Dont Cry

Chapter 4


When Luo Zhan returned to the special laboratory of the K Junior Class, it was already dark outside. +++ Catino Novel Network

He pushed the door in, and the int members who were discussing something around the conference table were stunned.

Standing by the door was Meng Xueyu, looking at Luo Zhan with a weird expression: “Brother Zhan, didn’t you just go to the store, why did you come back now?”

“Yes,” said next to him, “we thought you were going home ahead of time to give the old man his birthday.”


Luo Zhan made no stubble, but walked to the sofa in the lounge area with lazy eyebrows. After he sat down, he leaned back into the back of the sofa and closed his eyes.

“I didn’t go home, I went to help the weak.”

“Weak?” Meng Xueyu (exposed) uneasy.

Luo Zhan closed his eyes and spoke, his voice was lazy and nonchalant, “It’s raining, help the blind girl cross the road.”

Meng Xueyu was too late to speak, and someone laughed, “Hey, okay, Brother Zhan, are you so caring now? But this road is too long. According to this time, you can halfway the East 103 Expressway.”

Luo Zhan frowned, “I walked back without a cell phone and no taxi on a rainy day.”

Everyone fell silent.

After a few seconds, everyone exchanged their gazes and gathered together to talk in a low voice.

“What’s the situation? It’s raining, and walking back so far, can Brother Zhan still have such a good temper?”

“As usual, it should have exploded. Meng Xueyu, you have a real fate today, and you are still alive even after the ignition point is on the cannon.”

“So Brother Zhan is in a good mood today?”

“This is unscientific, I was quite irritable before I left.”

“Damn it, hell.”


Luo Zhan’s ears are not bad, and the discussion over there is naturally audible, but he doesn’t bother to pay attention.

In fact, he himself knows that the most **** is not this-there is no taxi on a rainy day, but the bus will not be delayed.

Obviously, there was in his trouser pocket the return fare that the girl gave him “reimbursement”, but when he got to the bus station, he took it out and put it in his palm and looked at it twice, before putting it back in a mysterious manner.

Then he didn’t even think about carrying the wallet with him, and he came back after walking two stops.

…It’s probably the lack of sleep that makes people mentally retarded.

Thinking of this, Luo Zhan opened his eyes and sat up, putting his elbows on his knees. He raised his eyes, frowned and looked at everyone, “Where is Tan Yunchang?”

Someone snickered, “Senior Tan knows that you will have to clean up him when you come back. He has already run away.

Luo Zhan had no expression on his face: “Who gave him the intelligent voice assistant program developed before?”


Several people suddenly had subtle expressions.

There are several members of the int team who just joined last semester. They didn’t know what Luo Zhan was talking about, so they curiously gathered their heads.

“What smart voice assistant? Does int still have this case? Why have I not seen it since I came here?”

The old member endured a smile and replied: “That’s int’s early work. Brother Zhan was still young at that time, so he can talk a little bit better than now-he used his ai sound source collection.”

“?” The new member was obviously surprised. He glanced at Luo Zhan on the sofa and asked in a low voice, “Brother Zhan still agrees?”

“No. And ah, at the time when the sound source was collected, the old seniors in the team forced Brother Zhan to almost complete a set of “Ci Hai”, and even more boldly named that ai with Brother Zhan’s duplicated nickname-price It’s the int almost collectively killing the laboratory.”

Luo Zhan listened calmly to his dark history, and laughed at the end: “Then it’s damned death, not evil.”

“Look,” the old member said as he preliminarily flees with his head in his arms, “this is the sequelae of “Ci Hai”, it hasn’t been good until now!”

This person’s mouth was refreshed for a while, but it was a pity that he didn’t run to the door (tuo). Luo Zhan picked up the pillow and wedge it on the back of his head.


Hit the target.

Ko on the spot.

After the scene ended with a scream, the members looked at each other in “sorrowful rabbit and fox”, coughed several times, and suppressed the desire to continue gossip.

Some people were afraid that Luo Zhan would transfer the fire, power and power, and quickly made a serious expression.

“Brother Zhan, we are discussing the next new project before you come back. What are your thoughts?”


Since Luo Zhan entered the K junior class at a record-breaking age, he has shown a terrifying speed improvement. Coupled with the Luo family’s resource support, there is almost no need to worry about the source of funds to develop any project-this is an incredible treasure for most young teams.

So since two or three years ago, Luo Zhan has become the core figure of int, and it is normal for him to approve new projects in the team.

Luo Zhan asked: “What pre-selection direction do you have now?”

“There are two main ones. One direction is self-supervised learning, and the other direction is generalization ability.”

Luo Zhan nodded.

“Then Brother Zhan, which one shall we choose?”


Luo Zhan originally wanted to talk about the former, but when he was about to speak, he rushed over to the helpless figure of the blind little girl who was shrunk under the eaves of int during the day.

So the words made a sharp twist on the lips, and the answer changed.

Everyone on the team was obviously surprised.

“I thought that Brother Zhan must be selected from supervision, after all, it is now recognized by many frontier researchers as the road to the future.”

