Dont Cry

Chapter 57


“You’re right, the little girl is really pitiful. +++ Catino novel website” Jia Junxi answered the conversation after a long silence.

Thinking of his own guess and the secret that this guess once proved, Jia Junxi’s eyes were complicated when he looked at the little girl not far away.

After a few seconds, he said, “So you just stay alive and take good care of her. The eye, cornea, and membrane issues, I will take care of it.”

Luo Zhan recovered from his emotions, he turned his eyes and looked at Jia Junxi.

Jia Junxi said calmly: “I’m already contacting her at the International Eye, Corneal Donation Bank.”

Luo Zhan’s expression was slightly tense, and it was rare to show a little nervousness.

Jia Junxi: “There will be a comprehensive consideration of the patient’s adaptability (sexual xing) and the success rate of surgery, as well as the probability of postoperative recovery. In Tang Ran’s situation, it is only a matter of time before he wants to get a quota.”

Luo Zhan asked: “How long will it take?”

Jia Junxi said: “You can wait this year at the earliest, and the end of next year at the latest.” He had a meal, “So on the side of her guardian of the Tang family, you need to help her arrange it as soon as possible.”

Luo Zhan lightly narrowed his eyes.

Tang Ran was walking back holding the blind stick at this time, Luo Zhan stepped forward and supported the girl.

Before leaving, Luo Zhan looked at Jia Junxi: “I will remember what you said, thank you dean.”

After discussing the business, Jia Junxi had recovered his usual weird temper. He only glanced at Luo Zhan: “Its a rare pleasure to hear a thank you from Master Luo Xiao.”

As long as Tang Ran’s eyes can be cured, Luo Zhan will be 10,000 times more patient with Jia Junxi than others.

So after hearing Jia Junxis sneer, he seemed calm as if he hadnt heard: “The dean is busy at work, so we wont bother.”

The little girl beside him nodded very cooperatively: “Goodbye dean.”

Jia Junxi paused: “Well, goodbye.”

Watching Luo Zhan and Tang Ran leave, Jia Junxi did not rush back to the office, but walked back to the front desk, knocked on the counter, and asked, “How about the part of the free medical examination arranged for the auto branch?”

The secretary at the front desk entered the computer and checked the progress sheet that came up, then looked up and said to Jia Junxi: “The number of people who have completed the medical examination is already over half.”

Jia Junxi asked, “Has Lan Jingqian checked it?”

The front desk quickly looked down and searched the database, then shook his head regretfully: “Not yet.”

Another assistant secretary on the deputy station raised his hand: “Dean, Autos Secretary General Lan called in and said that he would come to visit you this afternoon and finish the medical examination by the way.”

Jia Junxi showed relief (lust).

He was about to go back to the office, and the secretary at the front desk next to him asked carefully: “Dean, I heard that you and the auto technology Lan Guan are always good friends?”

Jia Junxi had a meal and turned around: “Who did you hear?”

The secretary said embarrassedly: “Yes, someone mentioned it when everyone talked.”

Jia Junxi didn’t speak.

The assistant secretary at the deputy station also joked: “The dean and the Guan Guan department must be good, otherwise, we can’t let auto employees come here for medical examinations for free.”

Jia Junxi returned to his senses and smiled coldly: “You two, you are still thinking about these things when you work. I pay you salary for you to gossip, right?”

The secretary blinked: “Isn’t this also work?”

“I haven’t seen you so caring about other jobs,” Jia Junxi sneered, “I’m interested in Lan Jingqian by asking what this is for?”


The two secretaries looked at each other and then laughed together.

The courage of the deputy station said with a grin: “That Mr. Lan is a famous diamond king. He is so handsome, has a good temperament, and has a successful career. I heard that he is 37 years old this year, and it seems Its like a new year.”

“Yes, yes, I’ve heard of it.” The main station nodded in agreement immediately, she couldn’t help but smiled, winking at her colleagues, “But the little brother who just left was really handsome, and he was a star. Face, its a pity if you dont make a debut… Except for looking at peoples eyes and talking a little bit coldly, you cant find any flaws.”

“Well, this kind of thing is chased by young girls, so we don’t expect it.”



