Dont Cry

Chapter 59



In the car, after hearing what Luo Zhan had said, Tang Ran asked unexpectedly, not long after waking up. +++Mobile reading visit m.Wuxiaworld

“Well,” Luo Zhan answered, “Tan Yunchang hastily selected the place. If you don’t like it, then we won’t go.”

Tang Ran hesitated and answered honestly: “I haven’t been. When I was in the orphanage, I heard that there are a lot of fun places there. Later… I didn’t have a chance to go.”

Luo Zhan’s eyes darkened.

When he recovered, he turned to the little girl: “Do you want to go?”

“A little curious.” The little girl’s voice softened, “but will they not let me in?”

“No.” Luo Zhan said confidently.

Tang Ran turned back curiously: “Why is Luo Luo so sure?”

Luo Zhan: “Because my country has a complete set of rights protection laws that include anti-discrimination. If they prohibit you from entering on the grounds of blindness, then send them to the social news.”

Luo Zhan speaks calmly, and his tone is the most often lazy and calm calmness. Even in the face of any unfamiliar situation, he seems to have always had such confidence.

People who are not familiar with him think that this is the defiant arrogance that Young Master Luo reveals from his bones.

If you are familiar, you will know…

He really is.

However, this aspect of Luo Zhan rarely appeared in front of Tang Ran, and Tang Ran was really startled for two seconds at this time.

Then the little girl smiled and curled her eyes: “Luo Luo must have been handsome when he spoke.”


Tang Ran: “Because just that sounds like Luo Luo is great. It seems that as long as you are there, you can worry about nothing.”

Luo Zhan: “It’s not like.”

Tang Ran was slightly startled.

Luo Zhan: “I said that I was your wishing pool alone, did you forget? As long as I am here, you don’t need to worry about anything.”


Different from the girl’s soft reply, after a few seconds of silence, Luo Zhan’s ears suddenly sounded with a very disgusting rough Chinese voice:

“Ancestor, have you forgotten, your first wish that you promised the little girl is not fulfilled yet.”

Luo Zhan was silent.

Two seconds later, he frowned slightly and glanced at the call status on the navigation phone: “…Why haven’t you hung up the phone?”

Tan Yunchang sneered: “It’s not that I haven’t hung up yet. It’s obviously that you coaxed the little girl to be too involved and completely forgot that you were still answering the phone?”

Luo Zhan: “But I remember that I already said the closing words.”

Tan Yunchang became angry: “That was a unilateral conclusion from yourself. Do you remember that two people are required to make a call?”


After a few seconds of silence, Luo Zhan twitched his mouth coldly: “You are right.”

Tan Yunchang was surprised: “Ancestor, you are so sudden, I’m flattered by praise.”

Luo Zhan: “So two seconds later, you will be alone on the phone.”

Tan Yunchang: “…?”

With a beep, the call ends.

Tan Yunchang faced the phone returning to the homepage interface and was silent for a few seconds. His gnashing facial features were reflected on the black screen:

“Is this a **** person?”

the other side.

Inside the sports car.

Tang Ran turned his head and asked, “Is it the store manager’s phone that hasn’t been hung up yet?”


“Is he waiting in a hurry.”

“No,” Luo Zhan replied lazily, without any guilty conscience. “He said that he and Lin Qianhua and that Tang Luoqian get along very happily, so we don’t have to rush, and there is no (guanguan) relationship when we arrive late.”


When the car was quiet for a few seconds, the girl’s chuckle came: “Luo Luo, if you are heard by the manager like this, he will be angry.”

Luo Zhan turned the corner of his mouth and looked sideways: “Why don’t you make an obedient oh this time.”

Tang Ran whispered: “It’s a lie to hear it.”

“Not before?”

The little girl was quiet for a while, and still whispered honestly, “Yes.”

“Why didn’t you dismantle it then?”


The little girl stopped talking.

Luo Zhan waited for a long time, but when Tang Ran was still silent, he laughed dumbly and asked, “I guess, you used to feel insecure, and you were always worried that you would lose my friend if you didnt follow my instructions. ; And now I slowly discover that no matter what you do, I will stand by your side every step of the way, so I am bolder, right.”


Tang Ran lowered his head and panicked.

Luo Zhan used his Octavia on her for the first time, and being so carelessly dismantled made the little girl who is the least good at interpersonal at a loss for a while, and was full of anxiety whether she made Luo Zhan upset.

