Dont Cry

Chapter 60


“Puff cough cough cough…”

At the silent table, Tan Yunchang choked on an ice-cola by Luo Zhan’s words, and patted the cough to break the silence. +++ Catino Novel Network

The person who froze recovered.

The sentence “Call Auntie” was smashed down, and the two young girls couldn’t stand anymore.

“What kind of person.”

The one who opened his mouth muttered angrily, then pulled his companion and turned away.

Tan Yunchang supported the table here and finished coughing. Before he straightened up, he couldn’t help but laugh: “Isn’t his girlfriend or daughter? Ancestor, you are too sloppy hahahaha…”

“Otherwise.” Luo Zhan leaned back in the wicker chair, laying his hands lazily on the side, and he only raised his eyelids coldly. “Say yes, and then wait for her to report my abduction of a minor?”

Tan Yunchang: “Hurt, go out so freely (gan), don’t people have to give the number? Just give her.”

Luo Zhan hummed lightly: “Contact information can only be given to girlfriends after agreeing to it.”

“?” Tan Yunchang was surprised, “Do you have a girlfriend?”


“Then who will agree?”


After Luo Zhan finished speaking, he lowered his eyes lazily and fell to the side.

The little girl sitting in the wicker chair lowered her head slightly from beginning to end. With long hair hanging beside him, he hid his slap face tightly. He couldn’t see his expression and didn’t know what he was thinking.

Only then did Luo Zhan notice the difference.

He straightened up, the laziness in his voice faded: “Tang Ran?”

After being quiet for two seconds, the little girl raised her head: “Huh?” As if she had just recovered.

Luo Zhan breathed a sigh of relief, helpless: “What are you thinking about, so absorbed?”

“No,” the little girl held the chubby bottle of Banana Cow (Milk Nai) and looked down again, “Nothing.”


Luo Zhan frowned.

He could obviously feel that the little girl had something to hide from him and didn’t want him to know.

Without waiting for Luo Zhan to ask further, Tan Yunchang looked at him with a sullen face and said, “Sister Tang Ran, what do you think?”

Tang Ran looked up slowly, and asked blankly: “What are you looking at?”

“That’s what Luo Zhan said. He has to get his girlfriend’s consent before he can give his contact information.”

The little girl was silent for two seconds and nodded: “It’s good.”

“Then if, I mean what if.” Tan Yunchang’s expression was obviously suffocating, and his voice pretending to be serious, obviously because the bully girl couldn’t see it.

Luo Zhan stared at him with cold eyes.

Tang Ran couldn’t see the eye contact between the two, and asked, “What if?”

Tan Yunchang coughed: “If you were Luo Zhan’s girlfriend, would you agree or disagree?”

Tang Ran was startled.

Lin Qianhua next to him finally couldn’t stand it, and said helplessly, “Senior, don’t tease Tang Ran.”

“Hey, Luo Zhan didn’t say anything, why are you still anxious? Besides, I just asked a question.”

Lin Qianhua: “This question is unnecessary.”


Lin Qianhua: “Since it’s a girlfriend, it’s impossible for anyone to agree to it. How can you not be jealous when asked by other girls for this kind of thing? You don’t have to be born to a boyfriend or girlfriend, as long as you are a friend of Zhan The girl of, surely not happy, let alone girlfriend.”


Lin Qianhua and Tan Yunchang discussed. No one noticed. In Lin Qianhua’s words, Tang Ran, who was holding a bottle of banana cow (Milk Nai), seemed to be startled.

She froze there for a long time without moving.

Until the person behind him stopped the discussion between Lin Qianhua and Tan Yunchang.

Tan Yunchang’s hippie smiley: “What’s the matter, ancestor, sorry?”

Luo Zhan paused for two seconds, and twitched his mouth coldly: “Are you very wild today?”

“…” Tan Yunchang smiled stiffly. Thanks to Tang Ran, he is indeed much bolder than usual today. The look in Master Luo Xiao’s eyes had obviously run out of patience.

Sure enough, in the next second, I listened to that lazy and tired voice mixed with a cold smile.

“Should I contact matthew’s secretary office to cancel my lunch reservation for next Friday?”

Tan Yunchang’s expression was suddenly distorted: “Don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t, my male **** finally made time! My ancestors were wrong, and I must correct them later!”

