Dont Cry

Chapter 53


The tea room fell silent.

Even Tang Ran stayed for a few seconds before realizing that Luo Zhan’s “Sister Tang Ran” was calling her.

Don’t mention that Tang Luo paled with anger this time, her mother Lin Man’s face (color) changed.

However, in front of Mr. Luo, Lin Manmei still tried to suppress his emotions, and asked with a stiff smile: “Luo Zhan, you and…Xiaoran, do you seem to be familiar with each other?”

“Knowledge.” Luo Zhan narrowed his gaze, and then changed back to that casual tone.

Lin Manmei: “Xiao Ran has always stayed at home because of bad eyesight. Is this your first time at home? How come you met Xiao Ran.”


No matter how good the tone of this kind of questioning is, Luo Zhan must be too lazy to take care of it in the usual way.

But he knew better that if he didn’t explain the reason, then after he left, the people in the main house would have to trouble Tang Ran.

Luo Zhan frowned slightly.

“Her bionic robot has always been responsible for applause inspection and functional maintenance in our laboratory, and she has been there for debugging before.”

When Mr. Luo heard this sentence, he thought of the “robot” facts Luo Zhan had told him on stage (Lu), and he frowned.

The old man held it back for a few seconds and still didn’t hold it, and hummed coldly:

“Not doing business properly.”

Lin Manmei was stunned when she heard the words, thinking that her words caused her grandfather and grandson to be at odds, and she hurriedly ended the battle: “Mr. Luo Zhan, the professional prospects of Luo Zhan are excellent. Both domestic and foreign countries are paying more and more attention to this aspect. I have to do business properly.”


Luo Zhan himself naturally knew what Mr. Luo was talking about.

Hearing Lin Manmei’s misunderstanding, he didn’t explain, only the corner of his mouth coldly, dragging the lazy tone.

“My pleasure.”


The old man was almost angry.

It’s just that “shameful” thing, Mr. Luo didn’t want a third person to know. So even if he was aggrieved again, in front of several people from the opposite Tang family, he could only backfire and glared at Luo Zhan angrily.

Then the old man turned his head, his face was stern and he didn’t speak.

At the Tang family’s side, Lin Manmei reluctantly spoke under the urging of her daughter’s eyes: “Luo Zhan, you have seen the situation of Xiaoran Yanchu. It is really not convenient. Moreover, Xiaoran doesn’t like to go outside… ”

“Did you ask?”

“Huh?” Lin Manmei was taken aback and looked at Luo Zhan in surprise.

I saw that Luo Zhan, who was leaning in the seat listlessly, raised his head without knowing when, and stared at her coldly in those dark eyes: “You said she didn’t want to go, did you ask her?”

Lin Manmei is speechless.

Being forced to ask in such an unceremonious tone by the younger generation, her face was a little uncontrollable after she recovered her senses, and she smiled in a jealous way: “Xiaoran’s (sexual xing) style, I understand, no need to ask.”

“Since you didn’t ask, how do you know she doesn’t like going out?”

Lin Manmei finally couldn’t hold it. She clenched her fist slightly, took a deep breath, and looked at the little girl in the corner who had never existed in her place.

Lin Manmei said, “Tang Ran, Brother Luo Zhan asked if you want to accompany him and your sister. You can make your own decision.”


In the corner, Tang Ran slowly clenched the blind stick in his hand.

Of course she could hear the warning in Lin Manmei’s words, and she also knew that in this room, except for Luo Zhan, probably no one wanted her to go.

No one even wants her to appear here.

This has been the case since I first came back.

No matter which occasion it is in the Tang family, as soon as she appears, no matter how much everyone laughs and laughs in the first second, they will quiet down in the next second, as if they didn’t see her.

When she was just a seven or eight year old girl, they spared no effort to show her how unpopular and hated she was in all the ways she could feel.

But Luo Zhan is not.

Only he is not.

So even if she was going to violate the meaning of the Tang family’s elders who didn’t like her for the first time, she still wanted to stand on Luo Zhan’s side even if she might be interrogated and embarrassed later.

She was too familiar with the feeling of being alone and helpless on the other side of everyone. She didn’t want Luo Zhan to feel that way, let alone let him down.

