Dont Cry

Chapter 1


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Passing through the high-rise buildings, raindrops engulfed by the wind banged on the floor-to-ceiling windows on this floor.

In the corner of the floor-to-ceiling windows nestled a girl in a thin white (sleeping Shui) skirt.

She tilted her head slightly and leaned against the corner of the wall, her long black hair hanging down, covering a small half of her delicate face, her eyelashes resting quietly on her lower eyelids.

(Lu) Outside the white (sleeping Shui) skirt, the girl is thin and beautiful from calf to ankle.

It’s just that the pale skin (color) that rarely sees light makes her delicate, as if it can be broken by the wind.

The rain knocked on the window for a while and gradually eased. The bedroom was empty and quiet.

On the floor beside the girl’s hand, the screen of the mobile phone lying there lit up, and then a cold and lazy male voice cut through the silence:

“Hey, there’s a call.”

With a little mechanical change of voice, it easily awakens the girl in light sleep.

Tang Ran opened her eyes, her vision blurred as if she was in the middle of the night, she subconsciously raised her hand and rubbed her eyes, and then froze.

…Ah, forget it again.

So many years have passed since that accident, she would still forget to adapt to her current eye condition.

Tang Ran curled her mouth slightly, “Luo Luo,” she whispered into the air, “Whose phone call?”

“From the address book, note’Grandma’.” The lazy, nice male voice responded in the phone.

“Connect, remember to play outside.”


There was no answer this time. After a buzzing vibration, the call was answered, and the voice on the other side of the phone came out:


“Grandma, I am here.”

“I’m sorry, Xiaoran, grandma’s flight was delayed because of the thunderstormyou don’t want to go to that store today? Wait for grandma to accompany you tomorrow, okay?”

“No (guanguan) department, grandma, I can do it myself.”

“Ah? How can it work!”


Tang Ran raised her head slightly when thinking of something. The girl’s slender neck stretched out a fragile curve.

“Tomorrow,” she whispered softly, resting on the huge window and the lonely wind outside the tall building behind her, “Tomorrow I should go to Tang’s house.”

As if hitting some restricted area.

There was a sudden silence across the phone.

After a long time, the woman answered with a little guilty voice, “Why did I forget this? They told you to go back because of Tang Luo… because your sister is going to be engaged to the young master of the Luo family, right? ?”


“Your father and (Nai)(Nai) are really eccentric, aren’t you a child of the Tang family? Just take care of Tang Luoqian, it will be your 16th birthday in a few days, and you still live by yourself now None of them outside”

“Grandma.” The girl’s voice was softened.

“Okay, okay… Grandma doesn’t say anything.” The woman endured it. “Otherwise, I’ll wait for you to come back from the Tang family, and I will accompany you to that store?”


Tang Ran’s trance consciousness was pulled back, and she smiled lightly.

“But I have made an appointment with the store manager for today. It is not good to change the time temporarily. And you can rest assured that I will wait for the rain to stop before leaving.”


“Grandma, I am very capable of taking care of myself (strong qiang), did you forget?”


Tang Ran patiently accompanies the people on the phone to grind for a long time before finally obtaining their consent.

The woman urged: “Then you must be careful on the way, remember to ask for help if you have anything, don’t be embarrassed!”

“Well, grandma, don’t worry.” Tang Ran thought of something, and chuckled lightly, “Isn’t there Luo Luo with me?”

“Luo Luo?” The woman was stunned, and then reacted, “Oh, that’s the name of the smart voice app recommended to you by the manager of that store, isn’t it? Strange, I can’t respond every time you say it. ”

Tang Ran (touching Mo) used her mobile phone, and she chuckled as she stood up from the corner, “The manager said it was the name of the development team leader. I think it sounds pretty good.”

“What leader, isn’t it a failed product that has never been promoted to the market?”

“The store manager said that the team was only developing for fun, so it had not been promoted.” Tang Ran thought for a while, “and I think Luo Luo is smarter than many smart assistants on the market.”

“It’s so awesome, why not promote it?” The woman said helplessly, “I think they use it to coax you into a foolish and believable child. Besides-no matter how good the sound is, it is only an artificial intelligence. Can’t fly down from the sky to help you.”


