Dont Cry

Chapter 54


Tan Yunchang was very angry, grinning his teeth and nodded with a smile: “Ok, I’m not convinced by anyone who said that, ancestors, you said that I really can’t deny it. + + Catino novel website”

The question of length is definitely an instinctive concern for every young boy.

So hearing this sentence, even Lin Qianhua, who is not always good at stubbornness, stretched his neck curiously.

“Senior Tan, how do you know?”

Tan Yunchang sneered: “Two years ago, you hadn’t entered the laboratory at that time, so you never experienced that spiritual catastrophe.”

Lin Qianhua: “Mind… catastrophe?”

Tan Yunchang: “No, I forgot which grandson. When joking, he said that our ancestor was a very precious young master (sexual xing). He had never entered the bathroom of a k-old boy, and was as delicate as a big girl.”

“Puff.” Lin Qianhua held back a smile, and looked back at Luo Zhan, “Brother Zhan is a (sexual) personality, and it is not an exaggeration to say that he is obsessed with cleanliness. How could he enter the public bathroom?”

Tan Yunchang: “Then you are wrong. There were a few old seniors in the laboratory that year, and they couldn’t hold back their old-skinned people…”

Lin Qianhua laughed: “For example, you, senior?”

Tan Yunchang: “Heh, I’m far worse than them. At least I changed our current laboratory. How could someone take Brother Zhan to the bathroom?”

Lin Qianhua smiled and opened his eyes in surprise: “Really gone??” Lin Qianhua turned her head in shock and looked at Luo Zhan.

“Isn’t it?”

Tan Yunchang shook his head, (exposed) an expression of “the past is unbearable”

“At that time (more geng) everyone in the dressing room was waiting to see him joke, and the ancestor started to unbutton his shirt with a cold face, and it turned out… tusk tusk.”

Lin Qianhua turned back curiously: “What is the result?”

Tan Yunchang hummed locally: “The result? Anyway, no one of us dared to take Luo Zhan to the public bath. Among the people who dragged him that day, after he was (take off tuo) in the (geng) dressing room, even his clothes Those who are not embarrassed (take off tuo) account for half.”

While speaking, Tan Yunchang looked at the young man who was standing there lazily a few steps away, and his eyes began to fall.

While falling, he sighed with emotion:

“Later, if I see Brother Zhan in the bathroom, that’s true, I can’t wait to salute before leaving.”


Lin Qianhua was in awe.

Tang Ran stood by and listened to a long period of time in the mist, a little bit understanding. When the topic finally had a gap, she curiously raised her face to Tan Yunchang.

“Manager, why do you salute in the bathroom?”


Among the jokes that everyone can understand, the only one that doesn’t understand is often the easiest to make fun of.

But at this moment, Tang Ran’s blank expression was only a matter of writing “I don’t know” on his face.

Tan Yunchang, who has no lower limit and shameless old fritters (rape jian), laughed and prepared to “popularize science.” Unfortunately, before he opened his mouth, he was suppressed by Luo Zhan’s indifferent words.

“It’s not over, right?”

Luo Zhan glanced at Tan Yunchang with a smile.

Tan Yunchang looked innocent and spread his hands: “This is not my first start.”

“Okay,” Luo Zhan lowered his head and glanced at his watch, “I can’t leave yet.”

After speaking lazily, he raised his hand to zip up the piping jacket on his upper body.

“Fuck, (gan gan), do you have to show your ancestors?” Tan Yunchang pretended to hide, “Don’t don’t, don’t, I don’t want to see it again, it hurts my self-esteem!”

“…Fuck off.”

Luo Zhan cursed with a smile.

In the meantime, he has already taken off his jacket. A few slender and beautiful fingers lifted the jacket collar.

The jacket was firmly covered, and she was covering the head of the little girl who was listening to Tan Yunchang’s words curiously.

Quiet for a few seconds.

The little head under the coat turned blankly: “…?”

Luo Zhan lowered his eyes, his face was calm and calm, with no emotion.

He took the girl’s blind cane and folded it away with great skill, and then raised his hand to support the girl’s shoulder through the jacket.

Before taking the person away, Luo Zhan glanced lazily at Tan Yunchang, with a half-hearted mouth, like a smile instead of a smile.

“The little girl is still there. If you do this dirty thing that pollutes the flowers of the motherland, I can call 110.”

“??” Tan Yunchang said aggrieved: “I am dirty? Didn’t you say that the ancestor first!”

