Dont Cry

Chapter 2


Silence and waiting are always boring for most people. If you want to endure both at the same time by yourself, it is probably even more unimaginable-Tang Ran is used to it, and the girl next to her obviously can’t. +++Mobile reading visit m.Wuxiaworld

About it was really boring. After waiting for a few minutes, the girl couldn’t help but talk to Tang Ran: “You look about my age, how old are you this year?”


“Ah, then we are almost the same. I am 17 this year, and I am studying in K-Da Middle School. How about you?”

Tang Ran said silently, “I have a class at home, and I have a teacher who teaches Braille.”

It took two seconds for the little girl to realize that it was wrong. She was immediately annoyed and at a loss, “I’m sorry, sorry…I didn’t mention it on purpose.”

“No (guan) department.” Tang Ran returned to his senses and chuckled lightly, “I have accepted the bad things, but I’m sorry that I can’t go to school normally.”

About to be infected by the girls soft smile, the girl standing next to Tang Ran stared at her for a few seconds before regaining her senses, and sighed in a low voice: “You look so beautiful, but you cant see it. Its a shame… Have you always had a bad eye?”

Tang Ran shook his head, “When I was a child, I had an accident. I woke up and went blind.”

“Huh? What’s the accident?”

“At that time I met a boy who had escaped after being kidnapped and wanted to help him, but we had a car accident on the way we were being chased, and that was the case when we woke up.”


The girl standing next to Tang Ran stayed for a long time before regaining her senses, and asked, “Then…how is that boy?”

Tang Ran was startled slightly, her hand holding the blind cane unconsciously squeezed a little, and then released it. After a while, the girl (exposed) gave a light smile, she shook her head, “I don’t know.”

“Ah? Why didn’t you know? He was not there when you woke up?”

“I heard from the doctor that he couldn’t remember almost anything about those few days after he woke up. Maybe the kidnapping was too irritating for him. It was traumatic self-protection.”

“So, then, didn’t you save him in vain!” The girl wailed unwillingly for her.

“No,” Tang Ran smiled, (exposing) a soft dimple, “I didn’t tell you, I lived in an orphanage when I was a child. I was only found by my family after that hospitalization, so it was because I was saved. He just found his relatives.”


The little girl didn’t even know what words to use to express her feelings. She opened her mouth several times and closed her mouth before swallowing the words “you are too miserable”.

She looked at Tang Ran in front of her with some sympathy, and sighed, “That would be great, at least you are a blessing in disguise.”


The two girls exchanged their names after chatting for a few words, and the girl named Xu Xuanqing also gave Tang Ran her mobile phone number.

When talking about the interesting things about her school in the middle, Xu Xuanqing suddenly said, and a few seconds later she exclaimed, “Ah!”

Tang Ran hurriedly turned around, “What’s the matter?”

Xu Xuanqing had already held her wrist, her tone could not be concealed with excitement, “Across the road came a very handsome and very handsome boy-my god, my god, he is coming to our side! Ah ah ah…”

Tang Ran closed her eyes blankly, feeling the emotions of her peers who were not familiar to her at all.

Then her ears caught the sound of footsteps hidden in the chaotic noise.

Tang Ran turned his face slightly.

The footsteps are different from those of other hurried passers-by. It seems that he alone is lazy and careless, and the cicadas in summer and the restless summer wind dormant quietly at his feet. In the end the voice stopped beside her, in front of the locked door of int.

The distance should be very close. Tang Ran heard that the sandalwood scented into the wind on the boy’s body mixed with the smell of bitter orange leaves. It was about the snow water in the fragrance, and it also revealed a little coldness in summer.

It smells very good, but I dont know what the end notes will be.

Tang Ran hesitated, and tentatively said softly: “The manager?”


Luo Zhan, who took the spare key to open the lock, stopped, and glanced to his side lazily.

He had noticed when he came over before. Standing outside the store of int was a girl who looked fifteen or sixteen years old with a cane, and beside him was a little girl who looked at him with excitement and red cheeks.

He sees a lot of the latter and takes it for granted.

