Dont Cry

Chapter 3


Luo Zhan didn’t believe what he heard just now.

Even if the girl in front of him with closed eyes and face up is still a little bit cold and “seeing” his name really knows his name, no one should dare to call him like this: Whether in Luo’s house or in high school, Young Master Luo has a temper. It’s notoriously bad, no one dares to face Mao (touching Mo) against his minefield the first time he meets. +++Mobile reading visit m.Wuxiaworld

When Luo Zhan’s eyes were getting cold and unkind, a lazy, familiar response came out as the phone screen in the girl’s hand lit up:



Luo Zhan paused for two seconds before moving his eyes down. Staring at the familiar interface, he squinted lightly.

Luo Zhan remembered.

“Luoluo” is also the name of the AI assistant developed by their team-when int tried to develop a voice assistant app before, the team member who named the AI program almost “die” in the hands of Master Luo.

So the little girl was not calling him just now, but calling the AI assistant who collected his sound source for onomatopoeia in her mobile phone.

But Luo Zhan remembers more clearly that he did not have a commercial license for this program at all.

Luo Zhan frowned, “Is this Tan Yunchang downloaded to your phone?”


Tang Ran deserved it lightly.

She could hear that the person’s tone seemed to have a very good mood, and if her previous guess was correct, then this person should be the leader of the development team behind int.

He is now, are you dissatisfied with her using this app?

Thinking that “Luo Luo” might be taken back, Tang Ran pressed his lips uneasy, and subconsciously put the phone back into his arms.

Luo Zhan has a cold temper, and can’t do anything to grab a mobile phone with a blind girl at this moment.

He frowned and stared at the tighter girl for a few seconds, then he shook his eyes slightly.

“Go ahead, where to go.”

Tang Ran secretly breathed a sigh of relief to keep “Luo Luo”.

She reached out (touching Mo) for the blind cane that she was temporarily releasing while protecting her mobile phone, her tone of voice was careful, “Qingyan Road bus stop.”

The figure of Luo Zhan, who leaned over and handed the blind cane into the girl’s hand, froze slightly, “…Where?”

Tang Ran patiently repeated: “Qingyan Road, bus stop.”


Luo Zhan, who hasn’t been on a bus since he grew up, has no expression on his face.

A few seconds later.

“Can’t you take a taxi?”

“No, no.” The weak-looking girl, with a pale face, insisted on this matter.


She bit her lip and said softly, “Then I will go back by myself. Thank you.”


Luo Zhan felt an inexplicable irritability jump up, like magma poured into his veins and burned into his heart.

It just couldn’t happen, and there was nowhere to go.

He pressed his irritability, held the girl’s blind cane, and smiled coldly: “Afraid I will kidnap you?”


The girl didn’t explain, she just stood there with her eyes closed.

I don’t know if it is cold or scared, his face is pale, and his lips (color) are faint. The black hair that was wet by the rain was stuck to the corner of her lips, (gou) strangled her already beautiful facial features, and she could see the shadow of Ming (yanyan) that will grow in the future.

The irritability in Luo Zhan’s heart increased a little.

Standing in place for a while, he dropped his hand (touching Mo) to his trouser pocket, and then (touching Mo) remembered in time–before he left the laboratory, he was dizzy by Tan Yunchang, and after answering the phone, he was caught by his phone. He threw it on the table.

So I didn’t bring it at all.

Luo Zhan was silent.

After a while, he lowered his eyes and looked at the little girl waiting for him holding a blind cane.

“Did Tan Yunchang give you the navigation map associated with the voice assistant.”


Tang Ran was slightly dazed, and raised her face in Luo Zhan’s direction.

In the subtle silence, Tang Ran finally understood Luo Zhan’s cause and effect.

The corners of the girl’s mouth curled up slightly.

She bowed her head, nodded her phone, and whispered, “Luo Luo.”


“How do I get to the Qingyan Road bus stop?”

“Listen to me.”

Luo Zhans voice was used for navigation, he was indifferent and uncle, but obedient.

Luo Zhan: “”

From today, Tan Yunchang’s coffin board here is nailed firmly.


When Luo Zhan was asked “what is the most humiliating thing in life” before, he never sneered and didn’t bother to answerhow could there be such a thing as shame in the life of Young Master Luo?

There is now.

Leaded by a blind girl, the AI assistant who communicated with her all the way was called “Luo Luo”…That’s all.

But even the money for the bus ride was paid by the little girl.

The reason is simple.

While waiting for the bus, Tang Ran learned from his experience and asked Luo Zhan in advance: “Did you bring change?”

Luo Zhan took out the wallet from his jacket pocket (touching Mo) and glanced at it, “…Does 50 count?”

The little girl with closed eyes curled her mouth.

After a few seconds, she didn’t know which dark thread pocket of the skirt (touching Mo) took out two cool coins, took Luo Zhan’s hand, and put it into his palm.