“You think too much.”

“Don’t admit it yet,” Tan Yunchang murmured, “If you don’t let me talk now, you are expecting to do harm to the little girl who doesn’t understand anything in the future, right? I think you are really dirty. ”


Luo Zhan didn’t bother to pay attention to him, chuckled coldly, and helped the little girl walk past Tan Yunchang.

Tang Luoqian stood by the side, blushing, waiting for Luo Zhan to invite himself to the car.

However, after waiting and waiting, seeing that Luo Zhan was about to take Tang Ran away, she finally realized: “Luo Zhan, do you take her away (gan gan)?”

Luo Zhan’s footsteps stopped.

His handsome face with a sloppy smile faded. After a short while, those dark eyes turned and fell on Tang Luoqian.

“If I don’t take her away, who will I take? Are you.”


At the beginning of the month, early autumn has passed, and now it is late, and the wind is cooling.

Even though there are no clouds and the sun is shining like water today, Tang Luoqian still feels a bit of inexplicable chill rushing from his back when he is standing in the sun where the sun is the most sunny, and when he is glanced up by the black peach eyes.

The irritation that made her righteous and strong has no root, and a feeling of desolation is born from the bottom of her heart.


Tang Luoqian couldn’t bear such a fierce and indifferent tone of eyes, she clenched her fingers a little wronged.

“Originally, the family asked us to come out to play, Xiao Blind… Tang Ran was just a companion. What’s the matter if you take or take her away…”

Luo Zhan lightly sneered and smiled coldly, as if feeling speechless. The little girl in front of him was covered by his jacket and moved restlessly, seeming to want to say something.

Luo Zhan patted the girl’s shoulder comfortingly.

He turned to Tang Luoqian.

This eldest lady rarely (exposed) such a pitiful and aggrieved appearance, and tried her best to hide a little bit of resentment and resentment in her emotions, but she was still exposed (exposed) in the eyes of Luo Zhan.

Luo Zhan let go, walked a few steps away, and stopped in front of Tang Luoqian.


Tang Luoqian (Lu) expressed a little joy, but quickly suppressed it. She bit her lip and lowered her head, and said in a low voice, “I haven’t bullied Xiaoran. Don’t get me wrong. I came out for you today.”

“Who taught you.” There was a light sneer.

“Wh, what?” Tang Luoqian looked up in surprise.

She saw the light-backed boy (inserting cha) standing in front of her with his trouser pockets, his eyes tired and boring, and his beautiful (thin bao) lips slightly (hook gou), but it was not a slight smile.

Standing at such a close distance, he looked at her pitifully, but his eyes were cold enough to match the cool autumn wind, and he didn’t move at all.

“Is it your mother or the old woman from the Tang family?”

Luo Zhan (inserting cha) put his trouser pockets, his eyes drooped and leaned indifferently, his voice not listening to the ups and downs asked:

“Look at me getting close to Tang Ran, did they tell you that boys my age like to look pitiful, so if you pretend to be wronged, I will look at you?” At the end of the conversation, Luo Zhan Lifted his eyes blankly.


Tang Luoqian couldn’t help (showing) a look of fear, and she swallowed.

This is the first time Tang Luoqian has discovered that the rumored little young master of the Luo family who is rebellious and unwilling to take care of. It turns out that there is such a terrible side to him. He is just like he has heard his mother only face her. The same things said.

The gaze that seemed to be too thorough to hide from any dirt made her shudder.

When Tang Luoqian recovered, his face was pale: “I didn’t pretend to be wronged…”

“Then you are really wronged. What is wronged?” Luo Zhan took a half step forward, getting closer to Tang Luoqian.

But at such a close distance, its not a bit charming, those dark eyes are full of thin coolness.

“Is it wrong that a little girl who was thrown by you in the side house letting herself go can sit where you want to sit? Or is it wrong that she was bullied by you, and finally someone started to care what she thought?”


Tang Luoqian was so frightened by the look that she wanted to retreat, but she was not reconciled. She gritted her teeth, clenched her hands, and looked up at Luo Zhan: “But that’s my position, why would she take it away?!”

Luo Zhan’s eyes were extremely cold. He kept his eyes pressed for a few seconds, and the light blue blood vessels on the cold white forehead slightly bloomed.

When he raised his eyes again, he asked in a hoarse and cold voice:

“Your position? In the place beside me, Luo Zhan, who would dare to promise to you, and who has the qualification to promise to you?!”

