Dont Cry

Chapter 51


“Fuck? Have you lost your memory? Really!”

In the cool evening breeze, the voice from the handset of the mobile phone stunned the birds in the bushes opposite the platform. +++ Catino Novel Network

Luo Zhan, who is holding a mobile phone, bears the brunt.

He was originally distracted thinking about whether the little girl standing on the other side of the (lu) station would be cold, when he was suddenly surprised by the words of Tan Yunchang on the opposite side and almost threw the phone.

Recovered, Luo Zhan frowned

“I will tell you the question of the conclusion directly, you have to ask again, is the recent workload that has allowed you to explore the limit of your brain capacity?”

“Hurt, I’m not expressing surprise.”

After Tan Yunchang finished speaking, he turned around and spoke with a heavy voice full of worry.

“But ancestor, your head is an epic treasure of our laboratory. How many ideas and problems will depend on it in the future. Amnesia sounds too dangerous. I think so, let’s consider it. Help your IQ into an insurance? I feel that your mind is worth tens of millions, so this insurance must be at least tens of millions.”

Luo Zhan hummed coldly and interrupted Tan Yunchang: “It’s not over, right?”

“…It’s over.” Tan Yunchang stopped for a second when he heard something wrong: “Ancestor, you continue.”

Luo Zhan: “Tell Qi Jin that there is no need to investigate the boy’s affairs.”

Tan Yunchang hurriedly responded: “Okay, I will notify him tonight.”

“Yeah. Nothing else, hang up”

Tan Yunchang: “Hey, I’ll wait for congratulations, ancestor.”

Luo Zhan’s fingertips stopped in front of the hang-up button, and he paused for a second. He lifted the phone to his ear, and asked lazily, “Congratulations?

Tan Yunchang said naturally, “Although I have had memory loss, you are better than someone else for that boy. Otherwise, I really wait for Sister Tang Ran to recover her eyesight, and then pull another little bamboo horse in front of her… It’s hard to say.”

Luo Zhan lowered his eyes.

After being quiet for a few seconds, he asked, “Just this?” The voice was low and deep, and it sounded obviously not in high spirits.

Tan Yunchang asked unexpectedly: “You don’t sound too happy yet. Did sister Tang Ran’s reaction to the fact that you are her little bamboo horse fail to meet your expectations?”


Luo Zhan lightly narrowed his eyes.

After a few seconds, he was lazy and turned around. Luo Zhan leaned against the fence of the (lu) platform and silently looked at the little girl in the dim light not far away.

The night (color) smeared, blurring the outline of the girl in the field of vision. She only vaguely saw her long hair being messed up by the night wind, and the girl raised her hand (hook gou) and moved it back behind her ear.

The men’s black jacket (color) is obviously a size or two bigger than her figure. The sleeves hung long on the sides, and the tail swings over the base of the legs.

In the few nights (color), the girl’s figure is even more petite.

Luo Zhan was leaning against the fence, watching silently.

Until Tan Yunchang waited for a long time without hearing anything, he asked blankly, “Hello? Is my connection disconnected? Why is there no movement suddenly?”

“…No.” Luo Zhan returned to his senses and lowered his eyes.

Tan Yunchang: “…”

Tan Yunchang: “Let me boldly talk nonsense, ancestors, what do you think you are distracted?”

Looking away from the little girl, the tall young man in front of the fence returned to his languid tone.

He turned sideways, leaned against the fence, and snorted slightly, “Don’t you know it’s nonsense.”

Tan Yunchang has a toothache: “It’s so good-looking? Don’t you poke and watch for two or three hours every night? It’s still a special show with a single seat.”

Luo Zhan asked back: “Doesn’t it look good?”

“Yes, I don’t dare to say that your little girl is not good-looking with thirty courage,” Tan Yunchang paused, and smiled, “What’s more, sister Tang Ran is really good.”

Luo Zhan suddenly interrupted: “Shut up.”

Tan Yunchang: “?”

The young master sneered: “I can only say that she looks good, but you are not allowed to say.

Tan Yunchang: “…”

This person is a real dog.

Luo Zhan obviously didn’t realize this, so he calmly returned the topic: “Don’t say anything about this, especially in front of Tang Ran.”

“Huh? Why?”

Luo Zhan was silent for two seconds: “I haven’t told her that I am that person.”

