The Last Embrace

Chapter 121


The couple wakes up at 5:00 in the morning.

“Wake up sleepy head!” Gavin nuzzled Jessy’s neck.

Jessy opened her eyes slowly and see Adam’s handsome face next to hers.

“Good morning Jess!”

“Good morning Gavin,” she returned the greetings.

“Are you going back to your condo unit?”

“Later, I just want to spend a few minutes with you,” he said. “Let’s schedule our meeting since we are both busy persons…”

Jessy stared at his handsome face. “I will visit you if I have time, I mean I will just appear in your condo unit anytime.”

“That’s great! All my modeling commitments will be finished within 5 months then I won’t be busy anymore. I will have more free time by then,” he said. “We are good? No more misunderstanding? No more pain this time, am I right?” Gavin asked.

Jessy smiled brightly. “Yes of course! We’re reunited, I guess this time we will never be apart from each other unless something happens…”

“Nothing is going to happen, Jess. After you fulfill the prophecy we will get married. I will marry you then we will start a family and have children, okay?” he smiled at the thoughts of marrying the woman he loves so much. It used to be just a dream but now they were getting closer to its fulfillment. He can wait for a few more years for that dream to materialize.

Her mouth broke into a dazzling smile looking more beautiful than ever.

“I love you, Jess!”

“I love you, Adam!”

They hugged each other tight, this feels so right. All the pain, the sorrow and the agony of their previous parting were now fading into nothingness, all they have right now is the ultimate bliss to be able to luxuriate in each other’s embrace is pure delight.

“It would have been good if we can stay like this from this day onward,” he murmured.

“We will do it as much as we can, spending time with you is my happiness,” Jessy whispered.

They were about to kiss again…

But a sudden knock on the door prevented them from continuing the kiss.

“Breakfast is ready, children!” Nana Aida said.

“We will go down in a minute Nana!” Gavin replied.

Jessy rises from the bed and went inside the bathroom. Gavin followed a minute later after she gets out of the bathroom.

The couple exited the bedroom holding hands.

Loves was shining in their eyes while they stared at each other. They go down the stairs, when they finally landed on the ground, they run into the dining room with their vibrant laughter following them from behind.

“Take your seats, kids,” Nana Aida said. When Jessy and Adam seated on the chair, she looked at their young faces full of love. The sweet glances and all-knowing smiles between the couple filled her heart with wonderment.

Gavin and Jessy began putting foods in their platter and starts eating with great appetite.

Nana Aida smiled. It’s nice to see Adam eating human foods with Jessy and her. She never expected that this time would come that they would share a meal the three of them after Jessy married Prince Zain… she thought that was the end of Jessy and Adam’s love story.

“I wonder if I’m still alive when you guys have your first baby,” she said.

Adam and Jessy looked at each other.

“We will have a baby soon, Nana, how many you want?” Gavin said, he winked at his pretty girlfriend beside him.

Jessy smiled.

“As many as Jessy can carry,” Nana Aida said jokingly.

Adam and Jessy erupted in laughter.

“Nana, I’m not a baby factory!” Jessy said in amazement.

“I’m just joking child,” Nana Aida grinned.

While they were devouring their delicious breakfast they were laughing and talking about the memories of the past. The happiness of togetherness showed on their faces. It’s like yesterday once more.

“I’m truly happy that you two are reunited again, Jessy and Adam. My heart was filled with so much happiness right now, I wish you two a loving marriage and happiness all your life and lot’s of children,” Nana Aida got misty-eyed all of a sudden.

Jessy and Adam looked at each other with a knowing smile and hold hands beneath the table.

“Thank you so much, Nana Aida, for taking good care of us when no one would. You’ve been our mother and father when we are growing up, you will be a grandmother soon when our children will start coming,” Gavin said cheekily.

Jessy bit her lips, she was emotional too while watching Nana Aida so happy for them, her heart was bursting with elation as well. She rose to her feet and give Nana Aida a tight hug, Gavin followed Jessy’s gesture and hugged the two women that are a big part of his growing up years.

After their breakfast, the couple helped Nana Aida cleaned the table and washed the dishes in the kitchen.

The couple was sipping their hot coffee in the living room, just watching each other’s faces with loving tenderness.

Adam was done sipping the last liquid of coffee on his mug, he put it down on the center table.

“Time for me to go back to my condo unit, Jess,” Adam said.

“Okay, go now… bid goodbye to Nana Aida first,” she said.

Adam went back into the kitchen and bid farewell to Nana Aida.

“Nana, I have to go back now to my condo unit, see you some other time, and thanks for the delicious breakfast, I love it!” he said.

“When are you coming back?” she asked.

“Now that Jessy and I are reunited again, we will be coming in here a lot of times to keep you company,” he grinned.

Nana Aida’s eyes sparkled. “I’m looking forward to it! Take care, Adam!”

“Bye, for now, Nana, I will go now!” he said and left the kitchen.

Nana Aida resumed her cleaning of the countertop.

Gavin went back into the living room and hugged Jessy tightly. “I love you, Jess! I will go now,” he said.

Jessy nodded her head. “Okay you go first, I still need to visit my rose garden for a few minutes then I will return to the Facility afterward, take care Adam, I love you too!” she replied.

They kissed on the lips and embrace once again. After they broke the kiss, Adam teleported himself back into his condo unit and was gone within seconds.

Jessy went to the back of the house and inspected her garden, she pulled out some weeds growing around the roots of the roses and water the plants.

Done with gardening, she went inside the kitchen area and bid goodbye to Nana Aida. “I’m now going back to the Facility…Nana.”

“Okay, you take care child. Drop by anytime, I would love to have your company around here,” the older woman said.

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