Tang Luoqian saw Luo Zhan who was angry for the first time, his face paled in fright and he dared not speak.

Tan Yunchang and Lin Qianhua, who were standing next to each other, looked at each other when they saw that the situation was not good.

Tan Yunchang stepped forward and carefully rounded out the field: “Ancestor, don’t get angry, don’t get angry, this is still outside the Tang family…”

“Shit Tang Family.”

Luo Zhan said coldly. With a certain long-tolerated gnashing anger, he finished speaking one word at a time, then turned and looked at the security guard at the main entrance of the Tang family not far away.

Looking at the security personnel here blankly, they froze.

Occupational instinct can make them keenly feel that the little young master’s gaze suddenly took on some kind of coldness as if to come up to them (gan gan).

Security personnel: “…………?”

They just stand guard.

Did they do something wrong?

Tan Yunchang felt a headache.

He heard Luo Zhan mentioned that the Tang family deliberately sent Tang Ran into the orphanage. Even if he didn’t have any extra thoughts on the little girl, Tan Yunchang could understand Luo Zhan’s cherishment of Tang Ran and the anger that followed.

On the other hand, Tan Yunchang knows better how unruly this young master is. In fact, he has known Luo Zhan for many years, and he has never seen Luo Zhan harbor such anger about anything

However, Tang Ran was still underage, and the guardianship was still in the Tang family, and Luo Zhan could only bear it anymore.

As the young master of the Luo family, Luo Zhan didn’t care about anything or anything. It was the first time in his life that a person made him worry to such a point. He had to be careful and careful about everything related to her.

This is going to drive the young master crazy.

The consequence of driving madness is that even if only a spark falls into a pile of explosives at such a critical moment, it can set off a flame into the sky.

Tan Yunchang has no interest in being cannon fodder.

Seeing that the young master couldn’t hold back the rhythm of the anger, Tan Yunchang had an urgent brainstorm, and then when he saw the little girl standing blankly a few meters away from Luo Zhan, Tan Yunchang’s eyes lit up.

He hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Ancestor, the autumn wind is cool, sister Tang Ran is still waiting alone.”

Luo Zhan’s eyes were cold.

After a few seconds, those emotions dissipated. Luo Zhan retracted his gaze, lowered his eyes expressionlessly, and turned to walk back.

But he stopped again.

As if thinking of something, Luo Zhan turned his face sideways. Looking at Tang Luoqian, who was standing in the same place, his face was pale, he pulled the corner of his mouth coldly.

“Let the person who teaches you accept those thoughts. You are not her, so it’s useless to do anything.”

Not too lazy to add another word, Luo Zhan turned and left.

When he returned to Tang Ran’s side, the man’s cold eyebrows did not know when to soften.

He helped the invisible girl walk to the new dark blue sports car, took her into the passenger seat, and bowed to her to fasten her seat belt.

Every action is meticulous and cautious.

Lin Qianhua looked at him blankly, and recovered, he whispered to Tan Yunchang: “Since Brother Zhan met Tang Ran, the contrast is almost blind, and I often wonder if he is a split personality recently.”

Tan Yunchang sneered: “Have you ever seen this kind of splitting method based on individual orientation?”

Lin Qianhua thought for a while and shook his head.

Tan Yunchang continued to sneer: “That’s not enough. This does not call for split personality, it is called falling into love.”

Lin Qianhua wondered: “But I don’t think other people are dating like this…”


Tan Yunchang thought for a long time and asked, “What did he do to girls before?”


Tan Yunchang: “This is not enough.”

“Um, that’s not responding?…Tang Luoqian is too shallow today. The poor girl who used to be so cute ran to the laboratory, and Brother Zhan never raised his eyelids.”

“Still not enough.”

Lin Qianhua’s words are poor: “What is that?”

Tan Yunchang stretched out his hand and pointed to the ground: “If an old (Nai)(Nai) falls on the side of the road, he may be able to help him, but if he is replaced by a little girl who likes him, he may go over in the ditch without squinting. Yes. The whole unfeeling seed, I sum it up, right?”

Lin Qianhua thought for a few seconds and nodded vigorously.

Tan Yunchang: “So, it’s too simple to describe his situation, two words are enough.”

Lin Qianhua was immediately curious: “Which two characters?”

Tan Yunchang was silent for a few seconds. Looking at the sports car that had started, he lowered his head, rubbed the back of his head and smiled.

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