Dont Cry

Chapter 8


For a few seconds, Tang Ran almost thought it was the lonely and helpless “Luo Luo” who had accompanied her too many times and finally came back to life like she dreamed. +++Mobile reading visit m.Wuxiaworld

She is just a fifteen or six year old child. The inability to see and the isolation from the outside world made her live a simpler life than her peers.

There are no rich and colorful experiences and interesting events in her life, not even a friend of the same age who can talk.

Except Luo Luo.

So just like all the fantasy and dreams that all girls have, Tang Ran has seen it many times in dreams. Her “Luo Luo” has become a real existence, always talking to her in a lazy and indifferent voice. The living person who joked.

It is no longer an artificial intelligence composed of countless language modules that have been set up, and it is no longer a voice that can only be locked in that small box. In her dream, her “Luoluo” is touchable and warm.

Just like this moment–

Tang Ran could hear the heart beating “pounding” in a human-temperature (chest xiong) from a position close at hand, across thin clothes and muscles (flesh rou).

“Luo Luo…”

The cold girl slowly clenched her fingers unconsciously.

Luo Zhan looked down, silently.

The little girl who was soaked in the rain was lying in front of him, (bodyshen) still trembling a little, her white fingers gripped the shirt in front of him (chest xiong) tightly .

Her voice is also very soft, with the kind of anxiety and panic that is peculiar to a blind girl who can see nothing in a completely unfamiliar environment.

It is easy to remind people of the street corner in the rain, the poor cat that is shrunk in the grass and is soaked with wet hair-still can’t see the little sick cat that is dangerously overgrown with traffic on the corner. .

Luo Zhan raised his hand, and finally stopped in the air, and then dropped.

“…How long do you want to hold?”

Hearing the lazy and cold voice, Tang Ran’s body trembled slightly. She was finally pulled out of the illusion that could not distinguish between dream and reality.

After stiffening for a few seconds, Tang Ran slowly loosened the shirt that had been wrinkled by herself. She lowered her head, and the ends of her long wet hair curled up gently.

“I’m sorry,” the girl closed her eyes and slowly moved back half a step. “You…”

“I don’t want to accompany you in the rain. If you have anything to say, come into the building.”

Luo Zhan bent and picked up the blind cane on the ground, handed the end he was holding to the girl’s hand, watched her grasping white fingertips hesitately loosen, and then held it little by little.

The fine rain is still falling.

Luo Zhan’s eyes drooped, and after a two-second pause, he took off tuo Xia’s half-wet and half (dry gan) coat.

With one hand, he took the soaked piece of the girl’s body and put it on his shoulder. Luo Zhan shook the new coat and put it on the girl from behindthis time it was dressed upright, even with the wet little one. The head is wrapped together.

After doing these movements, Luo Zhan’s thin shirt had long been wet, and it was translucently attached to his body, showing the white and beautiful muscle lines under the shirt.

He didn’t seem to notice it.

Luo Zhan lowered his hands, gently bent his slender knuckles and buckled the blind stick that the girl was holding tightly in her hand. “Grab it,” he also held it up, carefully guiding the girl to walk at a speed that she could adapt to. Going forward, but the voice still sounds tired and lazy”I want to send you back to our stronghold where we abducted little girls.”

Tang Ran was covered by the man’s familiar fragrance, and the rain couldn’t penetrate, so she walked carefully with her head down.

As she walked, she thought, the real “Luo Luo” bears grudges.


The place where Tang Ran finally lost his way was a bit far from the main building, but very close to the Lanfeng Building where she came. Without hesitation, Luo Zhan led the man back to Lanfenglou first.

There used to be servants and waiters in the side building. Today is Father Luos birthday banquet. In order to receive the guests who diverted to the side buildings, there will naturally be no shortage of people in the building.

The servants in the Fanfeng building saw a young master who was embarrassed and still had black (color) broken hair, and it took several seconds to react: “Master, you are–”

Seeing that the first person I met was the maid, Luo Zhan’s brows were slightly loose, and he motioned to the pale girl behind Xia, “Take her to a hot bath and take care of the dresses on her body.”

“Then young master on you?”

Luo Zhan frowned and withdrew his gaze from the girl whose body was trembling with cold, “You don’t need to worry, take her first.”


After half an hour.

In a guest room on the second floor of the Lan Feng Building, Tang Ran in a bathrobe sat on the sofa.

Washing and steaming (dry gan) take a certain amount of time. After the maid asked this exceptionally quiet girl, she took her clothes and left.

Tang Ran nestled in the corner of the sofa with her eyes closed. The wide and soft backrest and armrests gave her a high sense of security. She lowered her head as if she was thinking.

Luo Zhan came in at this time.

The small bathrobe in the guest room is also of a (cheng) model. It is wrapped around the girl and almost wrapped up her hands and feet. It looks like a white glutinous rice dumpling, lying motionless in the corner of the sofa.

However, the long hair that was blown (dried gan) has returned to its normal slightly curly curvature, and the pretty face in the hair is more rosy after a hot shower. The (red hong) lips that have blood (color) are pierced with yan, which dyes this uncommon face with a touch of (yanyan) beauty.

At last it wasn’t as pale as a sick seedling.

Luo Zhan walked in and thought with satisfaction.

He stopped in front of the girl.

After thinking about it, Luo Zhan did not speak directly, but squatted down in front of the sofa where the girl was sitting: “Are you uncomfortable–”

“Are you Luo Zhan?” The girl suddenly raised her head and spoke with him.


Luo Zhan was startled slightly.

Then he saw that the girl visibly shrank back the white toes that came out of the bathrobe.

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