As for the former…

Luo Zhan’s gaze swept across the girl’s slightly closed eyes lazily and indifferently: the eyelashes were slightly curled, and the tails of the eyes were slender and slightly curled.

It was a rare eye shape similar to the beautiful eyes in his dream…a pity, he was a little blind.

Luo Zhan swept the blind stick, too lazy to explain the question of “Where is the store manager”, so he said perfunctorily.

The door lock opened and he pushed in.

“Wait here.”

Tang Ran was startled.

Hearing the footsteps, the man has already entered the store.

But that voice just now…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Xu Xuanqing finally recovered and pressed the volume excitedly. My God, I really didnt expect to meet my destiny here. He is so handsome…”

Xu Xuanqing, who was standing next to Tang Ran, sounded crazy and extremely excited. Tang Ran was sure that it was an emotion he couldn’t understand, so she just listened quietly.

In fact, she was also a little confused.

I’m not sure if it’s my own illusion: but the laziness and weary that came out of the voice of that sentence is also a touch of familiarity with a cold tail…

It was really like her uncle who was still “under my command” not long ago navigating.

Xu Xuanqing was still muttering in her ears: “It’s probably a clerk in this shop, but it’s a pity that I won’t be able to catch up with this look, otherwise I must chase him woooo…Thank you Tang Ran, I will come to this shop more in the future. Patronize, by the way, seductively for yourself.”

Tang Ran returned to his senses, “Does he look like a clerk?”

“Although his looks and temperament are not the same, he should be familiar after he entered the store, right?” Xu Xuanqing said uncertainly, “You have been here many times, haven’t you seen him?”

Tang Ran hesitated.

Xu Xuanqing only thought that she was not sure whether she had seen him or not, and sighed regretfully: “You really missed a very handsome little brother, he is the kind of appearance that you have to make a sacrifice when you bring home, really!”

Tang Ran was taken aback, couldn’t help but smile, “What does that look like?”


Xu Xuanqing wanted to say something, but the phone on her body vibrated.

After a few seconds of silence, Tang Ran heard Xu Xuanqing hesitate to say: “Ah, my mother urged me to go home.”

Tang Ran nodded, “Then you go back quickly.”

“But will you have difficulties alone?”

Tang Ran’s eyes curled slightly, “I lived like this for a few years before, no problem, trust me.”

“…Well then, we remember to keep in touch afterwards.”

“See you.”


The warehouse of the int store was messed up by Tan Yunchang. Luo Zhan twisted his eyebrows and flipped it for a long time before he found the slap-sized intelligent robot box ordered by Tang Ran.

After designing a hundred methods of death for Tan Yunchang in his heart, Luo Zhan walked out of the warehouse with the box blankly on his face.

Before reaching the store, he stopped.

“…Where is your friend?”

The girl standing outside the store slowly raised her head, closing her eyes slightly and “looking” at him.

After a few seconds of silence, she whispered, “She’s gone back.”

Luo Zhan frowned, his eyes jumped to the door, “It’s raining outside. How can you go back when she isn’t here?”


Under the circumstance that he can’t see, Tang Ran is more sensitive to these natures than ordinary people. In fact, before Luo Zhan came out, she was also worried about this matter.

Summer rain always comes as soon as it comes. Although it’s not big, things that can be solved by ordinary people in a few steps are like a moat for Tang Ran.

She sighed softly in her heart, “Can I hide under the eaves outside for a while in the rain?”

“up to you.”

The response was cold and indifferent.

“This is your thing, it’s okay I will close the shop.”

“Thank you.”

The girl stretched out her hand into the air quietly.

She has a long and slender hand, which looks very nice. The white of her skin (color) is between snow and jade, which is just right to make people feel the texture is warm and moist.

Luo Zhan didn’t move his eyes, and put the box on it.

Then he took the umbrella from the door, turned around and closed the door of int’s store, and locked it again.

A few seconds later, Luo Zhan opened his umbrella and walked into the rain with tired and cold eyes.

The fine rain makes the foreground look confused.

In his retina, it seems that there is still the scene that he saw when he last left–

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