Dont Cry

Chapter 5


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“What? Tang Ran is going to Luo’s house with us?”

Tang Luoqian sitting at the long table was originally smearing jam on the bread that the chef had just baked. After hearing the voice of her parents across the long table, her face (color) changed and her movements stopped.

There was silence for a few seconds on the long table.

Seeing his father Tang Shixin not speaking, Tang Luoqian turned annoyed and turned to his mother Lin Manmei: “Mom, is what Dad said true?”

Lin Manmei didn’t move, “Just listen to the arrangements of the elders, where are so many problems?”

“But it’s me and not her who is going to be engaged to the Luo family, (gan gan) do you want her to celebrate Grandpa Luo’s birthday? Why does she show up with me?”

“…Just your domineering appearance now, let alone be engaged to the young master of the Luo family, who do you think would dare to marry you?” Tang Shixin finally couldn’t help but raised his head and said a little reprimanding Tang Luoqian.

Tang Luoqian aggrieved, “Mom, look at Dad, he just protects his little daughter who didn’t know where he picked it up from!”

Tang Shixin’s face (color) changed suddenly, and he pressed a knife and fork in his hand on the table, “Tang Luoqian, there is a limit to your mischief!”

Seeing that his father was really angry, Tang Luoqian’s eyes narrowed. After a few seconds, she rolled her eyes and turned her head unwillingly to look at the old lady of the Tang family who was sitting on the long table.

Tang Luoqian said aggrievedly, Nai)(Nai), you love me the most, please give me a comment.”


The old lady raised her eyes in a hurry.

The old lady of the Tang family was named Hang, and her husband died early. She pulled her son and daughter together, and kept the Tang family’s foundation among a group of wolves, tigers and leopards, and passed it on to her son Tang Shixin.

With the decisive experience of (killing sha) when she was young, it is natural that the old lady is not easy (sexual xing).

But the family also knows that her daughter married a foreign country, and there is only one son Tang Shixin left under her knees, and her son is only Tang Luoqian, and the old lady has been very close to this granddaughter.

When Tang Rangang was found to be of the Tang family’s blood and was taken back, Tang Luoqian hated Tang Ran and rejected it. The decision to send Tang Ran out of the house to live alone was the old lady’s decision.

At that time, the maid still sighed that it was clearly the blood of his own son, and I wondered how the old lady treated the two granddaughters so differently.

Tang Luoqian did not understand the reason, but it did not prevent her from knowing that the old lady was partial to herself: Nai)(Nai), please tell me a fair word. This is my first official visit to Luo’s house. As for Grandpa Luo, take that bastardwhat’s the matter with that Tang Ran.”

To Tang Luoqian’s surprise, this time the old lady Hang did not stand by her side: “After all, it is for Mr. Luo to wish her birthday. He also knows that Tang Ran will not take the younger generation with him. Is it fair?”

Tang Luoqian: “But…”

“And Tang Ran is just an invisible little girl, are you afraid that she will steal your limelight?”

“Me? How could I be afraid of her?”

Tang Luoqian has been accustomed to being praised since he was a child, and naturally he couldn’t be irritated, and she was caught in a few words by the old lady Hang.

After finding out, she puffed up her mouth, bowed her head dullly and continued to eat.

after breakfast.

Tang Luoqian and Lin Manmei left in the dining room first, and the old lady Hang and Tang Shixin mother and son sat at the dining table.

“Mom,” Tang Shixin looked up after thinking for a long time, “I feel that Luo Qian and Tang Ran are not too young anymore. You can also tell them about Tang Ran’s life experience–”

“Dare you!” The old lady turned her back and looked kind and raised her eyebrows slightly, interrupting her son. “As long as I’m still alive, there is no discussion about this matter!”

Tang Shixin frowned and said nothing.

After a while, the old lady Hang calmed down, “How are the talks with the Luo family? Should the engagement of the two juniors be settled?”

Tang Shixin said, “I went to visit Mr. Luo this time. He only said that he wanted me to take Luo Qian and Tang Ran to the banquet, nothing else.”

“He is really stubborn to Tang Ran.” The old lady said displeased. “If it hadn’t been discovered by him back then, I wouldn’t have to ask you to bring that little girl back, and I would bury it in the house for an uncertain time.”

Tang Shixin sighed, “In other words, Tang Ran also saved the young master of the Luo family, and the old man is a lover. The Luo family has taken care of us over the years, and it is mostly based on this.”

The old lady snorted and said nothing.

Tang Shixin hesitated between his eyebrows and eyes, and tried to speak again: “Mom, even if you don’t tell the junior, but shouldn’t it be time to take Tang Ran home? The child is innocent, and there was nothing wrong with her back then…”

“Let’s talk about this later.”

The old lady (qiang) interrupted Tang Shixin forcibly.

“The most important thing now is that you have to settle the engagement between Luo Qian and the young master of the Luo family.”

When mentioning this marriage, Tang Shixin frowned again, “I want to talk about it, but you should have heard of the young master Luo’s spleen (sexual xing)-no matter how good Luo Qian is, he may not be able to see it. what.”

Old lady Hang disapproved: “You father, you have no confidence in your daughter? Among the girls of the right age in the family, who is better than our Luo Qian? He doesn’t marry Luo Qian, who else would he want to marry? ?”


