The Last Embrace

Chapter 126


One hour later, she’s done with everything.

Now the men in uniform are weaponless, powerless and useless!


Just perfect!

Time to play…

She teleported back into the campsite. She then starts unfreezing everybody…

After done unfreezing the soldiers…she heard the first word that came out from the soldier who is in charge of guarding the mini-bomb launchers.

“The launchers are missing! It’s stolen!”

“The launchers are missing! It’s stolen!”

His trembling voice was loud enough to awaken everyone in the campsite…everybody scrambled to their feet and soon enough all the men in uniform gathered in front of the empty war vehicles and were scratching their head with only one question in mind…who in their right mind would steal the bomb launchers in the middle of a heavily guarded military campsite, undetected?

“The weapons were gone, everything is gone!” another soldier shouted, soon enough everyone was shocked to find that all their guns and weapons were missing!

“What the f*ck!” the soldiers said.

They have reason to be pissed because all the weapons are accounted for and property of the government. Now they are weaponless and defenseless. How can they explain all this?

Captain Mercado walked into the center facing his subordinates’ stunned and troubled faces. Of all the people there, he had the calmest demeanor. He watched the faces of his men, they were as clueless as him, but unlike them, he already had a suspect in mind who could do all this. The missing bomb launchers and the missing weapons…all these is a well-calculated move by someone who thinks not with his head but with her heart.

“Men, keep quiet, let me speak first!” he said.

The crowd went silent.

“Has anybody been hurt?” he asked.

Everyone looked at one another as if trying to inspect their body if they were hurt or what. Then they shook their heads as if answering that no one was hurt.

“So… nobody is hurt? I guess we’re good, were alive for now.” Captain Mercado inspected the empty war vehicle where the bomb launchers used to be.

“Who could do this? I’m sure I didn’t sleep the whole night, but why I didn’t see anything? Why?” said the guard who was assigned to watch the bomb launchers, he kept scratching his head with bafflement.

Captain Mercado patted the guy’s shoulder. “It’s not your fault son, we are simply dealing with a powerful thief here, someone that could easily kill us anytime, it’s the Crossbreed!”

Some of the soldiers were newcomers but the rest of the 90 men that were with him during their early operation and witnessed how they ended themselves in an empty park in the middle of nowhere can attest to the truth that the Crossbreed exists and she’s a powerful one. “Who is with me when that Crossbreed plays a prank on us and teleported us into an empty park in the middle of nowhere?” he asked.

The rest of the 90 men raised their hands in the air. It’s one mind-boggling phenomenon that they can never forget in their entire lives.

“It’s the Crossbreed!” they chanted in chorus.

As their voices grew louder…a woman looking like a teenager wearing blue jeans, black sneakers and sporting a long black hair cascading down her back suddenly appeared in the corner. “Looking for me guys?” she smirked at them.

All eyes were directed at her.

Captain Mercado’s voice rung in the air. “Men, arrest the Crossbreed!”

All at once the crowd lunged at the young woman, they hilariously jumped on top of another creating a human mountain, until no one was left, they all just jump into the pit.

Jessy’s loud laughter vibrated in the air, she was at the top of the mountain of bodies that were already frozen below her, she was floating in the air with all her glory.

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