir.”

Major Miller looked at his subordinate. “She almost has all the qualities of the famous superheroes we see in movies, impressive! And she is a woman. If we can capture her and make her breed more young powerful crossbreed to do our bidding, then we have a battalion of powerful weapon at our disposal, isn’t that an awesome idea?”

Captain Mercado shook his head vigorously. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Sir.”


“Because we can’t capture the crossbreed, Sir, she is more powerful than any of us combined and she is smart and more importantly she is human, not a vampire,” Captain Mercado explained.

“So, what if she is a human being? There is nothing that can stop us to own her, she must become the government’s property, we can have many uses of her if we can capture her. If we can reproduce hundreds of crossbreed like her then everything will be worth it,” Major Miller said.

Captain Mercado went silent for a moment. Capturing the crossbred is hard, his superior must be out of his mind. “Sir, how about the operation to attack the vampire’s hideout, when we will resume the operation?”

“I will have a talk with Colonel Brown first, we will request warplanes that will drop bombs in the vampires hideout then after the bombing you and your men will do the clean up process, arrest everyone that survives and we will make them a bargaining chip so the crossbreed will surrender and that is the time we can capture her alive.”

The Captain’s face was grim. “But Sir, I have to remind you that there are about 5K human workers in the surface of that facility, they were working as plant growers, they were innocent.”

“Yeah, I know about them. But the vampires will use them as a shield, what’s the difference? Anyway, when it comes to war there are always casualties on both sides, we can consider those human workers as the collateral damage,” Major Miller said.

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