Dont Cry

Chapter 7


After Luo Zhan walked out of the (exposure) stage, the waiter reacted and turned to follow out. +++ Catino Novel Network

When he arrived at the solid wood curved staircase leading to the first floor, he saw Luo Zhan standing on the top step, walking downstairs with a tired face.

The waiter hurried over, “Master.”

Luo Zhan stopped. A few seconds later, when the waiter ran behind him, he lowered his eyes and asked in a lazy voice: “Where did the person lose it.”

Waiter: “It’s on the (Lu)tian corridor that leads to the main building from Lanfeng Tower. There are a lot of twists and turns over there, and that little lady may be lost in the garden.”


The waiter hesitated and asked, “Then, should I ask the old gentleman, or the young master, you can arrange for someone to find–”

Before the waiter finished speaking, Luo Zhan came downstairs.

The waiter was taken aback.

He didn’t react until Luo Zhan walked over the corner of the stairs. He hurried to catch up and asked in astonishment, “Master, are you going to find it yourself?”

Luo Zhan raised his eyelids lazily, “She…”

“What are you looking for?” A clear voice (inserting cha) came in, suddenly but not abruptly.

The waiter followed the sound and looked down the stairs.

A tall and slender young man stood at the beginning of the stairs on the first floor.

The visitor is about 20 or 30 years old, the suit shirt has long legs and a narrow waist, and the shirt button is meticulously tied to the top one. The clean and handsome facial features are three to four points similar to Luo Zhan-but compared to Luo Zhan, the person’s look (color) looks much gentler, and the smile on his lips is also gentle and just right.

Only one pair of eyes had deep and shallow depths, which were dark in the dark, revealing a bit of coolness (color).

The waiter standing behind Luo Zhan stunned, and said in surprise, “Master, are you back?”

After shouting, he regretted it again and looked carefully at Luo Zhan in front of him.

The servants of the Luo family knew that the eldest son Luo Xiu and the younger son Luo Zhan were not born of the same mother. As Luo Zhan grows older and gradually shows talents far surpassing those of his peers, there has been a lot of rumors about the brothers fighting over the Luo family’s property.

Due to the eccentricity of Luo Zhan, the public opinion in the past two years has gradually turned towards Luo Zhan.

At home, Luo Zhan never concealed his hostility to Luo Xiu’s brother, and tit-for-tat was a common occurrence.


The man standing on the first floor answered the waiter’s words and walked upstairs casually, “What did you just say you were looking for?”

The waiter hesitated and replied: “The little lady who was a guest from the Tang family has lost her way in the garden. Master wants to go–”

“Nothing.” Luo Zhan suddenly interrupted the waiter.

The waiter looked up at Luo Zhan blankly.

Standing behind Luo Zhan, he could only see their little master slowly (putting cha) into his trouser pocket, and then listened to him lazily laughing.

“It’s annoying to stay upstairs. I wanted to go downstairs to relax. But now I see you come back and I suddenly lose interest.”

After speaking, Luo Zhan turned around.

He glanced coldly at the waiter, “I forgot to throw the sun lounger in the garden. Go and take it back.”

“…” The waiter was taken aback, and it took two seconds to realize Luo Zhan’s gaze. He nodded again and again, “Okay, Master, I’m going now.”

The waiter quickly walked downstairs after speaking, wishing that the speed of light would be far away from the battlefield of the brothers.

During the few seconds that the waiter left, Luo Xiu walked upstairs without hesitation and stopped beside Luo Zhan.

The mans smile was gentle and distant, the corners of his mouth curled up as if measured with a ruler, and it was not bad. “The weather forecast says it will rain all this week, so I dont want to sunbathe.”

“I said it’s appropriate.” Luo Zhan smiled coldly. “You care about me?”

Luo Xiu remained silent (color).

“It’s not impossible to care about me.”

After waiting for two seconds, Luo Zhan turned sideways and leaned lazily on the wooden stair railing. The corner of the boy’s mouth raised, and his smile became tired and lazy–

“As long as you tell your grandfather that you will take over the Luo family, then you will be the elder of the Luo family in the future. I will definitely take care of it in the future.

