The Last Embrace

Chapter 123


She left the room and teleported back into Hannah’s room.

“Zain is looking more calmer now, Hannah. Give him one week to reflect his actions, then that’s the time to see him again, let him know that if he continues to hurt you, he’s gonna lose you and the baby as well,” Jessy said.

Hannah nodded her head.

“I will go out now to resume my duty in the clinic, you take care of yourself and the baby,” she said.

Jessy exited the room and walked in the hallway going to the clinic.

“I’m here now, Doc. Sorry to keep everyone waiting, let’s start!” she said.

“Good, how many you want to do blood transfusion today?” the doctor asked.

“Let’s try the first 3… if my body won’t complain we can go as much 6 with one-hour interval each,” she said.

“Okay, let’s start the blood transfusion process now…” the doctor said. He began attaching the IV drip on the recipient’s arms and attached the needle on Jessy’s veins.

Six hours later, Jessy took a two-hour break.

She rounded up her parents inside her room and informed them of the good news.

“Mom and Dad, me and Adam finally reunited, after he died of the curse he was resurrected long time ago and the Queen forbids him to have contact with me when Zain and I are about to be married, then when Zain already loses his power after becoming a mortal the King and the Queen finally decided to reunite me with Adam so that we can continue our relationship and hopefully we can produce powerful offspring that will continue the vampire legacy on earth,” she explained without taking a pause.

Hector and Sarah were staring at Jessy with disbelief in their eyes the whole time she was talking.

“You mean, Adam is alive?” Sarah asked.

“Yes mother,” Jessy answered.

“And the Queen and King decided to give you to Adam all of a sudden? That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my whole life. Since you are already married to their eldest son, Prince Zain! How does it happen? I mean how can they just disregard the wedding that was witnessed by all?” Hector said frowning.

Jessy took a deep breath. “Mom and Dad, it’s about time you will know the truth, the woman you saw on my wedding day that got married to Zain is not me, it’s Hannah. She loves the prince so much so she agreed to switch image with me, while she was in the wedding ceremony standing beside Zain, I stood watching them from afar with Hannah’s face. It was the right thing to do during that time and I have no regrets with the switch that happened between me and Hannah that continue until today.”

“So, you mean to say that the woman who pretended Zain’s wife on daily basis is Hannah with your face?” Sarah asked again.

“Yep! That’s right, Mom!” Jessy answered feeling proud of her brilliant scheme.

“But why did you have to resort to all this, my child?” asked Hector.

“Because I don’t love Zain, it’s his younger brother that I love so much. I will not allow myself to be with him and performing those intimate activities together with him, I just can’t stomach it, so Hannah becomes very handy as my fake replacement, the royal couple already know everything,” she explained.

“The royal couple is not angry with the truth that you deceived their eldest son?” Sarah asked.

Jessy nodded her head with a smile. “Nope. They were okay with everything, besides they wanted to shift me with their second son so all is well that ends well.”

Sarah and Hector stared at each other again, they realized that their daughter is no longer a child but a matured a.d.u.l.t that is old enough to decide what’s good for her.

Hector shrugged his shoulder. “Well…what can I say? If our daughter, the King, and Queen are okay with everything then why we should not be okay?” he grinned.

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