“?” Tan Yunchang stayed for a while, and hurriedly asked, “Why didn’t you tell me? She didn’t blame you, but wanted to see you in particular, otherwise her birthday wish could not be the promise.”

“I know.”

“Then why don’t you say it??”

This time the silence was particularly long.

Then Tan Yunchang heard a cold smile on the other side of the phone, full of self-deprecating, and another emotion buried deeper:

“How should I say,’I’m sorry, I am the one who was saved by you, but left you alone in this ice cave and waited for ten years’?”

Tan Yunchang was speechless for a while, and reluctantly persuaded: “But that’s not your fault.”

“It’s not mine, who’s that?”

“No matter who it is, you can’t never fail to tell her the truth? You promised Sister Tang Ran to help her find a little bamboo horse.”

Luo Zhan slowly straightened up and walked towards the dimly lit corner: “I will say… Wait until I have enough courage to speak.”

After hearing this, Tan Yunchang was speechless for a while, and finally said helplessly:

“Ancestor, you are the little young master with omnipotence in our minds and the heart is higher than the sky. The girls who can’t catch you jokingly said that you are in the altar, and you still need courage? Then you call us these How do mortals live?”

Luo Zhan was dumb and stopped.

A few seconds later, he moved his long legs, lowered his eyes, and laughed: “I need courage, is it weird.”

“It’s not.”


Luo Zhan raised his eyes and looked at the little girl who was already very close to him.

She probably heard footsteps and turned back slowly.

The girl’s eyes closed lightly, and at such a close distance, Luo Zhan could even see the soft and slightly curled eyelashes, as well as the faint shadow cast under the eyelids. “Luo Luo?”

The girl asked softly.

Her lips opened and closed slightly, and her lips (color) showed a faint color.

People want to kiss (kiss wen) carefully.

On the phone, Tan Yunchang was sighing: “If this is spread, you will fall into the altar, ancestor.”

Luo Zhan returned to his senses.

He lowered his eyes and smiled resignedly, his voice low and nice.

“I am willing.”

Tan Yunchang: “…”

K is big, in the laboratory.

Facing the hung up call, Tan Yunchang stiffened for several seconds before he recovered viciously.

“Made, pah pah pah, a mouthful of dog food!”


The main residence of the Tang family, on the third floor.

Entering the promenade from the stairs and turning towards the teahouse, Tang Ran hesitated for a few seconds and asked the people next to him softly, “Luo Luo, should we enter separately?”

“No.” The voice of the person beside him was lazy, “It’s good to say it’s a chance encounter.”


“Afraid?” Seeing that the little girl was still a little uneasy, Luo Zhan turned his head and asked.

“No, not afraid…” Tang Ran shook his head subconsciously.

There was a low mute laugh in the ear.

Tang Ran blushed.

Two seconds later, she honestly changed her words: “A little scared.”

“Who is afraid of?”


“The old lady in charge of your house?”

“!” Tang Ran was taken aback. No one in the Tang family dared to say that to Old Lady Hang. She hurriedly raised her face to Luo Zhan and said, “You, you, you, keep your voice down, don’t shout like that.”

“It seems to be really scared.” Luo Zhan lowered his body and raised his hand (touching Mo) (touching Mo) Tang Ran’s head. He held back a smile, “The little girl was terrified to us.”

Tang Ran flushed even more, not knowing whether he was annoyed or ashamed.

“But,” Luo Zhan remembered that Tang Ran had been arranged to be sent to the orphanage by the old lady Hang, and couldn’t help but calm down: “She is not good to you. I call her so polite.”

Tang Ran hesitated: “But if you call her like this, others will only say that you are rude.”

When Luo Zhan heard the words, he straightened up slightly, his brows raised on that scourge face, and a thin, mocking smile (color) flashed across his peach blossom eyes.

He snorted slightly:

“I care what they think of me?”

The bit of rebellious young master Luo Xiao’s bones had been holding back for a long time had a sharp temper, and then it was exposed (exposed) in this second.

Tang Ran was quiet for a few seconds, then suddenly bent his eyes and smiled without warning, “I like Luo Luo.”


Young Master Luo’s cold mocking smile froze, he instinctively lowered his head: “You…”

Tang Ran didnt notice the change in his emotions, and the smile on his face had turned into envy and yearning: “I also want to be like Luo Luo. I can be very proud. I dont care about other peoples eyes and words. Happiness. It’s a perfect score (sex xing)!”

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