The two girls who got gossip completely ignored it. Jia Junxi was so angry and funny, he raised his hand and knocked on the table: “I’m going to work, still dreaming.”

The two secretaries quickly turned back and bowed their heads embarrassedly.

Jia Junxi paused before turning around, but still couldn’t hold back, reminding: “After Lan Jingqian arrives in the afternoon, you don’t have to worry about it. You don’t have to worry about him, and you have no relationship with you.”

There was a gossip in the deputy secretary’s eyes: “Dean, you are so familiar with President Lan, is there any internal information that no one else knows?”

“It’s not a secret, people who knew him before know a little bit more or less.”

Recalling that year, Jia Junxi felt a sense of vicissitudes of life.

The two secretaries waited eagerly for a long time before hearing Jia Junxi smile and shook his head and sighed: “He, he doesn’t like you young girls even more.”

“Ah? Why?”

“He likes women who are one or two years older than him, the one that is the most difficult to control, and the one that can put his overlord into the bow.” Jia Junxi had a meal and laughed, “And think about it, he With all the conditions, why have you not been married for so many years?”

The deputy secretary carefully stubbornly said: “gay?”

Jia Junxi was taken aback, and then smiled angrily: “What messy things do you little girls think about all day long? Because you have been hurt, you still have someone in your heart!”

The two secretaries froze.

When Jia Junxi left for the office, the two recovered people curiously got together.

“Someone in my heart, haven’t heard of it?”

“Yes, and it seems that Mr. Lan hasn’t had any girlfriends since he became famous, and financial magazines say that he is a very cold and self-contained model. How many years ago has this been a sentimental injury?”

“Tsk tsk, terrible…”

With Jia Junxi’s warning ahead, when Lan Jingqian arrived at the front desk in the afternoon, the two secretaries really stood by themselves one by one.

“Mr. Lan, this is our dean’s office.” The front desk secretary, who personally brought the people over, motioned and went forward and knocked: “President, President Lan is here.”

“Please come in.”

The secretary opened the door and turned to give way.

The man behind her is wearing a suit jacket and a long coat, which can make most men expose his short version to him, but he looks more model than the model, and every thread is just right.

In the scent of mature and cold mens perfume, the secretary blushed and lowered his head, and heard the gentle and alienated voice above his head speak:

“Thank you.”

There was a faint fragrance in the wind blowing in the long coat.

It wasn’t until the sound of footsteps entered the innermost part of the office that the secretary hurriedly recovered, blushing, closed the door and ran back.

Jia Junxi witnessed the whole process, sitting on the boss chair, playing with a pen in his hand, and the man rushing in joked: “Can you take away your little male (sexual sex) charm? How many years have it been in school? In this way, still used to tease the little girl?”


Lan Jingqian and Jia Junxi have been close friends for many years, and they have no scruples in talking to each other. Lan Jingqian has long been accustomed to Jia Junxi’s weird temper if he doesn’t ridicule people and can’t talk.

He calmly walked to the sofa, took off his long coat, and sat down freely, his voice calm: “I didn’t molest your subordinates. You see, I just say thank you.”

“You are like this, a thank you is already a mole.” Jia Junxi got up from the chair.

Lan Jingqian picked up the tea can on the table, handed it to him and sniffed it lightly: “The familiarity of Yunnan?”

“Well, this one is a dozen years older than you and me. How about it, my old classmates who haven’t seen me for many years come back, my sincerity is enough?”


Lan Jingqian smiled faintly, lifting the tea can in his hand.

“It’s worth one-tenth of the red wine you lost when you went to my place last year. For its sake, I will treat it as if you haven’t seen it for many years and forget it.”


Jia Junxi was not ashamed of being demolished and walked to the sofa to sit down.

When Lan Jingqian made the tea with skillful actions, Jia Junxi took a cup: “Your auto employees’ medical examinations are all over, right?”

“Well, thank you for this employee welfare.”

Jia Junxi said: “How can I say that you have returned to China for the first time to open up a market. I am the host again. If I can’t express something within my power, it would be inappropriate?”

Lan Jingqian chuckled lightly, with a low mood: “I’m sorry.”

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