Probably because of the service industry, the woman on the other side of the phone has always had a lot of prejudice against these artificial intelligences that claim to “completely replace service industry personnel in the future.”

Tang Ran didn’t argue with her, only slightly lowered her eyes, her expression soft and quiet.

When the call was over, the rain knocking on the window stopped.

Tang Ran slowly circulated a few times in this familiar home, changed his clothes, took the blind stick, and walked out the door.

For visually impaired patients with low vision or total blindness, the world outside their home is full of dangers: those blind lanes will be occupied by parked bicycles, the end will lead to unknown sewer pipes, and they will be designed to be strange. The loop route…

Tang Ran remembered a saying that his blind friends and his own complaints read: The blind roads in certain cities are not used to solve the blind travel, but to solve the blind.

Beyond the blind path is their unknown place. Fortunately, sometimes I also meet enthusiastic people.

Tang Ran walked to the nearest bus stop with a blind stick, and took out her cell phone to call “Luo Luo” out to help.

At this time, there was a girl next to him hesitantly: “Hello.”

Tang Ran was slightly startled, turning slowly in the direction of the voice. She closed her eyes slightly, her voice a little confused: “Hello?”

“You… are you going to take the bus?”


“Then how many roads do you have to take, I’ll help you see if it comes or not.”

Tang Ran was a little surprised, and nodded, “I want to take the 936 road. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome.” The other party seemed to finish talking a little nervously, and then suddenly reacted, “Huh? Are you taking the 936 road? The same is true for me, I got off at Qingyan Road, how about you?”

Tang Ran recalled, “Is it the one after two stops?”


“I was there too.”

“Ah, that’s a coincidence!” The girl smiled and said, “It seems that we are very fate, where are you going, I will send you there!”


Despite the subsequent rejection of all the way, Tang Ran finally failed to reject the other’s kindness.

After getting off the bus, Tang Ran put up his blind stick again.

“I haven’t heard of the store you are talking about. Does it have an address?” the girl asked, holding her wrist.

Tang Ran: “I ask Luo Luo.”


Without waiting for the girls to ask, only a male voice that sounded particularly lazy in the sun was called out:


The girl looked at Tang Ran blankly-she was sure that the voice came from this beautiful blind girl.

Then she saw the girl take out her mobile phone.

“Luo Luo, how do I get to the’int future store’?”

“Listen to me.”

After speaking these four words lazily, the nice voice began to navigate.

The girl stayed for several seconds before reacting, “Is this?”

“It’s called Luoluo.” Tang Ran said, “it’s a smart assistant app.”

“I know there is such a thing, but this sound…” The girl took a breath and finally said excitedly, “Listen so well, oh oh why I haven’t heard of such a voice assistant, I want to next one! Its application What is the name? Luoluo?”

Tang Ran said embarrassedly: “This download channel is not open to the public.”


“It was recommended to me by the manager of the store I was going to. It is an unauthorized commercial app.”

“Hey? That’s it…” The girl was disappointed, “Forget it, I’ll take you there!”


However, after Tang Ran and the girl arrived at their destination, the scribbled shops with “int future” were closed.

After listening to the girls, Tang Ran was a little surprised: “My appointment with the store manager is indeed today…”

“Do you have his phone? Call over and ask?”


Tang Ran asked “Luo Luo” to dial the manager’s mobile phone number from the address book, and after a while, the opposite phone rang.

“Sister Tang?” A man on the other side of the phone who didn’t wake up (sleeping Shui) asked in a muffled voice, “Why did you call me suddenly?”

“Manager, we have an appointment today…”

“Ah!” Tang Ran didn’t finish speaking, and the other side screamed in surprise, “I forgot! Wait for you, wait, I’ll be in a while-hey no, I can’t get away, you wait for me to give you Find someone, you must be there in ten minutes!”

“No, you can next time…”

“Well, how much risk do you take when you come out, how can you not let you run away for nothing! Wait, I will find someone, in ten minutes, 20 minutes at the latest, I must arrive!”


Tang Ran couldn’t respond, and the opposite party had hung up the phone.

