Dont Cry

Chapter 6


The clothes Yang Yilan chose for Tang Ran to go to the birthday banquet of the Luo family was a sleeveless round-necked starry sky design dress: shattered stars dotted the girl’s skirt with crystal yarn on the back waist. The design of the knot (hook gou) draws out the girl’s surging waist. +++ Catino Novel Network

Under the dark (color) skirt, the calf that was lined with more white is smooth and shiny, like suet jade, which makes people shine.

If you want to say the only regret, it is probably the blind stick that the girl holds in her hand.

When the driver from the Tang family saw Tang Ran slowly coming out of the apartment building, he felt pity for the little girl in his heart.

When he recovered, the girl had already parked in front of the car, showing a little hesitation, “Uncle?”

The driver hurriedly opened the door, “Get in the car, Xiaoran.”


The few times that Tang Ran returned to Tang’s house were picked up by the same driver and similar car. She is no stranger to this process.

When Tang Ran got into the car, and as soon as she put away her blind stick, she heard Yang Yilan’s voice coming from the direction of the apartment building:

“Hey, wait a minute!”

The driver’s action of closing the door stopped, and the girl sitting quietly with her legs hanging down in the car also raised her head.

Yang Yilan, who is over fifty, still walks like a young man. In a few seconds, she ran to the front of the car, still carrying a coat that was unclear whether it was black (color) or dark blue.

The driver was stunned, “What’s the matter?”

“I have thought about it, and I don’t know when the birthday banquet of the old man Luo is going to be held. In case it is late, Xiaoran won’t be frozen if he only wears this dress?”

Yang Yilan said, leaning into the car, draped the opened coat on the girl, and then tightened the clothes by pulling the neckline.

Then she turned around, looked at Tang Ran up and down, and nodded in satisfaction.

“Yes. The coats of the girls in the family are either too thin to hold up this dress, or the style is too soft and temperamental-I think this one will be just right.”

The driver came to pick up Tang Ran a few times, and Yang Yilan was also considered to be close to each other. Hearing this, he took his gaze away from the stunned girl in the car and nodded.

“It’s really appropriate, but how come there are boys’ clothes at home?”

Yang Yilan: “Just leave it alone, and send Xiaoran over. Don’t delay.”

“Well, let’s go now.”


The door closed.

After Tang Ran reluctantly raised his hand, his fingertips (touching Mo) (touching Mo) his clothes.

The starting point is the texture of cold ice ice, I don’t know what material it is. The faint smell of amber cedar has been washed away, but Tang Ran can still feel it

It’s the one yesterday. The jacket that the boy who has the same voice as Luo Luo gave her.

After a two-second pause, the corner of the girl’s eyes bends slightly. Before the driver got into the car, she whispered:

“Luo Luo.”

“Here.” The familiar tone came out of the girl’s phone held by her white fingers.

“Am I good-looking today.”

The first voice seemed to be a chuckle, laziness, and at the end it brought a bit of languid and frivolous flavor: “It doesn’t look good. It’s like an ugly duckling.”


The girl responded lightly, but her voice was smiling.


According to the Tang family’s prior arrangement, the sedan directly sent Tang Ran to the private manor where Mr. Luo hosted his birthday banquet.

Although there are not many visitors who are eligible to receive the invitation letter, the Luo family has been diverted in several side buildings. The driver took Tang Ran to the side building dedicated to receiving Tang’s house, and the car stopped.

“Mrs. Mrs. and Miss Luoqian should be here.” The driver saw the Tang’s license plate parked in front of the side building and said to Tang Ran back. “But it’s not in the car, it’s probably already in the building.”

Tang Ran’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

After a while, she smiled lightly, “Then I should hurry up.”

The two said, the car door was opened by the waiter who welcomed the guests from Luo’s family outside. The driver hurriedly got out of the car and stopped before the other party, “I’ll come.”

The waiter was stunned.

At this moment, a thin blind stick came out from the opened car door and knocked carefully on the unfamiliar ground.

The waiter reacted, with a little clear and contemptuous emotion in his eyes, “This is Miss Tang Ran, right?”


Things like “illegitimate children” and “illegitimate daughters” are not rare among high-ranking households, but after all, they are not on the table, and they will inevitably be discussed secretly.

