The Last Embrace

Chapter 127


Jessy and the Captain locked eyes.

The Captain’s hands were itching to hold the woman’s neck and wipe that arrogance on her face and choke her to death but damn he can’t even move his entire body, this is frustrating and humiliating!

“All of you leave at once or I will start unleashing my dark side! This is not a warning, this is an order!” she said and disappeared in an instant from the Captain’s line of vision.

Jessy still cloaked in her invisible form floated above the campsite, she waived her right hand unfreezing everyone below here.

It’s amusing to see the men in uniform get off from one another until the mountain of bodies below her finally dispersed.

“Where is the Crossbreed?” they asked in unison.

“Gone,” Captain Mercado answered.

“Sir, what can we do, that woman is a witch! She’s powerful we can’t easily defeat her,” said the soldiers.

“Men, stand alert, wait for my orders!” Captain Mercado left his confused men, he heads towards his tent. Inside his tent he sat down on the ground, his shoulders hung in defeat.

Captain Mercado was shaking his head in disgust. This operation was doomed, with no bomb launchers and weapons to their disposal he likens their situation to a pack of chickens ready for frying. They just can’t attack the vampires’ headquarters without any weapons at all, with just the Crossbreed alone she’s enough to wipe their asses off.

But he already seen some of her power, he was looking for her Achilles heel, her weakness.

That crossbreed can do powerful things…

Such as Levitation

Moving fast

Teleporting herself and other objects to other places.

She has the power of invisibility as well and for him, all her remarkable power was beyond compare.

All her power was insanely awesome! How could one person be granted so much power? He was flabbergasted.

What else?

What other power does she have?

Or maybe he has not discovered yet the full extent of her power. And right now he was at loss on what to do with the operation, what can he report to his superior if they will ask for the result the next day? If they will request for another round of ammunition the authorities will be asking where does the previous weapons have gone to? He sighed. A severe headache starts pounding on his head.

He was not done yet with resting, thinking and planning …when he heard loud shouting and commotion from his men outside his tent.

Fire! Fire! Fire!

He sprinted from his tent and saw five tents were already catching fire! Everyone was scrambling to their feet dousing the fire with water.

Everyone was horrified and at their wit’s end.


This Crossbred was pushing him to the edge of insanity!

Can’t she wait a little bit longer!?

“Alright were moving out! Just hold the fire!” Captain Mercado shouted at the top of his lungs, that shout out was meant for the crossbreed who’s just lurking around the vicinity of the camp.

At once, the fire disappeared in an instant.

Captain Mercado addressed his men. “Men, let’s abandon this campsite, gather everything, don’t leave anything behind. Go home and rest for a while, we will regroup later, I just need to report this phenomenon to my superior and tell them everything and wait for their next order. Men, let’s get moving!”

The men in uniform went back to their respective tent and began gathering all their belongings and dismantled the tent and placed them on the standby vehicles.

Two hours later…

Jessy watched the military vehicles evacuating the site one by one until nothing was left in the campsite. She was hovering above the trees while trailing the vehicles from behind, she can’t go back to the Facility yet.

She had a feeling that this won’t end here.

This is just the beginning.

Although she was happy that she was able to drive the soldiers away but she knows that it’s just a temporary solution.

The enemies could still attack the facility with bombs without deploying a single soldier to do the actual deed. They can even send warplanes to drop bombs at the top of the Facility.

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