The Last Embrace

Chapter 128


After two hours of trailing the military vehicles, they finally entered the military camp in the outskirt of the city. The soldiers got out of the vehicles and were preparing to go home. Captain Mercado exited the vehicle, one hour later, he was out of the military camp, flagging a taxicab heading for home.

Jessy continued trailing the taxi, a few minutes later, the taxi entered a nice, clean spacious looking neighborhood with bungalow type houses, dotted with green trees along the pathways.

The taxi stopped on one of the houses, the 11th house near the entrance.

Captain Mercado was greeted by a woman in her early 40’s, he planted a kiss on the woman’s cheeks. Two teenagers came out of the door, a girl and a boy and greeted him, calling him Dad.

They all went inside the house, there are two more young children in the living room playing lego toys in the clean carpeted floor.

The Captain dropped on his knees and lifted the two squealing children in his arms.

“Daddy…Daddy…Daddy!” the children were laughing.

So, Captain Mercado is a family man?

The wife went back to the kitchen to resume preparing dinner, Jessy was already dying of hunger. When the woman opened the fridge to get something, Jessy saw apples and bananas inside. She was already drooling, damn! She’s very hungry!

She waited for the right opportunity to steal some food.

Her opportunity comes when the wife walked out of the kitchen to check on the young children playing in the living room. Jessy opened the fridge and took two bananas and apple and close the fridge carefully so as not to make any sound. She steps out of the kitchen almost colliding with the wife. She then passed through the door that leads to the back of the house, from there she sat on the bench made of wood under the shade of the tree.

She devoured the banana and the apple next.

Thank God! Her stomach settled a bit, now she needs water!

That can wait…

She just wants to rest a bit and observed her surroundings.

The entire neighborhood has uniformed house design, it’s a pleasant place to live if you are raising a family. Captain Mercado surely had chosen a perfect dwelling for his family.

Speaking of him, where is he? She had seen him entering a door earlier, probably the master’s bedroom, it’s the area of the house that she doesn’t want to barge in.

She went back to the kitchen only to find the entire family eating dinner, what a wonderful sight to behold. A complete family picture in the dining room, eating together, the mother, father, and the four children. She grew up with only Nana Aida and Adam to accompany her in eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, her absentee parents were never there for her during her growing up years.

Right now, while she was looking at the wonderful family, she realized what she was lacking in so many ways when she was growing up.

The children and the husband were eating the delicious food prepared by the loving wife.

Captain Mercado was looking affectionately at his wife with pride and love. “Thank you very much wife for the delicious food and for taking good care of the children while I’m away performing my job,” he said softly.

She just smiled sweetly at her husband. “I will do anything for you and our children, I love so much hon,” she said.

Jessy smiled a bit, liking the loving atmosphere of this family. Captain Mercado might be a fierce vampire hunter and executioner but inside his home, he was just a caring and loving responsible father and husband.


What can she do about it? He may be a good family man but still he is one person that can bring destruction to the surviving vampire race, she can’t let her guard down and start to develop a soft heart for the Captain.

“When are you going to report to your job, hon?” the wife asked.

“I will see Major Miller tomorrow afternoon, our last operation is a big failure, I need to talk to him regarding our next operation,” he said. “For now, I will stay in the house the whole night,” he added.

“That’s good we will have a happy family bonding tonight,” the wife said happily.

Captain Mercado scanned each of his children’s faces with love and devotion shining in his eyes.

Such a loving and ideal family, Jessy murmured to herself.

One hour later…

The rest of the family were done eating and they retired to the living room, the teenage daughter and the wife remained in the kitchen doing girls stuff together cleaning and washing the dishes.

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