Tang Ran has not been recognized by the master, and she is alone and helpless, and coupled with the blind and weak girl, it can be regarded as no threat (sexual xing) at all, and it is expected that there will be no possibility of turning over in the future-no wonder these The waiters faintly despised her.

The driver’s face (color) is a bit ugly, but after all, the Luo family is the owner, and he is just a driver.

In the time of these two sentences, the girl with the thin blind cane has come out of the car.

She stood in front of the car, raised her hand and stroked her coat hesitantly, after thinking about it, she didn’t put it back in the car. The girl closed her eyes, followed the direction of the voice just now, and raised her head slightly towards the waiter.

Her voice is quiet and soft, with a touch of softness: “I am Tang Ran.”

Seeing the girl standing in front of him clearly, the waiter gave a surprised (yanyan) look.

Whether it’s a pretty face with a pretty (yanyan) face, or a faintly graceful silhouette of a young (female nu) body line, including the voice and temperament that can’t see the unfamiliar environment or panic-the girl in front of him is no better than he has received The family’s guests are almost half way past.

This turned out to be… the unfavored little blind illegitimate daughter of the Tang family?

The waiter returned to his senses and hurriedly bowed his head.

“Ms. Tang Ran, today we are here to celebrate birthdays by seniority. Mr. Tang and Mrs. Tang have already gone to the main building. Before leaving, arrange for you to meet with Miss Tang Luoqian, and then go there together.”

Tang Ran nodded, “Am I waiting for them here?”

“There is a (exposed) sky corridor after the annex building, which is exclusively connected to the main building. Miss Tang Ran will follow me in the building first.”

After speaking, the waiter hesitated at the girl’s closed eyes: for a girl of this age, rash physical contact is obviously impossible, but she can’t see…

In silence, Tang Ran understood.

She lightly (hooked) the corners of her lips and smiled very shallowly, “Tell me to lead the way, just tell me where to turn, go up and down steps, or avoid obstacles.”

“Okay, Miss Tang Ran, please come with me.” The waiter replied embarrassedly.

Tang Ran bid farewell to the driver’s uncle and followed the waiter into the side building.

As soon as he entered the side hall of the annex building, Tang Ran heard a ridiculous female voice:

“Luo Qian, your cheap sister is here.”


The voice was big or small, and it was just enough for the waiter and Tang Ran who walked into the side hall to hear it.

The waiter stopped awkwardly and looked back at the little girl behind him.

Tang Ran stood there, closing his eyes quietly.

Before coming, she had been mentally prepared for what she would hear and what she would encounter today.

She also knew the female voice who spoke. It should be the younger sister Tang Luoqian, who is also Luo Zhan’s cousin, Bi Yushan, the youngest daughter of the Bi family in the Tang family.

She has played with Tang Luoqian since she was a child, and the relationship between the two (guanguan) is very good, so she is very hostile to Tang Ran’s existence along with Tang Luoqian’s disgust.

Tang Ran met Bi Yushan twice before returning to Tang’s house, and was no stranger to her voice.

On the sofa in the side hall, Tang Luoqian glanced dissatisfiedly at the girl walking in from the porch. Especially when he glanced over the girl’s feminine and beautiful face, Tang Luoqian frowned unconsciously.

After reminding himself that this is the Luo family who will be married in the future, so he must pay attention to the image, Tang Luo lightly hummed.

“It looks pretty in this way.”

Bi Yushan obviously noticed it too, curled her lips, “What’s the use of being beautiful? I’m not a blind man.”


Tang Luoqian agreed upon hearing the words, and his heart was a little more relaxed. Just about to leave Tang Ran’s sight, she suddenly stopped again.

After a few seconds, she frowned and asked Bi Yushan: “Do you think that the coat on her is a bit like the design of the famous Swedish evelinagunnarsson.”

Bi Yushan was stunned for two seconds before reacting, “You mean the designer with the highest share in my cousin’s wardrobe?”


“Even if it looks like it can’t be, what do you think. You can’t wait for a design quota, where does this little blind man come from.”

“But that dress doesn’t look like hers, but it looks like a man…”

“Okay, okay, stop thinking about it.” Bi Yushan patted her.