“Who do you care about me marrying.”

In the large study room of the main building of the Luo family, Luo Zhan, with long legs on the sofa, leaned back in the soft leather backrest, twitching the corner of his mouth coldly, mocking his eyes.

The old man sitting on the opposite side frowned, wishing to pinch the wrinkle between his forehead to death this shameless grandson, “I am your grandfather, you said I don’t care about you?”

Luo Zhan: “Grandpa’s rights should not be used in this way.”

The old man frowned, “Then how do you use it?”

Luo Zhan pulled the corners of his mouth and laughed lazily and coldly. “You are really satisfied. Go and marry the one named Tang, I must call her (Nai)(Nai)-this is your right.”


The old man almost passed away with anger.

It was the old housekeeper of the Luo family knocking on the door to come in, leaning over to the ear of the old man and confessing something, only to see that the old man’s expression (color) was slightly relaxed.

“I bought something from abroad.” When the butler left, the old man raised his eyelids and confessed to the terrible grandson. “After that, I will send someone to your laboratory. You will study how to use it, and then test it. Are there any faults or safety hazards.”

Luo Zhan had already stood up and was about to leave. Hearing this, he looked sideways lazily, “What is it?”

“An intelligent bionic humanoid robot.”

This coincides with the next item in the laboratory, Luo Zhan came to be interested, “You have not always supported me in ai?”

“Don’t think too much, it’s not for you.” The old man glanced at him, and there was a certain emotion in his eyes, “The Tang family…there is a little daughter who will be 16 years old this year. This is a birthday present I prepared for her. .”


Upon hearing the Tang family, Luo Zhan’s interest immediately faded.

The old man moved his eyes hesitantly, “After you and Tang Luoqian are engaged, you must take care of this younger sister too, she”

“Why, did you like her little daughter too?” Luo Zhan smiled coldly, “Buy one get one free? It’s not enough to plug in a Tang, but give me another little girl? Sorry grandpa, I can’t take it anymore. Up.”

The old man curled his eyebrows with anger, “Listen to what **** thing you are talking about?”


Luo Zhan smiled, turned and walked out.

“Anyway, I won’t marry someone from the Tang family-you give up early.”


Ignoring the sound of grandfather knocking on crutches in the study behind him, Luo Zhan lazily (inserted cha) and walked downstairs.

Today is the birthday banquet of the old man of the Luo family. I don’t know how many celebrities want to crowd into the private manor of the Luo family. It’s a pity that very few people get invitations, and that thin piece of cardboard has become the latest measure of celebrity circles.

Among the guests, there are many younger generations who come with their elders to congratulate the old man on his birthday, and a small part of them are also the same age who have been in contact with Luo Zhan since childhood.

As soon as Luo Zhan got down to the second floor (exposure) platform, he was stopped by the people watching the wind from the stairs.

“Young Master Luo is not righteous, he hasn’t even been downstairs since he came back for a long time-why, have contributed to the scientific research of the motherland for too long, the status is different, and throw our group of fox friends behind?”

Luo Zhan was pulled over and sat down. He pulled the corners of his mouth and smiled lightly, “Well. You know yourself quite deeply.”

The man himself was amused, “Hey, I deserve to be bitch, scold myself.”

He also laughed and cursed next to him, “Just forget it if you scold yourself, do you take us (gan gan)?”


“But there is one thing he said quite right-Master Luo is back this time, isn’t it different from before?”


When everyone heard this, their attention was drawn, and even Luo Zhan raised his eyelids lazily.

The man was smug, “I heard that Young Master Luo is going to be engaged to the beautiful eldest lady of the Tang family. Before coming, my parents said that it would take a few days to come to the Luo family to join the two golden girls. It’s an engagement banquet.”


The seat is silent.

There were a few clever eyes that had changed slightly at this time, and each secretly looked at Luo Zhan’s reaction.

I saw the young master Luo’s sitting there with his eyes down, his thin lips (hook gou), a pair of peach-blossom eyes that seemed to be smiling but not smiling, and his dark eyes showed cold and cold emotions.

The man was stiffened with a smile.

Someone hurriedly rounded off, “You don’t understand, Master Luo has a high-sightedness-he can’t even look down on him without a pair of beautiful eyes. The Tang family’s eldest lady is said to be pretty, but unfortunately I don’t know the eyes. How is Chusheng?”

“It is said to be good, with all the facial features, it is considered a beauty in the circle.”

“Really? Then I want to see.”

“The time is coming soon,” someone turned his head, “Hey, Luo Shao, are you leaving now? (gan gan)?”

Sleep Shui) sleep.”

“Hey, at this point (sleeping in Shui), what kind of sleep-don’t you look at what the eldest Tang family looks like?”


Luo Zhan stood up and drooped his eyes coldly, “Not interested.”

He walked straight out.

The others knew that they had just angered them, so they didn’t dare to stop, so they could only chat by themselves.

“The little girl from the Tang family seems to be coming today.”

“Little daughter? Isn’t the Tang family the only eldest lady Tang Luoqian? How come there is a little daughter?”

“I also overheard the conversation between my parents and said that it was Tang Shixin’s illegitimate daughter. What is her name Tang… Tang Ran? It seems that she is still a little blind.”


Luo Zhan stopped abruptly.

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