Dont Cry

Chapter 55


The car was quiet for a few seconds. +++Mobile reading visit m.Wuxiaworld

Luo Zhan asked: “Have you heard it?”

Tang Ran thought for a while and shook his head: “The voice is very vague, I only heard one or two sentences.”

“Then just hear this sentence so clearly?”


“…” Luo Zhan lowered his eyes and smiled, “I’m really out of luck.”

Tang Ran was silent.

After a while, the little girl turned her head and said softly: “Then let’s go.”

Luo Zhan was startled slightly and looked back: “Didn’t you just ask me a question, aren’t you curious about the answer?”

Tang Ran pursed her lips and didn’t speak at first, but Luo Zhan waited patiently for her answer. She could only say: “If Luo Luo doesn’t like this question, can we assume that I haven’t asked it?”


Luo Zhan was stunned for a long time before he slowly realized the anxiety and careful maintenance behind the girl’s words.

His heart moved slightly.

Following instinct, Luo Zhan raised his hand and (touched Mo) (touched Mo) on the top of the girl’s head.

Tang Ran was stunned by (touching Mo), she raised her head in confusion and turned to face him: “Luo Luo?” “Don’t be afraid, little girl.”

Luo Zhan lowered his voice, and smiled helplessly: “I just said that I was bad luck. It was not that I didn’t like your problem, but I hope that what you happened to hear was not heard. I feel a little regretful.”


The corners of the girl’s drooping lips flattened in frustration, and then secretly began to tilt upwards.

After curling into an arc, Tang Ran came back to his senses and was a little embarrassed: “Am I particularly sensitive and easy to think about it? Grandma said that I was not good, but I always couldn’t help… You didn’t talk just now, I thought You dont like this question.”

“No.” Luo Zhan categorically denied, “I just coughed for the first time. The first time I wanted to be friends with someone, I have no experience and I don’t know how to answer.”


An indifferent voice was outside the car.


Luo Zhan raised his eyebrows slightly, turned his head, and saw Tan Yunchang standing outside the car sneering: “For the sake of sister Tang Ran, we are not even worthy of the young master’s friend now, right?”

Luo Zhan rarely has a guilty conscience.

Tan Yunchang’s gaze crossed Luo Zhan and looked towards Tang Ran in the passenger seat: “Sister Tang, if you ask him this kind of question, there is no answer. Let me say it. It is destined to see (sex

“Is there anything?” Luo Zhan interrupted in time, glancing at him with cool eyes.

Tan Yunchang was choked by the sight. Although he swallowed his words before he finished speaking, it did not prevent him from daring to keep a sneer: “Just ask when two good friends are going to leave?”

“right now.”

Luo Zhan did not give Tan Yunchang a chance to continue teasing himself in front of Tang Ran, he started the supercar and kicked the accelerator.

Tan Yunchang, who had the courage to uncover the short, was thrown a face of exhaust fumes, and he could only grunt back to the car that Lin Qianhua drove.

Carrying the back seat with pale and cold Tang Luoqian, the black (color) sedan chased the dark blue (color) supercar in front of him and followed.

On the way.

In the sports car that finally restored the “two-person world”, everything was quiet except for the wind passing by.

Luo Zhan held the steering wheel, tapped his index finger on the soft leather holster several times, seeming to be wobbly about the problem.

Until Chao ran away near the high-speed toll station. Several cars slowed down and lined up in the etc aisle. Luo Zhan twisted the front of the car and stopped by the road. He unfastened his seat belt and took something from behind his seat.

Tang Ran listened blankly for a while: “Luo Luo, are you looking for something?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt that the buckle of the seat belt was opened, and then a soft blanket-like thing was covered on her body.

Tang Ran was stunned, and subconsciously reached out and grabbed it.

Luo Zhan concealed her corners, and then bent again to fasten her seat belts: “The autumn wind is cold. You can’t drive too slowly on high speeds. You should also remember to keep warm in the future.”