“I also thought. Brother Zhan, why choose generalization ability?”

“In terms of generalization, what should we do?”


Luo Zhan lowered his eyes.

At the bottom of his heart, he was a little irritated, but he had already spoken, and he would not change his mind.

After thinking for a few seconds, Luo Zhan raised his eyes and lazily leaned back on the sofa: “It was the idea that came up when I helped the weak today. Please refer to it.”


“Smart home service robot.”


Everyone fell into thinking. Within a few seconds, someone came out of his head and shook wit: “Brother Zhan, are you talking about… a robot sweeping?”

Luo Zhan glanced over lazily, “Did your brain be replaced by the garbage box of the robot cleaner?”

“Hahaha I’m joking.” The man scratched his head, “but now there are smart public services for research and development, and smart home control, but this smart home service…It seems that there is no need for anything other than sweeping and washing dishes. ”

Everyone agrees.


Luo Zhan’s sudden retort was not what Luo Zhan said.

The int members turned their heads and looked over, and saw Meng Xueyu, who usually rarely speaks, looking at the boy sitting on the sofa with complicated eyes.

After being focused by the crowd, Meng Xueyu lowered his head quickly and said vaguely: “Brother Zhan meant to develop the kind of home service robot that provides convenience for the disabled.”

Several people were startled, and then slowly reacted.

“Oh, that’s why I said it was an idea that came up when I helped the weak today?”

“Blind robot? It sounds like a good idea, at least to serve the public.”

“You can do a feasibility (sexual xing) investigation first.”

“Then our group will come.”


Int members have worked together for many years, and they are all like-minded. If the non-elite does not gather together, the efficiency has long been tempered surprisingly high.

The initial plan is set in a few words and the meeting is over. It was not early, everyone joked and left, each preparing to go home or go back to the dormitory.

When there were only a few people left, Meng Xueyu, who had not left, finally walked to the sofa after struggling for a long time.

“Brother Zhan,” he squeezed out a smile, “you seem to care about the blind girl in the store today?”

Luo Zhan was already lying on the sofa with his eyes closed, and after a few seconds he said lazily, “Who said that.”

Meng Xueyu gritted his teeth slightly, “If you don’t care, don’t you want to do research and development in this direction for her?”

“…When did I say it was for her.”

Luo Zhan finally opened his eyes. Different from his lazy tone, those eyes were dark and deep under the lamp, as if no light could penetrate.

Seeing that the atmosphere was stiff, someone who noticed hurriedly came over, (gou) patted Meng Xueyu on the shoulder, and then smiled at Luo Zhan.

“Brother Zhan, don’t be familiar with him. He is just jealous.”

Luo Zhan asked coolly, “Whose vinegar is to eat?”

“Hey, Brother Zhan, if you can ask this question, who else can you be jealous? Xueyu likes that little girl. Few in our team don’t know-every time I hear that someone goes to the store, he immediately Hurry over there.”

Luo Zhan glanced at Meng Xueyu, “Do you like that little girl?”

Meng Xueyu froze. A few seconds later he stalked his neck, “Yes, I just like her.”

“Oh.” Luo Zhan lazily dropped his eyelids and got up from the sofa, “So it’s my shit?”


Meng Xueyu lowered his head and said nothing.

Luo Zhan didn’t bother to care about him, and walked past him to enter the inner lounge.

Just as soon as he staggered his position, Meng Xueyu’s nervous and hostile voice came from behind Luo Zhan: “Brother Zhan, you really don’t… don’t you like her?”


Luo Zhan stopped, his eyelids tucked, and said nothing.

(Hook gou) The person holding Meng Xueyu’s shoulder laughed out first after he was stunned. He stretched out his hand and slapped Meng Xueyu’s head. “Your kid was stupid in running the algorithm two days ago? Who do you think Brother Zhan likes? The blind girl he just saw today?”

“Don’t laugh, Tang Ran is very beautiful!” Meng Xueyu pushed back with the man dissatisfied with his neck.

“Good-looking is good-looking, but no matter how good-looking it is, he is a little blind man.” The boy with Meng Xueyu’s arms shrugged, “You don’t know if you come to int late, don’t say we have obstacles in accepting it-Brother Zhan is only in love Its beautiful, since you entered int, you havent changed it in the past few years. How can you be fancy that you like that little girl?”

After the boy finished speaking, he turned around and looked to the front, “Brother Zhan, you said I was right?”


Luo Zhan said nothing.

After a few seconds, the corner of his mouth was coldly (hook gou), “not stop.”

“Huh? More than what?”

“More than just beauty.”

Luo Zhan said halfway but stopped.

Thinking of the petal-like mark in the dream, his eyes sank little by little.

After a while, Luo Zhan returned to his senses. He walked into the room with his long legs, regaining a lazy voice and threw it behind him: “I can’t see it, of course I don’t like it.”

Hearing what Luo Zhan said, Meng Xueyu’s hanging heart was finally let go

Luo Zhan said everything in his words, and there was never anything that could make him change his mind. Others said that Meng Xueyu was still uneasy, but when Luo Zhan spoke by himself, he was completely relieved.

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