When she was trying to do something with her fingers, the top of her head was suddenly rubbed.

Tang Ran looked up blankly.

Taking advantage of the red light to stop the car, Luo Zhan turned sideways from the driver’s seat and raised his hand to appease the panicked little girl.

He lowered his eyes helplessly, with a hoarse and indulgent smile in his voice: “What you found is correct, no matter what you do, I will stand by your side without leaving any step.”

Tang Ran didn’t know what was wrong with her. After hearing these words, the panic and anxiety in her heart turned into a kind of soreness, a surge of brain surged up and hit her nose sour.

The corners of the little girl’s eyes were flushed, and it took a long time to say, “I don’t want to… be hated.”

“will not.”

Looking at this little girl, Luo Zhan couldn’t help but feel a pain in his heart.

He sighed, but didn’t hold it back anyway, slowly leaned over, and landed on the long black hair on the girl’s head (kiss wen).

“I don’t hate what Tang Ran does. This is what I said, so in my body, you can be arrogant, you can be bolder, and you can act recklessly.”


Tang Ran was stunned under that (kiss wen).

Luo Zhan was also surprised by his actions.

He used to think that the crookedness between boys and girls was boring and meaningless, but when he was on the scene, he realized that every reaction of the little girl, even if it was only a second of sluggishness, seemed to give him “Feedback incentives” that can create different pleasures.

Luo Zhan returned to his senses and couldn’t help laughing.

While Tang Ran was still in a daze, he leaned in front of her, with a low-pitched smile in his voice: “The’Wishing Pool’ also has a wish, and I hope it will come true in the future.”

Tang Ran’s ears moved. The girl who was still losing her soul looked up instinctively: “What kind of wish?”

“‘Wishing Pool’ hopes that one day in the future, his little girl will grow up, beautiful, confident, and fearless like the proudest little rose.”

Tang Ran was silent for a few seconds and nodded vigorously: “I will!”

Luo Zhan lowered his eyes and smiled: “I look forward to it.”

As soon as Luo Zhan’s words fell, the whistle honked behind the roadster. Luo Zhan frowned slightly and looked back.

After the dark blue (color) supercar, the big brother who honked the horn pressed the car window and slightly probed.

Looking at Luo Zhans super running scrupulously, the man pressed his displeasure and said (fuck cao) in the local dialect of M City: “Brother, can we coax my daughter-in-law home to coax you? Red lights make you coax green La!”

Luo Zhan: “”

Young Master Luo has lived lazily and unscrupulously for twenty years, not caring about others’ eyes.

For the first time, when the accelerator was stepped on, the latest generation of luxury supercars (fart pi) showed a bit of embarrassment to flee.

The young master was so embarrassed that he didn’t notice that the girl in the passenger seat blushed after hearing that. Just waiting for the car to go out for several tens of meters, the little girl seemed to recover suddenly and blankly (touching Mo) (touching Mo) her cheek.

The palm of his hand was strangely hot.

Tang Ran fell into a strange and throbbing incomprehension and deep thought in the palm of his hand in the darkness.


At the weekend playground, the flow of people has always been terrible enough to be called a Shura playground.

The proportion of young girls among tourists is already high, coupled with the height contrast of Luo Zhan and Tang Ran, they are a wonderful combination of a cold-faced handsome boy and a blind girl. This way from the parking lot to the agreed point , Those shining or secretly falling gazes almost made Luo Zhan feel that he was just a monkey who was led out to walk the street.

According to the rate of return and the degree of discussion, it must be a rare golden monkey.

I was once again recalled by the shadow of (gou) when he first entered the k-year-old school, Young Master Luo had a cold face (color) along the way, like an ice sculpture that had just returned from Antarctica.

Finally reached the agreed point, there are still more than ten meters between the two sides, Tan Yunchang and Lin Qianhua can’t help but twist and laugh.

Luo Zhan had a sorrowful face without expression, and frowned when he stopped: “What a smile?”

Although he was fierce, it didn’t delay the young master to bend down to skillfully put away Tang Ran’s blind stick, and helped her sit down on the cane chair under the umbrella.

Then Luo Zhan grabbed another wicker chair and put it next to the little girl. He lazily sat in the wicker chair with a pair of long legs.

Leaning on the armrest with one hand, the young master drooped his eyelids to cover the restlessness in his eyes.