After speaking, Tan Yunchang raised his hand in front of his mouth and made a zipper movement.

Luo Zhan was too lazy to talk to Tan Yunchang any more, he lowered his eyes and noticed the little girl who hadn’t known how long before him.

After a few seconds, Luo Zhan asked, “Why don’t you drink it?”


Tang Ran lowered his head, held up the cow (Milk Nai) bottle, and bit the straw into his mouth.

When her cheeks bulged slightly, the little girl finally woke up from Lin Qianhua’s words.

She frowned slowly.




On this day’s trip to M City, when the day became thinner, two cars drove back and forth outside the main entrance of the Tang Family Courtyard.

Tang Luoqian was full of anger. After getting out of the car of Lin Qianhua and Tan Yunchang, she didn’t care about anyone, so she entered the door with a cold face.

Tan Yunchang and Lin Qianhua, who had got off the car, looked at each other.

Lin Qianhua shrugged helplessly, and whispered, “In fact, Tang Luoqian is quite pretty. I think she really likes Brother Zhan.”

Tan Yunchang: “Of course I like it. Otherwise, her eldest lady has a temper and won’t go out with us at all today. In the end, she still doesn’t give up.”

“Brother Zhan really doesn’t have any affection for the girl he doesn’t like.” “Affection?” Tan Yunchang seemed to have heard a joke, and leaned over (touching Mo) Lin Qianhua’s forehead, “Are you burnt? Looking for love in Luo Zhan? Why don’t you pick peaches from the fruit tree?”

Lin Qianhua choked.

He looked back at the long road behind him, riding on the red sunset from Reuters, the dark blue sports car was approaching.

The car drove very slowly, completely wasting the “speed and (excitement) love” that was so hyped in this latest-generation supercar advertisement.

Just because it was cool in the evening in the autumn, Luo Zhan was afraid that the wind would make the little girl in the convertible cold.

Lin Qianhua turned back: “Brother Zhan is very much to Tang Ran…”

“That’s different from Tang Ran.” Tan Yunchang leaned in the car, “You just walked too close to the nearest Luo Zhan, and you were confused by him. Just think about it before Tang Ran appeared, when did Luo Zhan look straight at which girl Seen?”

Lin Qianhua shook his head.

Tan Yunchang snorted: “Also, Luo Zhan’s current temper is really tuned by Tang Ran. Not to mention that he was young when he first entered K, just say that in the first two years, he was in the int laboratory. From the perspective of one thing, when did you see me being so relaxed to him recently?”

When mentioning this, Lin Qianhua smiled: “I didn’t dare to either.”


The dark blue sports car finally stopped slowly. Tan Yunchang straightened up and walked in the direction of the car. When passing by Lin Qianhua, he raised his hand and patted Lin Qianhua on the shoulder.

“The Tang family eldest lady should thank Tang Ran. If it weren’t for Tang Ran, her temper had fallen into Luo Zhan’s hands, and she didn’t know how much more she suffered than today.”

Lin Qianhua hesitated: “Will it?”

“Yes.” Tan Yunchang sighed, then glanced back at the high gate compound, “And this Tang family… If it weren’t for Tang Ran to be here, it would be the horrible spleen (sexual xing) of the Luo family’s young master. Endure till now?”


The dark blue (color) supercar stopped and the engine stalled.

Tan Yunchang took the initiative to end the conversation, resumed his usual hippie smile, and walked to the driver’s side: “Tang Luoqian went in directly, should we send Tang Ran back to the house?”

Luo Zhan looked back at the passenger seat. The little girl who was tightly wrapped in a pink (colored) blanket was tied into the seat belt, and then raised her head in the direction of Tan Yunchang.

“it is good.”

“That…” Tan Yunchang was about to answer.

Tang Ran suddenly asked, “Is it dark now?”

“Not yet,” Tan Yunchang answered: “It’s probably around six o’clock.”

“The store manager,” Tang Ran asked again, “then are you too late to send’Luo Luo’ tonight?”

Tan Yunchang froze for a moment, then he realized that Tang Ran was talking about a bionic robot. Tan Yunchang twitched the corner of his mouth, looked at Luo Zhan, and motioned with his eyes: “Ancestor, can you come?”

Luo Zhan had a meal, then looked back and asked, “Want to see’Luo Luo’?”

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