After Luo Zhan “armed” Tang Ran, he straightened up, suddenly seeing the little girl’s current appearance, he couldn’t help but chuckled and turned his face sideways.

Tang Ran was stunned by a laugh: “What’s the matter?”

“You are like…”

Luo Zhan looked back and looked at the pink and white (color) blanket he bought with the strange eyes of the salesperson in the (bed chuang) shop (yong).

There is also a four-point seat belt sturdyly tied on the blanket.

Watching silently for a few seconds, Luo Zhan couldn’t help but laugh. He turned his face away again and laughed.

Tang Ran: “?”

As soon as she wanted to ask again, she heard the slightly hoarse voice in her ear lowered by the smile and said:

“It’s like a floury rice dumpling that’s being **** by Fang Fang.”

Tang Ran: “…”

There is a picture.

Seeing the little girl’s glutinous white face stained with sweet red color, Luo Zhan laughed for a while and stopped.

Between a teenager and a young man, the emotions on that clear face that was initially mature and angular became a little serious.

Then Tang Ran heard Luo Zhan’s voice in the quiet car:

“I just thought about it all the way, but still haven’t found an accurate answer.”

Tang Ran looked back blankly: “What answer?”

“You are not asking me why I treat you well.”

Tang Ran was silent.

Luo Zhan: “I found a good reason for you not long ago, but that has been a long time after knowing you, and I know it is not the original reason.”


“According to the automatic control theory of artificial intelligence, we want to determine the cause of a problem, so we must first find the input point of the (gan) disturbance in the control process corresponding to the problem.”

Tang Ran quietly followed his train of thought, and when she heard this, she asked: “Did you mean the day when you first met in int?”


Luo Zhan leaned into the seat. He lowered his eyes and couldn’t help (showing) his signature lazy smile, even though the little girl couldn’t see it.

“That day was an accident for me. I haven’t seen an embarrassed little girl before, but I have never done anything by myself in terms of time, place, person, weather environment… If any factor (fa) changes. , I might not go back to you that day.”

Luo Zhan had a meal and looked up a little helplessly.

“Although I am sorry, I am such a person, Tang Ran. I am not the kindness or gentleness you imagined. Anything I do for you afterwards can only be realized based on the acquaintance after that accident.”

Tang Ran seriously thought about what Luo Zhan said. After a long time, the little girl laughed slowly.

“That’s great too.”

“Very good?” Luo Zhan was surprised. He thought that the girl would not like his answer.

“Well, good.” Tang Ran nodded and said with a chuckle, “This will make me feel that what the store manager said is right.”

Luo Zhan: “?”

Tang Ran: “It’s destined. I used to hate this word because everything it brings to me is bad and I don’t want it. But if the first gift it brings after this is Luo Luo, Then I am very happy.”

Tang Ran thought for a while, then seriously added: “For Luo Luo, I will cherish it in the future.”

Luo Zhan was stunned by the girl’s words for the first time before he recovered.

“Although Tan Yunchang’s focus is not on this word, but…”

Luo Zhan lowered his eyes and smiled dumbly.

He thought of the nightmare that had been going on throughout the month, the orphanage with narrow windows, the dim confinement room, and the bruised boy in the fragmented mirror.

He slowly understood why he would forget this memory.

Probably too young and feeble creature, in the face of unbearable suffering and pain, the escape method chosen by the body instinctively.


If destiny gave me a gift in the name of suffering, you

Luo Zhan raised his eyes.

Looking at the girl in front of him, he whispered:

“Then I am grateful and cherish it more.”

Tang Ran didn’t know what Luo Zhan was thinking, she just smiled and bent her eyes.

“Yes, me too.”


According to the original plan, after Tan Yunchang and Lin Qianhua drove Tang Luo off the highway, they pretended to miss Luo Zhans supercar, and then started their original plan on the overpass in M City that was as complicated as the 3D maze. “Traveling” around the world.

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