Tang Luoqian awakened himself, and felt that his thoughts were absurd. She stood up with a sullen face, not looking at the waiter or Tang Ran, and only raised her voice to ask:

“People are waiting, can we go to the main building now?”

In the eyes of the servants of the Luo family, the eldest lady of the Tang family seemed to be the future mistress, and she was naturally respectful to her.

When the waiter heard Tang Luoqian’s goodness, he quickly answered with a smile: “Of course, of course. All three ladies, please come with me.”

Bi Yushan sneered when he heard the words, “I’m so ridiculous, what kind of lady is the little beggar–that is, because Luo Qian wants to be engaged to Young Master Luo, she even pretends to be a lady at Luo’s house.”

Tang Ran tightened the fingers of the blind stick and slowly loosened it. She whispered to the waiter, “Can we go now?”

“it is good”

The waiter didn’t dare to speak loudly this time, and only carefully led the three of them, walking along the (Lu)tian corridor behind the annex to the main building.

On the way, the waiter had deliberately taken care of Tang Ran, who could not be seen, and slowed down, but it was probably seen by Bi Yushan.

After a few urgings, the little girl (gan gan), who can be regarded as Miss Luo’s family watch, ran as if pulling the waiter to walk quickly.

Seeing the figure of the girl holding the blind stick behind him getting further and further away, the waiter was a little anxious: “Miss Yushan, Miss Tang Ran is also a guest, it’s not good”

“What’s wrong!” Bi Yushan dragged the waiter to walk quickly, and smiled triumphantly at Tang Luo, “If something happens, I will take care of it.”

Waiter: “But…”

“But what is it, why can’t you tell the distance between relatives?” Bi Yushan said, “The eldest lady of the Tang family next to me is the mistress of the Luo family. That little girl will be thrown out by the Tang family sooner or later. What use is it for you to treat her as a guest?”


The waiter couldn’t hold back this one, so he was dragged away by half pushing and half on the spot.

Tang Ran’s figure quickly disappeared from their vision. After entering the main building, Bi Yushan smiled triumphantly with Tang Luo: “The Luo family manor is like a maze. I think your cheap sister, don’t want to wish my grandfather birthday today!”

“Will this be too much?” Tang Luoqian was a little happy and uneasy.

“What’s wrong with this? But she is the little beggar who came back to Tang’s house to steal your father’s property and deserves a lesson.”


“Okay, don’t think about those insignificant people!” Bi Yushan pushed her, “My brother is on the second floor (exposed) platform, this is the first time you have seen him officially?”

Speaking of Luo Zhan, Tang Luo lightly blushed, “Yes.”

“Don’t be embarrassed, he will be your fiance soon.” Bi Yushan smiled, “I don’t know how many people will envy you!”

Tang Luoqian saw that he went up to the second floor, stopped before entering the (exposure) stage, and said nervously, “Everyone said he was not easy to get along with.”

“My cousin is really (sexual) colder, he doesn’t care about anyone, and it’s especially terrifying if he provokes him.” Bi Yushan curled her lips, “but there is no way, who made him look like that? Scourge, IQ is still so enchanting-he entered the K Junior Class at the age of 14, and he is also the most favored young master of the Luo family. I dont know how many people favor him from childhood to adulthood. Under such an environment, he is (sexual). It’s weird to be gentle.”


“But you will be his fiance in the future, you have time to spend time together, what are you afraid of! Let’s go, let’s go in and meet.”

Tang Luo lightly took a deep breath, “Okay.”

When the waiter led Tang Luoqian and Bi Yushan in, Luo Zhan had sharp eyes beside him, and he saw him in the first second.

“Hey, here comes it!”

“The one on the left is Bi Yushan, right next to her is the eldest lady of the Tang family? She really looks a little bit of beauty potential?”

“It’s really good, I don’t have to pick my figure, Young Master Luo (Yanyan) is not shallow.”

“Hey? Didn’t that little blind illegitimate daughter of the Tang family also come here? Why didn’t you see anyone?”

“Yeah, why are they two?”


Luo Zhan was the first to discover this problem.

I couldn’t verify whether this “Tang Ran” of the Tang family was the little girl I wanted to see. The lazy smile on his face faded as soon as they came in.

After lowering his eyelids disinterestedly, Luo Zhan stood up expressionlessly and walked out.

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