Dont Cry

Chapter 10


Hearing the unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded, Tang Ran was stunned, and then a little panicked withdrawing the hand that gave Luo Zhan the temperature of his forehead. +++Mobile reading visit m.Wuxiaworld

She knew this was the Luo family, the Luo family who wanted to marry the Tang family. People in the Tang family don’t like her very much. She is afraid of causing trouble to “Luo Xiu” who was in a bad situation in the Luo family.

After waiting for several seconds, Tang Ran didn’t even hear “Luo Xiu” speaking in front of him.

She hesitated, followed the cane in her hand (touching Mo) a few inches, and sneaked at his sleeve.

The girl’s voice was very soft: “Luo Xiu, it seemed that someone called you just now?”


Luo Zhan frowned slightly, and looked at Luo Xiu badly.

The moment he saw Luo Xiu, he had already passed countless ways to clear the relationship with the girl behind him

Few people know how deep the thoughts are under the gentle and harmless smile of the brother Luo Xiu. He didn’t want to expose (exposing) anything that might become his shortcoming to Luo Xiu, which naturally also included his acquaintance with the illegitimate daughter of the Tang family.

However, it seems that he doesn’t like the ending of every method.

Luo Zhan was pulled back to his mind by the slight pull on the sleeve.

He lowered his head, the girl’s thin white fingers were pinching his clothes, and she had to be careful to hide this little movement behind the blind stick and behind him–about the direction of Luo Xiu was judged from the sound, even when reminded Be careful to avoid it for him.

Is such a small and winged (sexual xing) son who was “bullyed” by the Tang family?

Thinking of this, Luo Zhan raised some cold anger for no reason.

He held the girl’s hand with his hand down, then put it back on the blind cane, “Well, I heard it.” Luo Zhan paused, “You don’t need to worry, hold the blind stick properly, don’t move it, lest you fall. Now.”

Tang Ran said softly, “I can go downstairs by myself, you can let someone lead me over…Is someone coming to you? Go and do your thing.”

“Someone is here.”

Luo Zhan looked at the stairs.

Under Luo Xiu’s meaningful gaze, Luo Zhan didn’t bother to think about the pros and cons anymore, pretending to have not seen the man.

He looked back at the girl behind him, and smiled lazily: “It’s Luo Zhan.”


Luo Xiu by the stairs lightly squinted his eyes, (inserting cha) in the trouser pocket of the suit trousers, standing and watching his brother in front of him, and indifferently “acting” the invisible little girl.

Tang Ran (Lu) felt a little uneasy. She moved behind Luo Zhan and asked in the softest voice: “Does he not like seeing me?”

Luo Zhan raised his eyebrows: “Why?”

“Didn’t you say that Luo Zhan likes people with nice eyes?”

“…” Luo Zhan coughed uncomfortably, “Then we will ignore him.”

Tang Ran was even more worried after hearing this.

She even felt that this “Luo Xiu” was so blunt and didn’t understand euphemism, that’s why she was very bullied by the rebellious young master Luo Zhan in the Luo family.

Tang Ran persuaded him softly, “If you ignore it, he will bully you even more. Or say hello?”

Luo Zhan glanced back at Luo Xiu lazily.

Tang Ran thought for a while: “If you are afraid of him, then I will go with you.”

Luo Zhan turned around, “Aren’t you afraid of him.”


Tang Ran trembled in his heart when thinking of the rumor that Luo’s young master was “notorious” outside.

Then she pursed her lips and answered honestly: “I’m a little scared. But we should be better together… You have sent me twice, and I will be with you.”

Probably because of tension, the girl held the blind cane tightly.

Luo Zhan’s eyes shook with emotion when she heard her speak in a soft, self-conscious tone not far behind her ears.

He lowered his eyes, smiled and put his hands back on the girl’s blind cane.

Luo Zhan: “Next time.”

Tang Ran: “Next time?”

“Yeah.” Luo Zhan led the girl down the stairs step by step, and walked past Luo Xiu without squinting: “Luo Zhan is already gone. I’ll take you to greet him next time.”

The girl was relieved, her eyes bent down.

“it is good.”


In the end, Luo Xiu was very cooperative and did not make any more noises.

Luo Xiu narrowed his eyes lightly as he watched the two high and low silhouettes leave.

