Dont Cry

Chapter 52


“Old lady,” a servant of the Tang family walked quickly outside the tea room, stopped beside the old lady Hang, bowed and said, “Miss Tang Ran has gone up to the third floor, and will be there in a while. + + Mobile reading interview m.Wuxiaworld”

Old lady Hang raised her eyes and asked unhappily, “I have been delayed for such a long time, why are you here to report? Just bring her in.”

“I want to urge too, but…”

“But what?”

The servant was not in a hurry to speak. He raised his head and glanced cautiously at Old Lady Hang, who had just returned to take a seat, and took a sip of tea slowly, without even looking here.

The servant had to bite the bullet and said in a low voice, “The young master of the Luo family is guarding him next to Miss Tang Ran, not to be urged.”


The old lady opened her eyes unexpectedly.

The tea room was already silent, and several people were close to each other. The servant’s words couldn’t be clearer to everyone in the room.

The youngest Tang Luoqian was also the most restless. Her face (color) changed when she reacted. She straightened up suddenly and looked at the servant in disbelief: “Who did you say helped?”

The servant repeated: “Young Master Luo Family.”

Tang Luo gritted his teeth lightly: “Did you read that wrong?”

The servant smiled bitterly and lowered his head: “Miss Luoqian, no matter how bad my eyes are, I won’t even be able to recognize that young master. After all, I am a distinguished guest at home.”

“But how could he be with that little blind”

“All right.”

The old lady Hang interrupted Tang Luoqian’s words without seriousness and glanced over slightly

“Then wait for them to come in.”


Tang Luoqian knew that he was wrong, and when he recovered, he quickly looked at the opposite Elder Luo as if he hadn’t heard the conversation. He was still tasting the tea and never raised his eyelids.

Tang Luo lightly breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked back at (Nai)(Nai) gratefully.

However, at this time she discovered that Old Lady Hang frowned slightly looking at Old Man Luo and Steward Lin who was smiling gently.

After ten seconds of silence in the tea room, the door was knocked.

With three beeps, the rhythm of knocking on the door can tell you a kind of lazy and carelessness, and the sound of pushing the door made the Tang family feel that this scene is very familiar.

But this time, there is no need for the old man to explain, they can guess who it is.

It was much later than the previous one, and the first sound was the sound of the blind stick tapping the ground.

Upon hearing this voice, Tang Luoqian’s eyebrows were already frowning, she turned away angrily, but after a few seconds thought of Luo Zhan the servant was talking about, she couldn’t help peeking back.

After a while, beside the long screen of the tea room, two figures, one high and one low, appeared almost simultaneously.

The little young master of the Luo family, who hadn’t seen him directly since he entered the gate of the Tang family, really converged on his usual tired and indifferent appearance, and raised it flat with one hand, giving the little girl a point of strength that he could hold.

From behind the screen to the tea sea, it took only half a minute to walk all the way, but I didn’t see the slightest impatience on the scourge face that was always lazy and listless.

When the two arrived, the recovered servant put a new seat for the little girl in the corner.

Luo Zhan helped him over.

Tang Ran (touching Mo) sat down cautiously on the edge of the armrest of the wooden chair.

Luo Zhan was used to serving the little girl, and subconsciously bent over to take Tang Ran’s blind cane, ready to fold it up for her according to the previous habit and put it at her hand at any time.

However, as soon as he grasped it and prepared to apply force, he felt a little pull from the blind stick in the opposite direction.

Luo Zhan’s eyelids lifted, and the little girl in front of her was very nervous, and once again grasped the blind cane lightly.

Luo Zhan knows.

He lowered his eyes and smiled silently.

Then Luo Zhan withdrew his hand and walked straight back to Old Man Luo.

Behind him, the little girl listened to the direction of his footsteps, and slowly turned around: “Hello, Grandpa Luo.”

The old man put down the teacup in his hand and glanced at the quiet and quiet girl with a complicated mood. He paused and nodded: “Good evening, Xiaoran.”

Old lady Hang frowned and withdrew her gaze from the young man who didn’t seem to feel the pressure of her gaze. She cleared her throat, as if to say something.

But before that, the old man Luo looked to his side first.

“Have you been told to sit down?”


Luo Zhan just picked up the chair to take a seat, and stopped when he heard the words.

