Dont Cry

Chapter 56


The lady at the front desk quickly ended the call with the colleague. +++ Catino Novel Network

After putting down the phone, she looked up apologetically.

“I’m really sorry, Mr. Luo. According to my colleague, it should be the young lady you accompanied that there was instrumental (sexual xing) deviation after the last checkup, because it may affect the diagnosis result, so it is for insurance See, I still hope she can go through the routine blood test again.”

“Instrument deviation?” Luo Zhan frowned, his voice chilling, “It is not a small problem that precision instruments such as medical equipment have deviations. Are you sure that you only need to do routine blood tests again?”

As the front desk on the dedicated floor of Dean Jia Junxi, this front desk lady is obviously the first time that she has encountered such a “fierce” and difficult patient family.

She was embarrassed for a long time and could only apologize: “I’m sorry, Mr. Luo, it should just be a temporary malfunction of the inspection instrument of a certain indicator… This is our mistake, please forgive me.”

Tang Ran grabbed the corner of Luo Zhan’s clothes, and gently tugged in the darkness.

Luo Zhan’s emotions softened subconsciously. He lowered his body in the direction of the girl, and asked slowly: “What’s wrong?”

On that Qingjun’s side face, the boy’s eyes quickly changed from cold and sharp to low and deep at a speed that the (rou) eyes could see.

The front desk who was almost stuttered by Luo Zhan’s cold eyes before: “…?”

Is there such a big difference in treatment between people?

Tang Ran couldn’t see the change of Luo Zhan’s expression, so naturally he didn’t know the psychological gap of the lady at the front desk and the complicated gaze looking at her.

She just grabbed Luo Zhan’s cuffs, tiptoed and whispered, “It’s just a little bit more, it’s not (guan) tied.”

Luo Zhan frowned: “It will hurt.”

Tang Ran Wan Er: “Luo Luo, you are already 20, so are you still afraid of the pain of a needle?”

Luo Zhan remembered that the bionic robot that had played a little girl last month in order not to delay, and the injuries left by those people in the fighting in the parking lot that have not yet fully recovered, couldn’t help but lower his eyes.

“I don’t want to see you hurt.”

Then he raised his hand, (touching Mo) (touching Mo) Tang Ran’s head, and sighed with a smile.

“…Little white-eyed wolf.”


Tang Ran didn’t know why.

Luo Zhan said, “Since you are not afraid, then I will take you to do it again.”

Luo Zhan helped the little girl walk to the front desk, and when his eyes turned back to the front desk lady, the smile (color) in his eyes also faded.

“Can I just accompany her downstairs for the blood test?”

The lady at the front desk handed out a form aggrieved, “Excuse me, please take this to the past. Finally, I need to sign it by my family members. Are you the patient’s family member?”

This familiar question stopped Luo Zhan.

The lady at the front desk only felt that the patients family was not too easy to provoke, so she picked up the appointment registration folder and opened it when she saw that the other party did not speak up.

Following the appointment information of Luo Zhan and the others, she read it rigorously, while swiping across with her fingertips: “The patient’s family (guanguan) is a sister… brother-in-law??”

Luo Zhan: “.”

A few seconds later, Luo Zhan narrowed his eyes and looked down at the little girl beside him.

A few seconds ago, the little girl turned her face away with a guilty conscience, and now only left the back of her head to Luo Zhan.

Luo Zhan was so angry and funny.

“There will be another time…”

After waiting for a few seconds, there was no movement. The little girl didn’t restrain her curiosity and turned back: “What will happen next time?”

Luo Zhan held the pen and was silent.

Tang Ran waited for a while.

The signature pen ran across the paper in a salad and salad, you can imagine how neat the handwriting is.

When Tang Ran was thinking about what Luo Zhan’s writing would be like, she heard the man sneer and laugh helplessly.

“I’ll talk about it next time.”

Even if there is a next time.

The high probability is that next time he will be helpless with her.


“The domestic eye, corn, and membrane donation bank has limited resources, and the queuing process is very strict. It is more difficult to obtain donations in China.”

After the follow-up visit, Jia Junxi said so on the way out to send Tang Ran and Luo Zhan.

Luo Zhan and Tang Ran reacted differently to this statement. The little girl was obviously not surprised at all, only a little unexpectedly lost.

As for Luo Zhan next to her…

Looking at the boy who twisted his eyebrows, Jia Junxi’s eyes moved, and he deliberately asked with an indifferent mouth (kiss wen): “You are not brewing and asking,’Can you give her my eye, corn, and membrane? Is that the case?”


Tang Ran froze in fright.

Fortunately, a few seconds later, she heard Luo Zhan sneer after returning to God: “I am not law-blind, and donation is illegal in China. Wouldn’t I understand it?” Jia Junxi is most uncomfortable It’s the rebellious spleen of Young Master Luo, who sneered: “Is it a special investigation? If it is not illegal, you would do it?”

Tang Ran, who had just slowed over, was shocked again.

This time Luo Zhan finally couldn’t help it.

He chuckled and turned his head to look at Tang Ran, who was holding his wrist: “Little girl, can you be more courageous? You will be shocked once he says it?”


Compared with Luo Zhan’s calmness, Tang Ran felt that she was a little frightened, and she blushed embarrassedly.