If it is not an illusion, it is that in the last few tens of seconds, he not only witnessed Luo Zhan’s self-directed and self-acting drama, but also saw in his own brother that the previous eighteen. Patience.

And that patience was not for anyone with beautiful eyes that Young Master Luo would like, but for a little girl who couldn’t see anything.

Luo Xiu turned around with interest and stopped the maid who had come down from the second floor.

“Master, what’s the matter?” The maid asked carefully for instructions.

Luo Xiu: “That little girl led by Luo Zhan is the little lady of the Tang family?”

“It seems to be.” The maid nodded. “I heard that I got lost in the garden and got caught in the rain again.”

Luo Xiu: “Luo Zhan personally sent her here?”

“Yes,” the maid nodded and said puzzledly at the same time, “and when she came, she was wearing the young master’s coat–you know, the young master, the young master is very clean, and that dress was tossed badly. I was going to throw it out, but Young Master refused.”

“Well, is that so.”


The maid didn’t understand what Luo Xiu’s “such” was, and she saw Luo Xiu leave with a thoughtful smile.


Luo Zhan asked Tang Ran to lead Tang Ran into the main building, but he did not dare to (show up) all afternoon

None of the young masters who followed the elders to congratulate Mr. Luo dared not know him, and he was wasted all this time if he came up with any greeting.

Seeing that the dinner was approaching, Young Master Luo stuffed himself in the room all afternoon, thinking about how to pass this level at night.

The little girl is indeed invisible, but she is much more sensitive to voices than ordinary people. Luo Zhan is quite sure that if he speaks in his true identity, Tang Ran will discover the truth the first time.

After thinking hard for an afternoon, Luo Zhan finally had an idea.

Therefore, before the dinner, the young people who returned to the stage heard a news from the servants of the Luo family

Luo Zhan, the young master of the Luo family, hurt his throat this afternoon and was speechless at night. According to that person’s spleen (sexual xing), he will maintain the aura of “Don’t come near the living” for a long time. If you want to live the best tonight, don’t bump into it.

When he heard the news, Bi Yushan was sitting with Tang Luoqian among the ladies of the family, and suddenly patted her hands: “No wonder my brother is so indifferent to you today. It must be because of his uncomfortable voice. He is uncomfortable. At that time, no one can think of a good face (color)-this young master cannot change his temper.”

“Yeah.” Tang Luoqian replied absently.

Bi Yushan asked: “What are you looking at, so fascinated?”


Following Tang Luoqian’s gaze, Bi Yushan saw the little girl sitting quietly with her blind stick in her hand and her eyes closed in the corner of the (Lu) platform. Bi Yushan was stunned, “Do you see her (gan gan)?”

Tang Luoqian returned to his senses, frowned and turned back, “I heard that she was specially found in the afternoon.”

“Huh, so?”

Tang Luoqian was worried: “Not only those few people can speak to the Luo family?”

Bi Yushan stayed for a few seconds and laughed, “You don’t think she was sent back by Luo Zhan?”

“…” Tang Luoqian turned his head and glanced at the familiar coat on the girl in the corner, frowning without answering.

Bi Yushan teased her: “You are really going to have a delusional rhythm. If you guess my cousin Luo Xiu, it’s possible, but you can guess Luo Zhan, isn’t that kidding?”

Tang Luoqian frowned, “You didn’t see it again.”

“I don’t know if I didn’t see it-who doesn’t know what Luo Zhan’s spleen is? How can he send a little girl back on a special trip?”


“And I didn’t tell you already.”

Seeing Tang Luoqian still worried, Bi Yushan fell to her, tilted her head and smiled.

“When my brother lived in the second courtyard since he was a child, he was stunned by the devil. He only likes those with pretty eyesit’s almost like yoursthat little blind man, how could he be attracted to him?”

Bi Yushan is the granddaughter of Luo’s most dear granddaughter, and she is also spoiled (sexual xing). No one in the Luo family can cure her except Luo Zhan.

So Tang Luoqian believed Bi Yushan’s words. She nodded, relieved a little.

At this moment, the group of young people who were fairly acquainted with Luo Zhan noticed something and looked at the entrance of the platform. Then someone laughed–

“Master Luo, the dinner is about to begin, are you finally willing to come down?”

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