Prince Of Dreams

Prince Of Dreams

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Lisa Kleypas

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Prince Of Dreams

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Away from his native Russia and family, living in exile in England, Prince Nikolas Angelovsky is a wonderfully mysterious romantic, the descendant of a line of heroes with a tumultuous past. One of the things he did during his exile was to watch over Emma Stokehurst and wait for her to come of age to marry. But Emma almost slipped out of his arms when she made up her own plan to marry a goddamn miner. Nikki terrified him, sending him away with another heir. Unaware of these things and in the bewilderment of her lover's abandonment, poor Emma accepts a profitable marriage to Nikki, who promises her personal freedom, his vast fortune and even shelter for her poor herd of animals. But when he got married, he gradually evaded, even became cold and harsh with his bewildered bride. This is where that turbulent past comes in, giving the reader clues as to the reason for Nikki's bad behavior. And readers with him go back in time 170 years ago, back to 1707, the time of one of his ancestral characters. With more than 100 pages of novels , LK has successfully sketched the tragic love story of this character , who taught him valuable lessons about true love .
It's strange, how we met. In a circle drawing room

With empty dialogues

Seemingly silent, not recognizing each other,

We think to ourselves about this relationship..

And realize that we are like-minded souls.

Not from sudden random passion but from our lips,

But only the soul can answer,

And hope flashed in secret thoughts.

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