After thinking about all this, Tang Ran finally mustered the courage in his heart.

She clasped her blind cane and raised her head.


“I have a problem.”

As Tang Ran spoke, that lazy, familiar tone suddenly appeared, “coincidentally” interrupted Tang Ran’s words.

Then the chair was dragged away, and in the darkness, the footsteps came over without rushing, until it came to her, and slowly closed it.

“I generally don’t invite people, but if I do, I can’t refuse.”

The air stopped for a few seconds.

The armrests on both sides of the chair where Tang Ran was sitting sank, and she heard the voice slowly leaning over in the dark, the voice was muffled, loose, and with a little rebellious scorn and cold smile.

“Little girl, do you understand what your brother is saying?”

Luo Zhan held one hand of Tang Ran on the arm of the chair, and the man gently drew an “x” on the back of her hand.

Tang Ran understood, and shook his head slowly in cooperation: “I don’t understand.”

Luo Zhan was so amused by the girl’s serious expression that he almost broke his mark.

A few seconds later, he lowered his eyes and deliberately lowered his body forward, his voice also muted slightly.

“Meaning, if you dare to say nothing, just wait for your brother to take care of you in the future.”

“Luo Zhan.”

The old man couldn’t listen to it, so he called out a warning.

After a few seconds, he frowned and said, “How did you talk to your sister Tang Ran?”

Luo Zhan turned back lazily: “It’s just friendly communication,” he lowered his hand, (touching Mo) (touching Mo) Tang Ran’s head, and his voice was low, “Right, little girl.”


The little girl was (touching Mo) obediently and motionless.

Falling into the eyes of other people, it is naturally a pitiful appearance that has been bullied by Luo Zhan.

A few seconds passed.

The girl said softly, “I’ll go.”

“Well, it’s almost the same.”

Luo Zhan retracted his hand and did not forget to rub the top of the girl’s head before leaving.

He suffocated badly and smiled:

“No matter what your brother says in the future, you have to be obedient, you know?”

After a few seconds of silence, the girl nodded.

“Got it.”


Among the others in the room, Father Luo and Steward Lin are the only ones who know the truth of this “threatening and being threatened”.

Lin Yi stood there with a smile, his look (color) unchanged. The old man turned his face away in disgust with a “can’t bear to look at him”.

Therefore, in the presence of the people of the Tang family, Tang Ran was forced to “extremely” and agreed to accompany Luo Zhan and Tang Luoqian to travel to M City.


A scheduled follow-up date.

Early in the morning, Tang Ran was invited to the main house by the family servant, saying that the old lady had something to ask.

Tang Ran entered the main hall under the lead of the servant. Before she could sit down, the old lady’s moodless voice rang in the auditorium.

“Today let you go out with Luo Zhan and Luo Qian, know what to do?”

Tang Ran was startled for a few seconds and shook his head.

Old lady Hang frowned unhappily: “You know what identity Luo Zhan is. After coming to the house for so long, you should also listen to the servants at home. He is going to be married to Luo Qian in the future. In other words, he is you. Brother-in-law in the future. You must know how to avoid suspicion with him in this type of (guanguan) system.”


“Today you accompany them out, remember to stay away. If there is anything, don’t bother Luo Zhan, let alone delay the two of them getting along. If it doesn’t work, you can find an excuse to send you back in advance and have a better impression of your sister. , It won’t do you any harm in the future.”


Tang Ran pursed her lips, even though she tried to refute it more, she didn’t say anything in the end.

The little girl lowered her head and said nothing.

Old lady Hang caught a glimpse and frowned even more: “When the elders talk to you, they should at least scream. This is politeness and upbringing!”

Tang Ran was shocked by the old lady’s sudden increase in volume.

Recovered, she grabbed her finger and said softly, “I’m sorry, I was less educated.”


The old lady twisted her eyebrows.

She never expected that this quiet-looking girl would dare to talk to herself like this.

She wanted to say something else. The servants at home hurried into the main hall and bowed to her ears: “Young Master Luo’s companions have arrived at the main entrance first, so Luo Qian and the others are ready to leave.”