A few minutes later.

Special laboratory for k junior class.

“Brother Zhan, the phone rang.”


A pair of long legs lay lazily on the computer desk, silent and unresponsive.

After a few seconds, the boy who was leaning on the chair and fainted (sleeping Shui) finally frowned, and closed his eyes and took out the phone from his pants pocket (touching Mo).


If Tang Ran was there, you would be surprised to find that the person’s lazy and pleasant voice was eight or nine points similar to the “Luo Luo” in her mobile phone.

But at this time, in the phone held by the boy’s slender fingers, an anxious voice exploded: “You finally answered the phone-Jianghu, ancestors!”

“Dead, not saved.”

The boy closed his eyes and cut off the call indifferently.

Within a few seconds, his phone vibrated again.


A few seconds later, Luo Zhan opened his eyes unbearably, took his long legs off the table, and his phone was picked up irritably, “…said.”

“Please, ancestor! Just go to the int store and open the door for me to get something. The customer had an appointment with me for half a month in advance and picked it up today, but I forgot it! Then my midterm As for the defense, I really can’t get out of it!”

“Can he die tomorrow?”

Luo Zhan’s dark eyes were gloomy.

He has a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes, the inner corners of the eyes are deep and sunken, the ends of the eyes are slightly upturned, and the peach blossom arcs are full and beautiful. At this time, there was such a cold look that no one was looking at him, and he still had a somewhat lazy and indifferent desire.

The shop manager cried on the other side, “It’s a blind girl. It’s not easy to go to the shop. How can I bear to speak.”


Stalemate for a few seconds.

The boy in the chair put aside the scourge face and “tsk” in a low voice.

“I see, let her wait.”

After speaking, he got up from the chair and threw the phone on the table. Then he picked up the coat hung on the back of the chair, flicked it on his shoulder, and walked out with heavy brows.

When they arrived outside the laboratory, other people noticed and asked strangely: “Brother Zhan, didn’t you just run the night (sleeping Shui) last night? Why go out (gan gan)?”

Luo Zhan walked out lazily and stopped when he heard the words.

After a low snort, he stepped away from his long legs, rubbed his sore shoulders and neck, and left with no expression on his face

“Show love and do charity.”


At this time, the phone that was just hung up by Luo Zhan.

The int manager breathed a sigh of relief: “Fortunately, fortunately, Luo Zhan still has some **** left.”

Meng Xueyu next to him was already anxious, “You let Luo Zhan go to shop and pick up the goods for Sister Tang Ran? Just his evil face, then… Then Sister Tang Ran won’t hit the dog with (rou rou) Baozi when he arrived. There is no return!”

“Who is the dog.” The store manager slanted at him, “And are you stupid? What’s the use of Luo Zhan’s appearance no matter how bad he is? Can sister Tang see what he looks like?”

“Ah, yes.” Meng Xueyu was taken aback, (touching Mo) (touching Mo) the back of his head, “I forgot.”

Just a few seconds after Meng Xueyu felt relieved, he started frowning again, “Then what if Luo Zhan sees Tang Ran’s pretty good-looking sister?”

The store manager curled his lips, “You are Luo Zhan when you are? He has seen so many beauties since he was a child, who have you seen him take care of.”

“It seems that he has too high a vision.”

“He is more than a high-sighted person, he is already abnormal.”


Seeing Meng Xueyu (Lu)’s confused expression, the store manager smiled: “Don’t you know? Luo Zhan has a special hobby-he only loves beautiful eyes.”

“Beauty eyes?”

“Yes, otherwise, based on his family background, the girls who chased him from childhood to age can go around three times, how can they stand beside him? Hasn’t someone in their laboratory said it before? Shuangluo Zhan’s beautiful eyes are incomparable.”

“Tan Yunchang, it’s your turn.”

The assistant teacher in the next room suddenly came out and called the outside room.

“Hey, here it is.”

The manager of int, that is, Tan Yunchang hurriedly answered, standing up and talking.

“So don’t worry. No matter how good Tang Ran looks, she is also a blind blind girl. She has no ordinary eyes, let alone beautiful eyes. How can Luo Zhan look at her?”

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