Dont Cry

Chapter 58


“You still can’t forget her, can you?”

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“Who else can it be, of course it is”

Jia Junxi’s words stopped abruptly. After a two-second pause, he turned his head awkwardly: “Huh?”

Lan Jingqian raised his eyes calmly, his expression was calm: “I said, um, I didn’t forget.”

Jia Junxi: “…”

Lan Jingqian: “Isn’t this the answer you want to hear?”

Jia Junxi coughed slightly and lowered his head to drink tea awkwardly: “No…Normal people should pretend to be garlic and ask who it is, why are you still playing cards so unreasonably?”

“Not forgetting is not a shameful thing,” Lan Jingqian said, “you don’t need to pretend.”

Jia Junxi sneered after hearing this, “Isn’t this shameful? You are the founder and CEO of a high-quality asset-listed startup company. You never forget your old lover more than ten years ago. Today, I didnt talk about a relationship and find someone to talk about. Are you afraid of being laughed at?”

Lan Jingqian returned calmly and calmly: “Not afraid.”

When he said this, his eyes did not fluctuate.

Jia Junxi was speechless for a few seconds, and laughed: “Going well, counts me surrendering. Mr. Lan Gaoshan has a good view, and the realm of thought is definitely not comparable to that of mortals like us.”

Lan Jingqian sighed: “If you don’t mock people, you won’t be able to speak.”

“I’m like this.” Jia Junxi turned away. After a while, he turned back, pretending to ask unintentionally: “Since you haven’t forgotten, then you didn’t inquire about the situation there?”


Lan Jingqian stopped for a while, then suddenly smiled without warning.

For the first time since entering the door, he revealed (exposed) such obvious emotional ups and downs. He smiled helplessly: “Who do you think of me? How many years have she been married, and my moral bottom line in your eyes is so low?”

Jia Junxi curled his lips: “Come on. This has nothing to do with the moral bottom line. I didn’t ask you to steal and rob even an old friend from many years ago. Is it weird to want to know what’s going on? I won’t do anything, it’s normal.”

Lan Jingqian didn’t speak.

Jia Junxi snorted, and if he glanced at him deeply, “It’s you. There is a light cloud on her face, and all the people and things related to her are completely shielded from the personal world. I think it is more It’s like someone who can’t let go, afraid to do something when he hears a little news.”

After listening, Lan Jingqian thought for a while and nodded: “You are right.”

Jia Junxi: “…”

Jia Junxi waved his hand in disgust, and sat down a long distance along the sofa: “It’s not okay to argue with someone like you, it’s really boring.”

Lan Jingqian didn’t laugh.

Judging from the appearance of the old friend, Jia Junxi hates iron and steel: “Have you ever thought that if you had a low moral bottom line, maybe you and Tang Shiyu would have another ending?”


When he heard those three words, the smile on Lan Jingqian’s face stopped for a moment.

It’s not the pain of being uncovered, it’s just loss of consciousness. For many years, all insiders have been cautious, never mentioning those three words in front of him. Now, at first mention, the most intimate whispers back then made him feel like a world away.

It turns out that even if some names stay deep into the bones over time, once they are heard from others, they will still be in a trance.

The mark is too deep after all.

It cannot be erased, nor can it be removed. It broke into pieces and melted into the blood, so even if the breathing and heartbeat stopped, the person was still there.

When someone died, he was still there in the ashes.

Lan Jingqian lowered his eyes and laughed suddenly.

After laughing, he shook his head: “I never thought about it. I am destined to be me in my life, there is no if. Even if I think about it, can anyone give me another chance?”

Jia Junxi said coldly: “Then you didn’t think about it, or did you dare not think about it?”


Jia Junxi: “I told you at the beginning, it’s a big deal that Fengzi gets married and prepares rice and cooks mature rice. The stubborn old woman has nothing to curse. You must listen!”

“That’s not good for her. The Tang family is decent and won’t tolerate such a daughter.”

Jiajunxi said angrily, “You just care about everything she has, so you will lose her in the end!”