Luo Xiu didn’t seem to be surprised by what his brother said. He also turned to Luo Zhan with a gentle smile on his face: “If you have time to daydream, you might as well think about how to deal with the marriage contract that Grandpa Fortress gave you. ”

Luo Zhan: “…”

Luo Zhan’s smile disappeared, and he frowned and murmured unconcernedly.

As outsiders said, the Luo family brothers are indeed tit-for-tat.

It’s just that the reason why they can’t understand each other is exactly the opposite of outside speculation-neither of the brothers wants to take over the Luo family’s family business. In recent years, they have calculated crazy calculations with each other, just to put the cover of the family business on each other’s neck.

At present, it is obvious that Luo Xiu, who is older and independent earlier, has a better skill.

In these years of confrontation, the most important thing that Luo Zhan learned from his brother is that he must never expose (expose) weaknesses that may become his own handle.

such as

“Master!” The waiter who hadn’t been away for a long time hurried down the stairs, interrupting Luo Zhan’s thoughts.

Luo Zhan frowned and looked down, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s raining outside!” At the moment, the waiter was only worried that he had made a big mistake, and he didn’t care to cover up for Luo Zhan. “Miss Tang Ran still didn’t find it-I went back to the corridor and saw no one. , Will something happen?”


Luo Zhan’s eyes jumped.

He raised his hands, but thinking of Luo Xiu who was still standing beside him, Luo Zhan clenched his knuckles and pressed back.

The young man froze for two seconds, slowly loosing his face, turning sideways and walking upstairs.

“Master?” The waiter chased up with a blank and nervous voice.

Luo Zhan walked upstairs without turning his head, throwing a cold and tired voice behind him: “If you don’t find it, keep looking, and ask me if it works.”


Ascending to the second floor, Luo Zhan’s emotions slowly faded after he did not hear the footsteps behind him.

He stopped at the corner of the stairs and bowed his head.

(Insert cha) Take out the hand in the trouser pocket, spread it out slowly, and lay there quietly with a bright silver coin in the palm.

He closed his eyes and could easily recall the scene he saw yesterday while standing under a tree with an umbrella.

In the rain, the girl shrank her thin shoulders and stood under the eaves of the int store. She closed her eyes tightly, her eyelashes trembling lightly; her long hair was jet-black, and a few thin and messy hairs were wet on her pale cheeks, but her lips were bitten and turned red.

The (yan) contrasting face (color) is like an invisible water monster that only sneaks out of the deep sea.

In the direction of the platform on the second floor, there were faintly messy footsteps and complaints:

“Why is it raining so suddenly?”

“It has been thunderstorms in the last few days. I didn’t expect to catch up with it today, so unfortunate.”

“I was in such a hurry, I didn’t react, and almost gave me a chill!”

“Hahaha, you are good. Did you fall down without seeing the one next to you?”


Several young people walked around the corner discussing, the one in the lead was suddenly taken aback.

The person next to him gave him a push, gan gan) what about it, suddenly stopped, like being caught by an evil?”

“No.” The man rubbed his eyes in astonishment, and raised his finger to the floor-to-ceiling double-opened long window directly opposite the corridor. “Have you seen it, it just seemed like…”

“What does it look like?”

“It looks like someone-jumped out from there??”

A few people stayed.

Someone laughed, “You just fell stupid? Have all the hallucinations come out?”

“No! I really saw it!”

“Could it be possible that a thief could enter the Luo family’s manor? Otherwise, someone would leave the stairs next to him and not walk, and would jump into the window on the second floor.”

“That’s right.”

Several people jokingly turned into another corridor.

Inside the spiral staircase in the blind area of their vision, a straight figure came up unhurriedly.

The man stopped at the top step and stood still for a few seconds. He smiled gently and looked at the long open window at the end of the corridor.

His eyes were dark and unpredictable.

“The Tang family…little lady?”


The raindrops rustled through the fine branches and fell into the soft and moist soil.

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