Old lady Hang frowned upon hearing this: “Luo Zhan didn’t arrive?”

Servant: “The two companions said that Luo Zhan had walked from his own house alone. If he didn’t go with them, he should be fast too.”

“…Well. You go upstairs to remind Luo Qian, tell her to get down when she is ready.”


A quarter of an hour later. Tang Luoqian, who was dissatisfied after changing many dresses upstairs, finally arrived late and went downstairs.

She glared at Tang Ran secretly with a bad look, and compared the attire of the two from the bottom of her heart, and then she was satisfied and walked out with her head upright.

Tang Ran followed behind with a blind stick, and was almost thrown away several times by Tang Luoqian and the servant who were not slow in the front.

In this way, I walked out of the main house, passed the front yard, and reached the main entrance.

Before Tang Ran stopped, he heard the familiar laugh of the store manager

“Sister Tang, you look so good today!”

Tang Ran stopped walking.

Tang Luoqian, who was walking in the front, had long seen clearly that Tan Yunchang was the one who had told them not to come to the stage before at the door of his house.

Hearing these words, she held back her pride and lifted her chin slightly: “We are not familiar, who is you?”

Before she finished speaking, Tan Yunchang had already walked past her.

Without squinting, she went straight to the little girl behind her.


Tang Luoqian, who was standing still, froze.

When Tan Yunchang stopped next to Tang Ran, he turned around as if he had just noticed something and glanced at Tang Luoqian’s back.

He asked Tang Ran, “Sister Tang, was someone talking to me just now?”

Tang Ran only needs to listen, and she can guess what an innocent look the store manager will be like at this time.

She lowered her head, holding back a smile.

Tan Yunchang shrugged: “It seems that the illusion is over. Let’s wait outside. Luo Zhan should be here in a while.”

“it is good.”

Tang Ran held the blind stick and walked out carefully.

Tang Luoqian stood still. The more she thought about Tan Yunchang’s two words and her own response, the more she felt annoyed and ashamed, her face (color) turned pale for a while, then red and then blue.

If it was in a game crowded with outsiders, then Miss Tang Luoqian would have had a temper tantrum long ago, and turned around and left. But thinking that it was Luo Zhan’s friend, she could only grit her teeth and endure, and went out by herself.

After waiting for a while, the sound of a car came from a distance.

Tang Ran heard it first, sensitively toward the sound of the sound. Following Lin Qianhua seemed to see something, and in surprise he shoved Tan Yunchang who was waiting next to the car.

“Senior, Brother Zhan has changed to a new car.”

Tan Yunchang looked up and stared for a few seconds: “Fuck, really, is this the latest generation supercar that I talked about in the laboratory some time ago?”

Lin Qianhua: “It seems to be.”

In the meantime, the brand new supercar with excellent performance has braked quickly and stopped outside the Tang family’s main gate.

The door on the drivers side unfolds like flying wings.

One long leg stepped forward, the young man wearing sunglasses and a polo shirt lazily got out of the car and came over.

Tan Yunchang looked at it with emotion: “Sure enough, the real car is more handsome, with the evil face of our ancestors, absolutely…”

Lin Qianhua nodded in agreement: “It’s definitely a must.”


Even Tang Luoqian withdrew from her anger just now. She blushed and tried to pretend to be careless, but she couldn’t help but look at the man walking by the car.

Tang Ran was the only one who couldn’t see it, so she was itchy in her heart.

And the familiar footsteps are getting closer.

“its not right.”

Tan Yunchang suddenly remembered something and said in his voice.

“When we talked in the laboratory some time ago, what is the characteristic of this car in the online evaluation?”

Lin Qianhua hesitated, and whispered: “The co-pilot in the heart-shaped seat is dedicated to one person, a must-have artifact for picking up girls.”


Tang Luo’s eyes were happy.

Tan Yunchang: “Yes, yes, yes, at that time, I asked Luo Zhan if he meant to buy a car for everyone to feast on. He was very disdainful at that time, so what did he say?”

Lin Qianhua recalled.

A few seconds later, he learned Luo Zhan’s tone and hummed coldly:

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