He did not speak, and looked over lazily with his eyes drooping.

Father: “Why did you come up with Xiaoran?”

Luo Zhan didn’t raise his eyes, and his voice was lazy. He only yawned: “I met it in the stairs.”

“Why don’t you usually see you so helpful?”

“It’s nothing, maybe there are still some people (sex xing) who haven’t been wiped out.” Luo Zhan’s mouth was coldly (gou) (gou), and his voice didn’t know where to go. “Looking at the little girl walking alone, she still needs Being urged by a ridicule in charge, he almost thought that he had traveled back to the slave society and couldn’t hold back.”


On the side of the Tang family, several people have different expressions.

The old man gave him a warning, and said coldly on his face, “I think it was you who delayed it. Okay, sit down.”

Luo Zhan, who had consciously seated himself in the previous second, lowered his eyes, leaning in his chair and dragging his lazily tone in a casual voice:

“Thank you Lord Longen, the slave is sitting.”

The old man almost choked on the tea, turned his head and stared at him.

Luo Zhan didn’t care, he just raised his eyes

In the corner facing diagonally, the little girl who was holding the blind cane nervously seemed to be stunned when she heard him. Then she tried to lower her head, struggling to suppress her smile.


Luo Zhan looked back.

After a few seconds, the corners of his lips lifted slightly on the boy’s cold and crisp side face.


The so-called clichs, topics that are neither sensitive nor innocent among the elders, are also inseparable from those fixed themes.

When it comes to juniors, the Tang family is still the first to start.

“…It’s not good that Luoqian doesn’t like to make friends. The (sexual xing) son is also introverted. There are not many close friends in school. I usually take a vacation and see that the children in the next family go out to parties or activities. , But she likes to stay at home, either reading a book or playing the piano and drawing. Alas, its so quiet!”

Lin Manmei “deprecated” her daughter with a regretful look.

“Wenjing is not a bad thing.”

The old man Luo made a stubble and glanced to his side in a chilly manner

Young Master Luo doesn’t have stage fright wherever he goes. He will sit opposite the three elders of the Tang family, in the scent of tea that fills the room, and he alone seems to be able to fall down at any time (sleeping Shui).

The old man was so angry that he wanted to roll his eyes, and his voice was automatically cooled:

“It’s like my home. I can’t see my children at home for a year or a half. I spend my days in the laboratory, just like I don’t have a home.”

Lin Manmei praised without hesitation: “That’s Luo Zhan’s professional ambition (strong qiang), it’s no wonder that so many achievements are made at such a young age.”


The guy facing him with his cheekbones lazily hanging his eyes did not respond, his eyelids were not raised half an inch, as if there was someone else named Luo Zhan.

Lin Manmei smiled stiffly.

Father Luo frowned and coughed, “Luo Zhan, Aunt Lin is complimenting you, don’t you say thank you?”

After being cue by his own father, Luo Zhan finally had some reaction.

He turned his eyes back, and the words that slipped past his ear a few seconds ago were pulled out of his instant memory. Looking back for two seconds, Luo Zhan glanced at the old man, and his voice was cold and lazy: “Emperor, dont get me wrong, I am not ambitious (strong qiang). My ultimate goal in life is to eat together and wait for death, so if the family really wants a throne Inheritance, you must start from the top first.”

As soon as Luo Zhan’s words fell, the old man’s eyebrows wrung up.

The Luo family brothers did not want to inherit the family property. Only a few key figures in the Luo family knew about this kind of “family ugliness” by Luo Zhan. sense.

Fortunately, Lin Yi is most familiar with the old mans likes and dislikes. Before the old man became angry, he smiled kindly at Lin Manmei who was opposite:

“Our young master (sexual xing) is indeed more lively.”

Lin Manmei immediately went down the steps: “Luo Qian, you can spend more time with Luo Zhan in the future and learn to be more extroverted from him, you know?”

Tang Luoqian was happy and annoyed all night. Hearing the words, he looked at Luo Zhan complicatedly, and answered vaguely, “Yes.”

“So,” Lin Manmei seemed to think of something suddenly, and smiled politely and turned to Mr. Luo, “We Luoqian (sexual xing) son, telling her to go out with others, we are really worried, so we should wait for Luo Zhan to say when there will be Time is up, let him take Luo Qian out for a walk and play, and get in touch with the outside world. Young people, or make friends, what do you think of the old gentleman?”

