The Last Embrace

Chapter 124


Inside the clinic.

The blood transfusion of 6 vampires went through until 1:00 in the morning.

Jessy went back to her room to have a rest.

The clock strikes at 2:00 and yet she can’t sleep, she wonders why?

She’s not even thinking of anything but her mind refused to sleep, she’s getting restless. She might as well get out of her room and take a stroll outside the Facility, maybe inhaling fresh air outside can help her to sleep.

She teleported herself in her invisible form outside the Facility and then she hovered above the ground, above the trees… that’s when she saw some activity in the far distance from the Facility, about two kilometers away. Feeling curious, she floated towards the object of her attention.

By the time she got nearer to the area of interest, what she saw in the ground put worry in her heart.


It’s the men in uniform again!

Then she saw him, she remembered him of course, Captain Mercado the leader of the elite soldiers who’s specialty is to hunt all the remaining vampires and kill all without mercy.

This is not good!

Then on the corner of the camp, she saw nuclear heads positioned securely above the war vehicles, not nuclear heads, but it looks more of bomb launchers about five of them all pointing towards the direction of the Facility!



They are going to bomb the Facility including the 5k human beings that were working in the dome?

Jesus! Are they out of their minds?

This is ridiculous!

Or maybe they will just scare the vampires with the presence of their powerful weapons just to force them out of hiding and then massacre them all leaving the human worker safe.

Jessy gritted her teeth in annoyance.

She scanned the entire campsite.

The truth is… she’s not scared.

Because right now, if she is a monster without a soul she could use her power to annihilate all these human soldiers on the same spot where they were standing right now before the sun can even rise tomorrow…and soon enough their blood will be soaking the ground in no time.

She can use fire to burn them…

She can use water to drown them…

She can use sand and soil to bury them all ten feet below the ground…

Or cut their air supply and suffocate them all, which is which?

She decided that a quick death is just fitting for these men in uniforms… before they can do great damage to her people she must award quick death to these men.

How cruel can she turn out to be just to protect the 5K mortals and 5K vampires living in the Facility?

In her estimate probably more than 200 soldiers are involved in this operation. These men too have their own families waiting for them to come home in their respective residences.

These men were just doing their jobs for a living and they follow orders from the higher rank personnel and right now the leader of this group is no other than Captain Luther Mercado.

Jessy was in deep thoughts for a while.

It will be her first kill tonight. There are so many ways she can end their lives without soiling her hands with their blood.

But is killing really the answer?

If she killed them successfully tonight, there will be other soldiers that will come to continue their unfinished business.

In her mind, she was already seeing herself killing soldiers left and right and it has no end because she will continue defending the vampires with all her might and the human soldiers will also try to kill the vampires again and again because it’s part of their job description. The cycle never ends. The killing never ends and soon enough her hands will be tainted by countless blood of her enemies.

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