Tan Yunchang turned straight back: “Ah, the Tang family’s eldest lady is tantrum and tired. She thinks the playground is dirty and messy. She has already returned to the car. He said that as soon as you arrive, let us call her and inform her immediately.”

“Yeah.” Luo Zhan answered without raising his eyes. “Do not care.”


Tan Yunchang was suffocating, and the little girl who dragged the wicker chair to sit down beside her was curiously immersed in the screams and laughter that had passed over the playground.

“Sister Tang Ran, did you agree to come?” Tan Yunchang asked.

Tang Ran returned to his senses and nodded, “Well, I wanted to come to the amusement park to experience it.”

“Tsk tut, no wonder.”

“?” Tang Ran turned to Tan Yunchang puzzled.


Beside Tang Ran’s wicker chair, when Luo Zhan approached from Tan Yunchang, he was already as alert as a wild beast guarding its prey was invaded into the territory.

He didn’t move, only raised his eyelids and looked at Tan Yunchang indifferently.

With Tang Ran’s “gold medal for avoiding death”, Tan Yunchang is very courageous. He turned around and clarified the puzzled little girl: “I and Qianhua were still discussing just now whether you will come in.”

Tang Ran asked, “Isn’t it the place that was arranged? Why didn’t we come in?”

Tan Yunchang glanced at Lin Qianhua. Lin Qianhua did not dare to look at Luo Zhan. He only smiled and said in a low voice: “Brother Zhan is not interested in a place like amusement park. If he wants to come in after another person, then he must I ignore it.”

Tan Yunchang laughed agreeably: “That’s right, our ancestors can get three layers of skin off the eyes when they reach this kind of place.”

Tang Ran hurriedly turned around, (touching Mo) and squinted towards Luo Zhan’s direction: “Luo Luo, if you don’t like playgrounds, let’s go now. I’m just curious, it’s enough to come.”


Tan Yunchang coughed, suppressed his smile, and looked at Lin Qianhua. The little girl’s address to Luo Zhan still makes them a little difficult to accept, and they are already the outsiders who hear this word most often. If other members of the int laboratory hear it, they dont know how many eyeballs they will be surprised. It.

Luo Zhan lightly narrowed his eyes and withdrew his lazily gaze from Lin Qianhua and Tan Yunchang. When he turned to the girl, his eyes eased.

The dark eyes are also coated with a soft glow.

“I don’t like it,” Luo Zhan said, ignoring his conscience, “I have never been here, just like you, I’m very curious… I really want to come and see.”

The last sentence was almost squeezed out word by word.

Tang Ran was silent for a few seconds, seeming to judge the credibility of these words. After the judgment failed, she raised her head: “But the store manager just said…”

Under Luo Zhans warning gaze, Tan Yunchang consciously took the conversation, holding back his laugh very hard: “Ah, that was not liked by the previous ancestors, but now they have become’Luoluo’, so how can I dislike me? Are you right, ancestor?”


Luo Zhan put his eyelids in no mood, and his eyes were filled with indifferent “Do you want to die?”

Tan Yunchang, who had danced “The Pure Land of Bliss” on the edge of death, drew back hippiely and stopped talking.

However, as if to test Luo Zhan’s endurance (sexual xing) limit, the conversation just stopped here. At a table not far away, two girls pushed me and I gave you a hand.

Already foreseeing the next scene, Tan Yunchang and Lin Qianhua smiled and endured almost internal injuries, and each turned away in pain.

Luo Zhan lowered his eyes lazily, holding a slender cold white hand, and picked a banana cow (Milk Nai) from the drinks that Tan Yunchang and Lin Qianhua bought on the table. He took out the straw (inserted in the cha), then took the hand of the little girl beside him and put it in her palm.

“It’s a bit cold,” Luo Zhan said, “drink slowly.”

Tang Ran lowered his eyes, “Well, thank you Luo Luo.”

The two girls at the next table were stopping by at this moment.

One of them tugged the other and said, “Handsome guy, is this your girlfriend?”


Luo Zhan turned a deaf ear, leaning lazily in the wicker chair, watching the little girl softly cheeks drinking the cow (Milk Nai).

Quiet for a few seconds, the air is awkward.

Tang Ran looked up slowly, “Luo Luo, is someone talking to you?”


When Tang Ran spoke, Luo Zhan would naturally not deny it. He reached out (touched Mo) (touched Mo) the girl’s head.

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