Dont Cry

Chapter 9


“Luo… Xiu?” The girl’s expression was blank for a few seconds, obviously she didn’t realize what the name represented. +++ Catino Novel Network

The air was quiet for a while, Tang Ran finally recovered slowly and asked carefully: “Are you Luo Zhan’s brother?”

Luo Zhan: “Yeah.”

Tang Ran tightened her lips nervously, wondering if she had said something wrong

Even though she rarely has contact with the outside world and the news is blocked, she will still hear Yang Yilan talk to her about the Luo family, who the Tang family is fond of trying to climb Gaozhi.

Perhaps the most impressive thing is that the Luo family also has two sons. The youngest son, Luo Zhan, is a typical favorite of the heavens, who is hard to see in the family, and is highly sought after, needless to say; while the eldest son, Luo Xiu, was born to the former mistress of the Luo family who has passed away, and the situation at home seems to be better than her The illegitimate daughter of the family is not much better.

Yang Yilan also sighed with emotion: “The young son of the Luo family is cold, unruly and rebellious. He is a master who cant see anything or anyone. Since their brothers are at odds, the eldest son has lived in the Luo family. I’m afraid it will be so miserable.”

Due to his own experience, when Tang Ranchu heard Yang Yilan mentioned it, he felt a little sympathy for the elder Luo family who had a miserable life in the rumor.

Thinking that he had just taken the liberty to mistake him for his “righteous” brother, Tang Ran grabbed his finger nervously.

“Sorry, I just guessed it.”


The girl’s uneasy emotions are beyond words. Luo Zhan’s mind was top-notch, and as soon as his thoughts turned, he guessed Tang Ran’s mental journey at this time.

The corner of his mouth silently (hook gou), and his smile slackens. When he spoke again, the boy’s voice still sounded soft and cold, “Have you heard of me?”

Tang Ran hesitated, “Yes.”

“Who told you, your sister?”

Tang Ran shook his head: “The grandmother at home mentioned it.”

“What did she mention?”


When Tang Ran was silent, Luo Zhan Suo (sexual xing) sat on the carpet at her feet. He leaned back against the coffee table with a cloud texture, propped up on one knee, and put his arm on his knee.

Then Luo Zhan raised his head lazily, his eyes flattened and fell on the girl.

The little girl’s expression looked a little tangled. Obviously those words are not suitable to be said in front of “Luo Xiu”, and lying is not what she is used to doing.

After looking for a few seconds, Luo Zhan lowered his eyes and silently (hook gou) the corners of his mouth, “It’s inconvenient to say, forget it.”

“Good.” The girl really agreed.

Luo Zhan: “Why didn’t you go to the main building with your sister just now?”

Tang Ran was silent for a few seconds and spoke honestly: “This is not convenient to say.”

Luo Zhan’s eyes flashed, “You and your sister’s (guanguan) relationship is not very good?” Intentionally or unintentionally, the word “also” was bitten by Luo Zhan.

Tang Ran was hesitating, and heard the man say: “My brother and I have a bad (guanguan) relationship. You should have heard someone mention it.”

Tang Ran was silent for a few seconds, sympathizing with this somewhat lonely voice: “Luo Zhan, will he bully you?”


Luo Zhan lightly narrowed his eyes.

A few seconds later, he lazily said “Uh”: “He has bullied me since he was a child, and everyone in the family loves him. When he grew up, he let the father cut off my financial resources and kicked me out of the house. ”

Tang Ran listened for a few seconds before reacting, “Then, does Grandpa Luo agree?”

“The old man is also partial and agrees.”

Tang Ran slowly lowered her head, her expression a little sad, “It really is.”

Luo Zhan kept looking at her, “Sure enough, what?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just that I (Nai) (Nai) are also…somewhat partial to my sister.” Tang Ran whispered, “That’s why my sister is engaged to Luo Zhan, isn’t it with you.”

Mentioning this, Luo Zhan frowned instinctively, “If you haven’t gotten engaged yet, you can’t make an appointment.”


Hearing a little coldness in that person’s voice, Tang Ran thought for a few seconds, and suddenly understood something, “Do you like my sister?”

Luo Zhan: “…”

Luo Zhan was expressionless, his voice was cold and dull: “You think too much.”

“Oh,” Tang Ran blushed, “I’m sorry.”

