The Last Embrace

Chapter 125


Jessy can’t still decide on what to do…

She’d never expected that she had to use her power and kill humans one day. All the preparation that she has in mind is to transform 5K vampires into mortals and marry Adam, that is the purpose of her life.

Not this.

But now she was confronted with the inevitable… she was torn between doing the right thing and the wrong thing at the same time. Right thing because she will be able to save the vampires from total annihilation and wrong thing because the 200 soldiers have to die first.

No other option…she has to do it before they can have a chance to strike and pulverize the entire Facility, she knew that these men don’t do second-guessing during operation, they always follow orders from their leaders.

She closed her eyes…

What is the appropriate death for these soldiers?

Death by burning with fire is too cruel…how about drowning them with water…there’s a lake nearby she can manipulate the water to flood the campsite…or how about bury them alive ten feet under the ground in the same place they were camping? Sealed their nose and mouth until no air can come into their nostrils and they will die of suffocation?

Oh God… what she was thinking…? Those dark thoughts she had in mind were cruel and inhumane. If she was a monster and a heartless assassin it would be easy to kill them without batting an eyelash, but the war of her conscience was raging inside her head.

First thing first, she is not a murderer. She is just a crossbreed with supernatural powers and she has no plan to abuse those powers although they come handy to her most of the time. She will never use her power as instruments for cruelty and death. Unless she was provoked.

Why does she have to start doing now?


Even these 200 soldiers were her enemies they were still human and she was human as well. Part of her refused to grant them death as if something in her mind was screaming for her to stop doing something stupid…and she can’t even understand where those voices coming from…maybe from her heart?

The truth is she doesn’t want to kill the men in uniform.

She’s not ready yet.

And she will not kill anyone tonight.

She sighed deeply. What she was about to do is difficult but she has to try for the benefit of all involved. Hope she won’t regret her decision later.

As she turned her vision to the east side of the horizon the dawn was already breaking, the sun will be rising anytime soon.

Welcome to the new day!

But she can’t leave this site anymore, this campsite is a ticking time bomb! She has to dig deeper for information and find out when these men will release the bomb and strike the Facility. But she can’t wait for that to happen, why not act now? Of course…safety first, she will get rid of that ugly bomb launchers, it’s an eyesore. She was thinking of where to throw that ugly thing that can cause deaths to thousands of innocent victims.

Time to move!

She walked around the campsite in her invisible form freezing anyone that moves and anyone that’s breathing.

A few minutes later…everyone was already frozen… suspended in time.

Then she searches the tents and brought every firearms and weapon that she could find and gathered them all into the center.

She already had a place in mind where to dump the weapons and the bomb launchers, there was a vast empty land beside her favorite beach. It’s a secluded place and thousands of kilometers away from the people, it’s safe to hide the weapons of destruction in there.

She walked towards the war vehicles… place her hands on one of the bomb launchers and connect the rest with her power, then she teleported the terrifying weapons of destruction into the empty land near the beach.

Next… she comes back for the weapons and did the same process to them.

Near the beach…

Her plan was to create a wide hole in the ground about ten feet in height and bury the weapons… she moved her hands wielding her power as the sand and soil were parting on its own orchestrated by her invincible power, she comes to realize that if she did not discover the military campsite on time, there will be catastrophic destruction in the Facility any moment from now.

Jessy was in deep thoughts, immobilizing the soldiers was a much better option than killing them, at least this way no blood was spilled. What she may be doing right now looks like a child’s play but as of the moment, it’s the best solution that she can come up with. She still refused to kill…she will do anything to avoid killing…until when? only time can tell. Killing should be the last resort in her mind when nothing else works.

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