“Well,” the old man would not refute Lin Manmei directly, and he should be silent for a few seconds, “then wait.”

“No time to.”

Luo Zhan cut off without warning. He drooped his eyes and yawned coldly.

Father Luo grunted angrily: “I can’t control you anymore. Why can I be so busy that I don’t even return home?”

“Laboratory, robot.”

Luo Zhan swiftly spoke, and almost confided (exposed) the truth. He paused vigilantly, then lowered his eyes.

“We are studying generalization this year, and the tentative goal is the direction of home-based robots.”

Opposite Lin Manmei froze for a few seconds, smiling a little embarrassed: “Usually busy, I won’t ask Luo Qian to disturb you. You can take advantage of weekends or holidays…”

Seeing that the other party was about to chase him, Luo Zhan’s eyes drooped, and his mood was cold and cold. “There is no time for holidays.”

Lin Manmei: “Will you be busy with experiments in the laboratory during holidays?”

“No, busy with private life.”

Lin Manmei said with an expression: “Private…private life?”

“Well,” the corner of the young master’s mouth raised, casually, “such as drinking and clubbing, fighting (sleeping Shui

Luo Zhan and the boys in the int laboratory were used to talking about them without any scruples, and they also tried to persuade the Tang family to leave.

He casually talked about it halfway, but suddenly thought of something, and then stopped dangerously and dangerously on a very dangerous word.

Frozen for two seconds, Luo Zhan glanced at the corner of the room subconsciously.

The little girl sitting there silently was looking up, listening to his private life as curiously as everyone else.

The point he stopped was too clever, and the little girl showed a certain expression of curiosity (strong qiang).

Just write Shui Shui) what?” on his face.

Luo Zhan: “…” The mouth was refreshed for a while, looking for the crematorium.

Butler Lin stood behind, as the most caring butler of the Luo family. At this time, he smiled kindly and actively added to Luo Zhan: “Our young master is usually too tired and too busy in the laboratory, and often sleeps at home on weekends.”


Several people in the Tang family have different expressions.

Probably only a simple girl who really believed.

Mrs. Hang probably couldn’t listen anymore.

She frowned, cleared her throat, and said, “Luo Zhan, our two families have been in good relationship for more than ten years (guanguan), and the friendship between the elders cannot be broken here. You and Luo Qian will move more afterwards. , Occasionally take some time to accompany your sister Luo Qian, shouldnt this be a hard time for you?”

As soon as Old Lady Hang said this, Lin Yi said in his heart.

Elder Luo also changed his eyes slightly.

They are very familiar with the temper of the young master Luo Zhan. This kind of hidden (strong qiang) impulsive and overwhelming elders’ tone, Mr. Luo never used in front of Luo Zhan.

Someone’s fierce energy in his bones is really guilty, and it is the Monkey King who can make trouble in the heaven.

If the chair doesn’t kick you on the spot, it will save face.

When Lin Yi was considering whether he rushed up to press the table or the chair first, he saw that Luo Zhan’s figure was slowly straightening, and then froze on a certain index.

He didn’t even get angry.

Lin Yi was surprised.

Follow what he thinks, look at the corner of the room

The little girl sitting there was listening to the movement in the room with her ears upright, and her expression was a little uneasy.

Lin Yi’s eyes fell back before him.

Luo Zhan’s hand on the table was slightly clenched, and the light blue blood vessels were tightened on the back of his cold white hand.

A few seconds later, Lin Yi heard Luo Zhan suddenly smile, cold and lazy: “Yes.”

The young master let go and leaned on the back.

He lowered his eyes, with a smile that could fade away anytime

“It’s the 22nd of next month. It’s Saturday. I happened to be with a few friends to go to the next M city to deal with something.”

In the corner, Tang Ran was slightly startled.

number 22?

Isn’t that the day when they had an appointment with the head of the family for a return visit?

The Tang family was also surprised that Luo Zhan let go so easily.

After a few seconds of silence, Lin Manmei did not hesitate to agree to her daughter: “No problem, Luo Qian wanted to go to M City for a long time, right?”

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