Luo Zhan was silent for two seconds, “Luo Zhan doesn’t like your sister either, so he won’t be engaged to her.”


The topic turned abruptly, causing Tang Ran to close his eyes and turn to the boy’s direction in a daze. But out of politeness, Tang Ran still tried to take the other party’s words, “Everyone said, my sister is very beautiful.”

Luo Zhan lightly scoffed, “If you are really beautiful, then Luo Zhan should marry you.”

Tang Ran was in a daze.

Luo Zhan also reacted to what he had said, frowned subconsciously, and looked away with a guilty conscience, “But he only likes beautiful eyes, so he won’t like you.”


The air quieted down.

A few seconds later, Luo Zhan’s IQ returned. He raised his hand and squeezed his eyebrows irritably, cursing in a low voice, “I just got caught in the rain, did my brain get water…”

He glanced back at the sofa.

The girl obviously tried to hide her true emotions, but when she was mentioned in the eye, her already open emotions retracted a little bit.

Luo Zhan sighed silently.

He got up from the ground, leaned on his knees to the girl, “I’m sorry.”

Tang Ran was slightly startled, then raised his head, his eyes bent down, “It’s okay, I’m used to”

“Luo Zhan is a bastard, don’t care about him.”


Luo Zhan endured it, but still couldn’t hold it back.

He raised his hand and rubbed the head of the girl who looked a little sad. His voice was cold and lazy, but he tried very hard to “coax people”

“You are the most beautiful, no one can compare to you.”

Tang Ran was startled for a long time.

She remembered the same frivolous and tired voice not long ago, and said to her with a smile but a smile: “It’s not good-looking, like an ugly duckling.”

right now

The girl’s eyes curled down, “Thank Luo Luo.”

Luo Zhan, who had just withdrawn his hand, froze and warned coldly: “Don’t call me Luo Luo.”

Tang Ran asked hesitantly, “What is it called?”


“If you call Luo Xiu directly, can you?”

“…” Although he was a little unhappy, it was a pit he dug after all. Luo Zhan could only recognize it, “Yeah.”

The washed (dry gan) clothes were returned to the guest room.

Luo Zhan walked to the promenade and stood waiting for the maid who had been warned of not much to help the little girl in the guest room to change the dress she wore when she returned.

After a while, the door of the guest room reopened.

Tang Ran, who changed back to the dark (color) dress studded with diamonds, carefully helped the door out.

Luo Zhan’s eyes stopped, and when he recovered from the surprise, he stepped forward and handed the blind stick and mobile phone to the girl’s hand, “The mobile phone has been repaired and can be used normally. The rain has stopped outside, I will send you Go to the main building.”

Tang Ran was startled: “Aren’t you going with you?”


“…Okay.” The girl didn’t show any opposition except for a pause or two.

After a pause, she only nodded, and said in a serious voice, “Then we will see you next time.”

Luo Zhan was silent.

He watched the girl holding the blind cane and turned around, accompanied by the maid.

The thin cane tapped lightly on the floor of the corridor, and moved a little bit to the front of the darkness. Those thin voices were full of cautious temptation and anxiety.

When Tang Ran was about to reach the stairs in her memory of going upstairs, she heard the silence behind her being crushed by footsteps.

The man came with a faint scent of cedar wood, and stopped beside her, seeming to hesitate. Then Tang Ran felt that the upper end of the blind stick he was holding was held by someone.

It’s still the slow, tired tone, only a little uncomfortable:

“I will send you… to the main building downstairs.”

Tang Ran stood there for two seconds.

Then she bent her eyes slightly. The girl smiled softly: “Okay.”


Adhering to the principle of giving and receiving intimacy between men and women, Luo Zhan was still thinking about which nerve center had the problem when he helped the girl downstairs through a short cane.

Otherwise, I would probably not put myself in such a dilemma.

Thinking of the grandfather’s birthday banquet at night, he could not escape speaking as Luo Zhan in front of all the guests, including the little girl he was holding at this time. Luo Zhan felt pain in his temples.

Lie at will, but round up but terribly.

Luo Zhan sighed.

Tang Ran’s ears were very sensitive to catch this hard-to-find sigh. She hesitated and asked carefully, “Luo Xiu, what’s wrong with you?”

Luo Zhan lazily responded: “Headache.”

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