Jia Junxi regretted it after speaking.

Although he has always spoken badly, he knows how much this incident hit Lan Jingqian, and he has always been careful even when it is mentioned vaguely. This is the first time he has used such words.

After all, I was confused by that little girl’s life experience.

Jia Junxi frowned and looked at Lan Jingqian, then looked back down, rubbing the upper edge of the teacup with the thumb of his thumb unconsciously.

Lan Jingqian saw it when he fell back and couldn’t help but smiled: “What important issue are you struggling with?”

Jia Junxi was shocked and asked instinctively: “How do you know?”

Lan Jingqian points to his hand movements: “You weren’t like that when you were a student, as long as you see big things that are difficult to choose, all are one movement.”

Jia Junxi looked down and saw, his fingers stopped at the edge.

After a few seconds of embarrassment, he frowned and raised his head: “Wait a few days, I may call you.”

Lan Jingqian raised an eyebrow unexpectedly: “It’s about me?”

Jia Junxi hummed perfunctorily.

After a few seconds of silence, he added: “There is one thing to be sure. If I call you, you will understand; if you don’t call, you will assume that I didn’t say this.”

Lan Jingqian smiled calmly: “You are too cautious as you were back in college. You must have everything ready before you decide to move.

Jia Junxi snorted, turned his face away, and muttered in a low voice: “You’d better laugh at that time.”


After sending Lan Jingqian away, Jia Junxi returned to the office, picked up the desk phone and made a call.

As soon as it was connected, the voice on the other side spoke without surprise: “Dean, I have already got the two blood samples.”

“It’s fine, and send it for DNA identification as soon as possible.”

“Yes… But if you don’t get the permission of the person involved, will this be a bit intrusive?”

Jia Junxi snorted: “I am not the same as my old friend from Gaoshan Mountain. My moral bottom line follows my temper. If I can help my friend of 20 or 30 years find his biological daughter, that would be a violation. **I recognize it too.”

“Then, need it be expedited?”

Jia Junxi asked: “Is the probability of the deviation of the expedited one larger?”


“Then delay the system for a few more days as normal, but the accuracy must be as correct as possible.”

“Understood, Dean. Before next Sunday, I will give you the result.”

“it is good.”


After Luo Zhanzai and Tang Ran left the eye hospital in Jiajunxi, he set the navigation destination in the car to the coordinates sent by Tan Yunchang and drove there.

On the way, Luo Zhan dialed the Bluetooth headset after receiving a call from Tan Yunchang.

“Ancestor, when will you two arrive?”

“What’s the hurry?” Luo Zhan whispered.

“Can I not be in a hurry? Who can hold the temper of the eldest lady of the Tang family? Qianhua was circling on the overpass before, and she almost grabbed the steering wheel in the end! There was no way we could only drive down and found a spot nearby , Said it was the destination that I had agreed with you.”

Luo Zhan glanced at the navigator, and asked nonchalantly: “You just chose an amusement park for the appointed place?”

“Isn’t it a matter of urgency and power.” Tan Yunchang said helplessly.

Luo Zhan: “Then what should I do when the little girl goes?”

Tan Yunchang reacted for two seconds and scratched his head awkwardly: “Almost forgot about this…you walk with you? It’s not impossible to go to the facility, they dare to sue them for discrimination.”

Luo Zhan: “Let’s talk about it.”

After two seconds of silence, Tan Yunchang asked, “I wanted to say from the beginning, why is your voice so small, ancestor?”

Luo Zhan had a pause and glanced to his side, his voice still cold and low: “She (sleeps in Shui).”

“Hurt, this is really”

“Have you finished talking? I hung up after talking. I was still driving and it was not convenient to talk.” Luo Zhan interrupted.

Tan Yunchang was choked by this indifferent tone.

Just before he said anything, the voice on the other side of the phone suddenly softened without warning.

“Why did you wake up? Did I bother you?”


“Still sleepy? Sleep a little bit more sleepy.”

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