Luo Zhan instinctively wanted to avoid the girl’s hand, but he stopped facing the slightly closed eyes and the slightly trembling eyelashes.

Two coins lay down quietly in his palms.

“One at a time is enough, don’t cast more,” the girl urged him softly, “the other one is for you when you come back.”


Luo Zhan’s mood is complicated.

This is the first time that Young Master has been reimbursed for travel expenses, the total price is two yuan.

Standing under the carport of the bus station, Luo Zhan put away his coins and umbrella.

After waiting for a long time without seeing the shadow of Road 936, the girl he was glancing at had already shrunk her thin body tightly.

…I don’t know which little girl it is, don’t the parents give me food?

Seeing the little girl trembling with the cold, Luo Zhan frowned (takes off her tuo) and took off her coat.

After hesitating for two seconds in his hand, he put his coat on the girl’s head with long curly hair.


Tang Ran wouldn’t have a black feeling in front of him, but he felt like he was suddenly covered with a sack.

She was panicking in her heart, and heard that in the world outside by the soft cloth on top of her head, the boy’s voice was lazy and cold–

“Clothes on. The aunt next to me has accused me of abusing my daughter.”

Tang Ran stayed slightly: This person always sounded lazy and cold, with a little youthfulness, but would he look like her father when standing next to her?

Perplexed, Tang Ran could only slowly pull off the coat on top of his head, and then put it in.

The scent of amber cedar dyed her long hair that was slightly tousled by the coat.

The jacket pressed the hem of the girl’s skirt, and the bottom edge of the dress covered the slightly undulating hip line, covering the base of the leg. The sleeves are a bit long for her, so when they hang down, they can’t see the fingertips.

Sure enough, he looked like a child who had stolen an adult’s clothes.


After a few seconds, Luo Zhan slowly retracted his eyes.


With a “ding jing”, the coin fell into the coin box with a crisp sound.

The door closed.

Only Tang Ran and Luo Zhan came up at this station, but the seats in the car were already full.

The bus driver noticed the blind stick in Tang Ran’s hand. Before driving, he looked back into the car and then turned back. He said to Luo Zhan, “There is a caring seat in the middle, so let the person who has taken it let the seat.”


Luo Zhan naturally did not know the setting of the dedicated car seat on the bus, but it did not prevent him from turning his eyes around, and he saw the passenger seats in the car that were obviously different from most other chairs.

He tapped the girl’s blind cane, and then held her slender wrist through the jacket she was wearing, “Come with me.”

Tang Ran nodded obediently.

Luo Zhan led her and stopped in front of the first caring seat.

Sitting on it was a bleak young man with grey hair dyed (Nai)(Nai) and a blue diamond nose stud. He wore earphones with Erlang’s legs tilted, and he did not feel anxious about taking up a dedicated seat for love. Instead, he sat on the bus like a private train.

Luo Zhan stopped lazily, raised his index finger and tapped the window next to the young man’s face.

The young man frowned, turned his head and pulled off the earphones, “Something?”

Luo Zhan was too lazy to respond to the other’s provocative mouth (kiss wen), and only turned sideways, letting out the girl who was holding her wrist, “Excuse me, give me a seat.”

If students in the K-Da Junior Class heard this sentence, then many people would probably be scared to choke–

Having known each other for so many years, when have they ever heard Master Luo say “Excuse me”?

But the young man obviously didn’t feel that he had received any “honor”. He glanced at Tang Ran, and after a few seconds of stagnation on the girl’s beautiful eyebrows, the young man sneered instead.

“This little blind man is your girlfriend? Take care of that? If I don’t let itwhat can you do?”


Tang Ran couldn’t understand (fat) what was born at this time. She raised her hand hesitantly and pulled at the corner of Luo Zhan’s clothes, “There are only two stops, and I will be there after a while.”

Luo Zhan didn’t move, and the little girl grabbed the corner of her clothes. He looked at the young man with cold eyes, “Is it related to you?”

The young man looked at Tang Ran recklessly, and smiled disgustingly after turning back, “If I give my own horse, I will give it up, and of course I dont give it to others”

Before the word “let” was uttered, it was overwhelmed by a muffled “bang” followed by a grunt.

Tang Ran couldn’t see anything, only heard a few exclamations from strangers around him, and then there was a slight sound of discussion.

She clenched the corner of the man’s clothes in a panic, and subconsciously opened her mouth: “Luo Luo…”

Luo Zhan’s forehead jumped and almost broke his work.

He gritted his teeth slightly before he heard, and looked back at the young man who was struggling with one hand on the windowpane.

Luo Zhan bowed slightly, his voice suppressed to the lowest and the coldest

“Open your eyes and take a look, what’s the word in this line?”

[A dedicated seat for the elderly, sick, pregnant, and loving] Luo Zhan poked a line under his finger.