Luo Zhan is still teasing her: “Believe that I treat you well, think I am going to the point where I am irrational?”


Put another layer of Yan (color) on the red.

Jia Junxi finally couldn’t stand it, and coughed with a dark face.

When Luo Zhan turned his eyes back with a smile but a smile, he saw Jia Junxi coldly squinting at him: “It is indeed sensible and clear enough. I thought you belonged to the kind of “Dragon Babu”. Tanzhi’s young man.”


Luo Zhan didn’t talk to each other, and concentrated on helping the little girl walk.

Tang Ran asked curiously: “Luo Luo, who is You Tanzhi?”

Luo Zhan said: “A fictional character (color) in “The Eight Parts of Dragons and Dragons”. He gave his eyes to a blind woman.”

Tang Ran was too scared to speak.

The dean of the family who was not stubbornly squinted his eyes uncomfortably, turned his face away and snorted: “Yes, how could there be someone like You Tanzhi in reality, for a little girl who is not relatives, who can ?”


Luo Zhan looked up, “The dean, you haven’t calmed down about your disciple.”

Jia Junxi replied calmly: “I just feel uncomfortable when I see you that you have everything in your hands and haven’t been frustrated.”

“Then it’s useless for you to say that.”

Jia Junxi was silent for a few seconds, then turned to glance at the little girl who was walking quietly on Luo Zhan’s arm.

He looked back regretfully.

Indeed, the little girl probably didn’t even know what Luo Zhan thought about her, let alone expect her to be able to hear her provocation now.

“However, I can’t do it.” Luo Zhan said suddenly.

Jia Junxi paused and glanced over: “I think of finding a supplement for myself now? It’s a bit late.”

Luo Zhan raised his eyes with a smile, “I never considered that kind of crazy idea, because I knew she would not accept it.”

Jia Junxi paused: “You belong to finding yourself a step down?”

Luo Zhan sneered: “If you don’t believe me, ask her.”


The little girl nodded vigorously before he finished speaking.

Luo Zhan looked down at the well-behaved girl and couldn’t help but smile, “If I really did that, she would be so easy to soften up… and she must not cry her eyes so badly.”

Jia Junxi felt choked by something inexplicably.

He didn’t know that according to the young people nowadays, that thing is called invisible dog food.

Jia Junxi only knew that after choking, she was a little annoyed: “If she is willing, are you really willing to give it?”

This time, without waiting for Luo Zhan to speak, the quiet little girl was anxious. She pulled Luo Zhan’s hand and pulled him to a stop, her face flushed slightly: “I don’t agree!”

“Well, I know you disagree.”

Luo Zhan rubbed the little girl’s long hair soothingly, and then he frowned and glanced at Jia Junxi: “You are an elder, don’t tease a little girl who is not funny.”

Jia Junxi sneered: “Don’t make fun of others or not?”


When he arrived at the front desk, Tang Ran followed the lady at the front desk to the high cabinet at the front desk and took the blind cane.

A few steps away, Luo Zhan stood beside Jia Junxi.

“I will.”


The sudden words made Jia Junxi stunned, he turned his head away, and faced the young man’s handsome profile. It took several seconds for him to react.

Luo Zhan was answering his question “If she wants to, will you really give it?”

Jia Junxi was silent for a long time.

The young man in front of him was half-smiling, half-casting his eyes, no different from the rebellious young man in that academic debate a few years ago. Except when he looked at the little girl, he was always lazy and not serious.

But when he heard him say the answer like this, Jia Junxi could feel it

He is serious.

Jia Junxi didn’t think it was funny when a little joke was hit on a serious person.

He frowned, and then tried his best to choose a less serious answer with a little mockery: “I didn’t see it before, the young master of the Luo family has some potential to be an infatuated species?”

“Not really, I owe her.”

Luo Zhan answered lightly.

After a few seconds, he sideways his gaze.

“Then I will not do irrational actions. But if there is one thing, if there is no need to say it, then ask the dean to keep it secret for me.”

Jia Junxi didn’t understand: “?”


Luo Zhan thought about the words.

After all, he is only twenty years old, and he hesitated before making that decision.

But in the end it was done.

Just like this moment.

Luo Zhan thought for a few seconds, then smiled relievedly.

He whispered in an unadorned tone: “I went to sign the organ donation agreement at the beginning of this month, and the eye, corn and membrane donation wishes are directional.”

Jia Junxi was stunned.


Luo Zhan’s tone still has no ups and downs, only a lazily (gou) smile.

“I hope it’s not necessary. I didn’t feel that I was so attached to living this matter before, and then I met her… The day I signed the agreement, I was thinking, I can’t make this agreement take effect, otherwise the little girl will not treat her by herself. In the friendly world, what if someone bullies her again? I can’t lift the lid from any coffin and jump out to help her.”

It was the first time that Jia Junxi heard a young man of this age talk about life and death. Although he said it with a smile, he was serious and confident that he didn’t know how long he thought about it.

The more he listened, the more complicated he became, and he didn’t know how to answer the conversation.

“But if one day, it is really necessary.”

“…” Jia Junxi turned to look over subconsciously.

Luo Zhan (inserting cha) in his trouser pockets, narrowing those sharp and beautiful peach eyes, as if he was imagining that day.

A long time later, the thin corners of the peach blossom eyes fell, and the boy smiled helplessly.

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