Luo Zhan: “I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to sit here you can’t do the old and the young if you are pregnant, but I can help you with the disabled, try?

The young man knew that he had encountered hard stubble when he was not moving for a long time. He was also bullying and afraid of hardship. At this time, he was pressed in front of the window, crying and apologizing repeatedly.

After Luo Zhan let go, he got up and quickly slipped to the back row.

Onlookers watched the whole process, but Tang Ran could only distinguish by hearing.

When he calmed down beside him, the young man who was led by the corner of her clothes turned around, and his tone had returned to his usual laziness.

“Okay, sit down.”

He led her to the seat.

Tang Ran sat down anxiously, “What happened to that person?”

“It’s okay,” Luo Zhan raised his eyes and glanced at the car behind, with cold connotations in his eyes, “He was so guilty of occupying the caring seat for himself, so he kowtowed at the banner.”

Tang Ran was silent for a few seconds before accepting this answer.


Luo Zhan finally sent Tang Ran downstairs to her apartment.

The little girl stopped in front of the anti-theft door downstairs, did not press the code, but hesitated for a few seconds before turning back.

“Thank you for sending me back.”

Luo Zhan hadn’t planned to send her up, but the little girl’s obvious meaning of “you can go” suddenly made the inexplicable irritation that was suppressed in his heart resurface.

He frowned slightly.

“Taking a taxi is afraid that I will abduct you, and I still feel so worried when I get downstairs in my own house. I sound like a badass?”

“It’s not because of…”

“Since you are so afraid, don’t go out alone in the future.” Luo Zhan interrupted coldly.

The restlessness in his heart was attributed to him for not having (sleeping Shui) well. Luo Zhan twisted his eyebrows, held the umbrella with one hand, turned and walked back.

Tang Ran was stunned, and it took two seconds before he recovered, and said anxiously: “Jacket”

“Throw it away.”

The icy voice came back without stopping.

After walking far away, Luo Zhan stopped.

He frowned and turned back, remembering that he hadn’t asked the girl he didn’t know what his name to delete the shameful ai voice assistant.

Just looking at the thin and slender back, Luo Zhan lowered his eyes again.

…Forget it.

I will never see you again anyway.

Luo Zhan turned around lazily with brows and eyes, and walked into the rain.


When Tang Ran returned home, Yang Yilan, who took care of her, had already returned.

Hearing the sound of opening the door, Yang Yilan, who was in his sixties, hurried out. Going to the hallway to see Tang Ran clearly, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“You scared me to death, Xiaoran. It was raining so hard outside-why didn’t you answer the phone?”

Tang Ran wakes up slowly.

She (touching Mo) to the phone, “Maybe outside, I didn’t hear it.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, but it’s still raining outside, and you dare not take a small car. How did you come back?” Yang Yilan approached and noticed the girl’s coat, “Hey, you are Whose clothes are you wearing?”

Tang Ran slowly (takes off tuo) off her coat, “Someone sent me back, and the clothes belonged to that person.”

“Hey, how many times have I told you, don’t trust people outside, you are such a beautiful little girl and you can’t see it. What if you get abducted?”


Tang Ran unconsciously (touched Mo) (touched Mo) his mobile phone.

“Luo Luo” is inside. The person’s voice is so similar to it. When talking to him, it was like talking to a more “live” Luo Luo.

That’s why I couldn’t hold back…

The girl slowly bent her eyes, “I know, grandma, it won’t be anymore.”

“You know how to say that.”

Yang Yilan took the clothes from Tang Ran and walked to the bathroom.

“Okay. Xiaoran, are you going to take a shower and prepare to eat? You have to get up early tomorrow, and wait for the Tang family to pick you up.”

Tang Ran asked unexpectedly: “It will be early?”

“Well, the host’s family called.” Yang Yilan recalled, “It seems that the old man from the Luo family is about to pass his birthday. The Tang family wants to marry your sister in, so how can you miss this opportunity to make good gifts? I’m going to take the juniors to send gifts and congratulations.”

Tang Ran closed her eyes, her expression was quiet, “They usually wouldn’t take me to that occasion.”

Yang Yilan: “Yes, it has always been like thiswho knows how they suddenly remembered you this time? Anyway, let’s prepare in advance.”

“it is good.”


After entering the bathroom, Yang Yilan took a basin and filled it with water and soaked the jacket in her hand.

The clothes are in the water and the neckline turns out.

A fancy embroidered dark pattern (exposed) like a signature came out.

Yang Yilan was stunned, and raised her hand to look at the collar uncertainly.

It was a string of foreign letters, like a designer’s signature. Some famous international designers like to leave such marks on their clothing works.

As for this, Yang Yilan happened to have an impression–

Much like the handwriting of a famous designer in Sweden.

Yang Yilan knew it only because Tang Luoqian, the eldest of the Tang family, often talked about this designer.

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